Christmas Greetings to Everyone

70 Meaningful and Unique Christmas Greetings to Everyone, Friends and Loved Ones

Christmas is that magical and wonderful time in the year, when we show love to everyone around us regardless of their positions either at work, church, or at home. We host big parties and share food and drinks. During a period like this, it is important to send Christmas greetings to everyone whom you consider very important to your life.

It is that time when we appreciate everyone special to us and send them gifts, creating time for our loved ones to make up for the period when we were not available. Fireworks are blown, and shopping malls and other places are decorated with Christmas trees and lights.

Christmas is truly a wonderful time, but it can be stressful and exhausting that is why we have to slow down with the parties and celebrations to show important people what Christmas is really about. By spreading love and words of appreciation.

So, if you find it hard to compose a lovely Christmas message to say to your loved ones or to write on gift cards, we have lovely messages listed below to guide you through.

Christmas Greetings Messages

1. Many happiness and success throughout this Christmas season from me and the family to you and your lovely wife. We should have a family gathering to celebrate Christmas this year.

2. I hope and pray for the joy of Christmas to fill every corner of your home and may you and your family begin to experience it. Merry Christmas guy.

3. How time flies, it has not been long since we celebrated the last Christmas and another one is here again. I wish you happiness throughout this lovely season and pray that we continue to witness more Christmas.

4. May this holiday be filled with love, joy, and laughter all around you and your home. I pray that casualties are far from you and your home this Christmas season. Happy Christmas to you.

5. This year has been an exhausting and time-consuming one as you celebrate this Christmas holiday with your family, I wish you recover all the strength you have lost during the year.

6. I am sending you prayers and heartfelt Christmas greetings, I pray that the lord God will reward you for all that you have lost and repair the part that has been damaged in your life.

7. Merry Christmas my loves, I wish you and the entire organization a lovely Christmas experience. Take this time to reflect and plan for the next year. Love you all.

8. Christmas is a period of showing love and experiencing love too, we wish you and the entire teenagers a lovely holiday. May joy and laughter be shared amongst you all.

9. I wish you excess joy, and peace throughout this holiday season. My dear is with joy in my heart that I wish you all this and I thank you for all you have done for me since the beginning of this year till now.

10. Merry Christmas boss, thank you so much for all the positive contributions that you have made to our business and for fighting for us when they wanted to displace us from work.

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Meaningful Christmas Wishes

11. Merry Christmas day, even though we live apart from each other. I wish you happiness throughout this season and I send you kisses from my lips to your cheeks.

12. Though we live in different states and zones, that doesn’t stop me from expressing my hearty Christmas greetings to you my love. I send you kisses from the universe this holiday.

13. Merry Christmas dear, I am sending you all the happiness in this world and I pray that all you desire during this period will be answered from your lips to God’s ear.

14. Edna Ferbes said that Christmas isn’t just a season but a feeling. I wish you all the best Christmas feelings in this season so that you would have a reason to smile always throughout this season.

15. Merry Christmas sir, take this holiday as a compulsory task. You barely take a day off from the office but I want you to take a compulsory one. Use this holiday to reunite with family and friends.

16. I know you have been through a lot of challenges and lost opportunities this year. I wish you strength and happiness in this time and wish you peace this Christmas season.

17. I wish you happiness during this period and hope you use this holiday to recharge and refresh your ideas and plans. I’m sending you hugs and kisses from the universe.

18. Christmas is a season most people use to reflect on their losses and most people lose the feelings and joy that come with the season. I want you to know that I am here for you if you need anything.

19. This is a period to make that time for your loved ones and form that bond that you have been building since the beginning of this year. I wish you happiness throughout this season of Christmas.

20. It is that time of the year when food and drinks are shared at every gathering big or small. I wish Merry Christmas and may it be filled with joy and laughter.

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Merry Christmas Wishes Texts

21. My dear, don’t let the negativity of the country weigh you down from enjoying this season of Christmas. I wish you strength and happiness and I pray the Lord perfect this holiday for you and your family.

22. I wish you happiness in your that you do this season and may this happiness continue throughout the whole year. I wish you a wonderful Christmas holiday.

23. Take this period to enjoy and appreciate your achievements and family members, don’t use it to reflect failed goals and lost friends. I wish you a wonderful Christmas celebration.

24. I wish you a season filled with the lord’s goodness and mercy, and that this Christmas will be differently celebrated from the previous ones you have celebrated.

25. On behalf of the orphanage, we wish you a Merry Christmas sir. Thank you for all that you have done and we pray for you and your family that the good Lord will continue to bless you and reward you this season.

26. We wish you a Christmas freed from pain and regrets, this season will be a period to count blessings and opportunities. We love you and wish you a sparkle of joy and happiness.

27. Merry Christmas to you my lovely mother-in-law, I’m glad to be celebrating this one with you. I want to use this one to make up for the time I missed getting to know you better.

28. Merry Christmas dear family, don’t just exchange gifts amongst yourselves but exchange ideas and share updates for good business with the family so that no one will be left out by the new year.

29. I wish you the gift of love, the gift of peace, the gift of good friends, the gift of a sparkle of laughter always. May all these beautiful things happen to you and become yours truly.

30. May this Christmas season bring you only happiness and success. May it also bring to you all your heart desires, answers to your prayer points, and give you peace in all your endeavors.

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Unique Christmas Wishes

31. I wish you happiness and every sweet thing that this season has to offer. I pray that you will get help from where you never believed or expected to get help from. Merry Christmas.

32. Wishing you another year filled with happiness, peace, and love. May this Christmas season be full of blessings all around you, and may the peace of God rest with you and your household.

33. Merry Christmas my love, I’m sending my unconditional wishes to you and your lovely wife and children. May you be showered with peace through this year.

34. May your Christmas be filled with merry and happiness. May your heart desires to be granted by the mercy of the Lord, Merry Christmas my dear friend. Sending you hugs and kisses

35. Merry Christmas my lovely wife, though we are far apart this very Christmas love. May the good Lord bless you and make this Christmas season wonderful for the family. Love you

36. Merry Christmas to someone who has stolen my heart since this year began. I pray the goodness of this holiday period will continue to follow you throughout the holiday.

37. May this season bring showers of blessings from a mighty height and supply this happiness to you and your lovely family. Happiest merry Christmas and New year.

38. Happy Christmas my darling husband, I thank you for all that you do for me and the family. It’s not just the Christmas holiday but the person who has made it wonderful for the well beyond our family.

39. It is not just about the gift exchange or the food and drink sharing but it is about the person who I share the gifts with. I am so happy for every one of you that make Christmas beautiful every year.

40. May the magic of Christmas bring you happiness and peace and may it bring you together with family and friends who love you and wish you well. Goodness and mercy shall be with you throughout this season.

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Inspirational Christmas Messages For Friends

41. Wishing you and your family members a wonderful merry Christmas and God almighty shower you with goodness and mercy. A big opportunity will come to your corner this season.

42. I want you to know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me this year, you have helped me see my blessings and not allowed my feet rs hold me down. Merry Christmas

43. I wish you and your friends a wonderful merriness this holiday. All that you need to enjoy and live comfortably in this period be granted unto you by the Lord God almighty.

44. With this festivity of this Christmas, I wish you joy and happiness. May you celebrate it with your loved ones, and I pray that you shall have no course to mourn any family members during this period

45. It’s with a happy heart that I wish you happiness and prosperity throughout this festive season. May you find all that you need to prosper with your projects and clearance.

46. May this Christmas fill your heart with joy and leave you with loads of lovely memories and love in your heart and mind. Merry Christmas from your lovely husband, I love you

47. This is not the time to be thinking and blaming yourself for the goals that you were not able to accomplish but this is the time to celebrate and be merry because you are among the living. Merry Christmas

48. Merry Christmas to you my dear friend, this festive season you shall reap a hundredfold of what you have lost earlier this year. Wishing you lots of laughter this season

49. Count your blessings name them one by one, and you will see that the lord has been so good. Use this festive holiday to create lovely memories with your family and friends.

50. I wish you happiness and pray that the wishing stars will grant you all the wishes you have been making this year. May this festive holiday deliver to you and your family members all that you have wished for abundantly.

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

51. I wish you possess all the riches in Christ Jesus and that you would exploit from this festive season to the new year. We appreciate your contributions, merry Christmas sir.

52. May the festive season bring you love and joy that will lighten your sad moments up and may you reap all the goodness that comes with Christmas season bimbo.

53. Christmas is about giving and spending good times with your loved one. I wish you happiness that you would have time to spend with them and you would not lack to give out this season.

54. Joy to the world the lord was born, I pray and wish you joy, in your life, career, business, and family members throughout this Christmas season. May that joy follow you when you leave your home and when you come back.

55. Christmas is the time you are to be cheering and having fun moments with friends and family, don’t use this festive season to keep malice with anyone. Spread love within you to us this season, merry Christmas.

56. Silent night holy night my dear friend, I pray that all the prayers that you have made to God will not go silent this season. That happiness shall not depart from your household.

57. I wish you a long life and good health this festive season. Sickness shall have no dwelling in your life my friend or any of your family members. I send you hugs and kisses, merry Christmas.

58. As we celebrate this Christmas season, I pray against every wind that blows darkness to be far from your home and my home dear friend but let the wind of prosperity blow in our lives. I wish you a Merry Christmas

59. A lot of people have perished during this year, they are not able to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones but we are here to celebrate this Christmas and lots more.

60. I hope you get that promotion in your workplace this season. May this season of Christmas shine the brightness of love at your workplace and get you that promotion. Merry Christmas love.

Christmas Cards Message For Family And Friends

61. Wishing you another Christmas filled with God’s mercy. I pray that the light of this season will shine into your life and soul, it will surround you with your destiny helpers.

62. They shall be showers of blessings upon your life this season, you shall rise above your equals and the sun shall shine on your life for food and not bad my dear friend.

63. Warm wishes from the company to you and your family members, may you enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones in high spirits. Use this period to rest and recover your lost strength.

64. We wish all the family members of Adenuga a wonderful, cheerful, and memorable Christmas holiday. May you create lasting memories with your loved ones this festive season.

65. May the goodness that comes in the Christmas season stay in your family and friends’ lives and we wish you joy that will brighten your heart this holiday season. Merry Christmas

66. Family is the foundation and future of a nation, I wish you and your loved ones strength to reconnect back in areas that need to be recovered. I wish you energy in this Christmas.

67. I love you my dear divine, you have been a true friend. Since this year began you have made sure I was good and thank you for providing q when I came unexpectedly. Merry Christmas love.

68. May this Christmas bring you joy that never fades or gets outdated and energy that never grows old. Enjoy this holiday with your family members and eat a lot of food so you can add.

69. Let’s use this season to welcome and reconnect with the Lord God almighty, may he bring joy and open doors of opportunities for you and your loved ones this season. Merry Christmas

70. Dearest friend, though we are far apart from each other that doesn’t stop me from expressing my hearty Christmas wish to you. I am glad we made it this year. I wish you recovery in all your loss

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