Best Friend Wedding Wishes Short Quotes

60 Emotional and Best Friend Wedding Wishes Short Quotes

A wedding is a significant event deserving well wishes and earnest messages as it happens to be a major step in the life of an individual and an enlistment intended to last forever. During such a time, it is important to craft beautiful wishes and messages to celebrate and pray for the newest couple.

If any of your best friends is getting married, it is the best idea to send best friend wedding wishes short quotes and wish him/her well for the new chapter of life they are entering. Your messages and wishes will mean a whole lot to them, don’t hesitate to send them.

However, when you are writing this type of message, the first thing to consider is your relationship with the couple, to know the proper words to convey your feelings to them. For example, when writing a message to your boss or co-worker, your messages shouldn’t be lengthy, you must try as much as possible to keep it short and meaningful.

Confused about what to write? Or the right words to use to felicitate these wonderful people in your life on their special day? You are in the right place, we have rounded up some of the best wishes you can send as text messages, write on a wedding card, and share on the Instagram caption.

Emotional Wedding Speech For Best Friend

1. I want to take this moment to congratulate you on your wedding ceremony. I’m glad to be part of this beautiful moment and I wish you nothing but joy, happiness, and all the good things your heart desires as you enter a new home. Happy married life, dear friend.

2. Wishing the world’s best friend a blessed married life. Thanks for all the love and support you have given me over the years. I pray the Lord grants you everything you need for your joy to be full in your marriage. May you find your best friend in your husband. Congratulations, my Love.

3. You are the best friend anyone could ever have, thanks for being there for me through the thick and thin and my happy and sad moments. May your marriage be filled with endless peace and happiness. Congratulations on this great milestone.

4. I pray this marriage comes with Joy and blessings that will make you forget all the sadness and hard times you have ever been through. Wishing my only best friend the best marriage ever. Congrats, Sweetie.

5. May you be blessed as you enter this new chapter of your life. I pray the Lord supplies all your needs and grants you bottomless happiness in your marriage. Wishing you, a happy married life, Bestie.

6. I’m glad your dreams have finally come through. I pray the God that makes this wedding day to come bless you with everything you have prayed for and grant you the best marriage ever. Thank you for all you did all through the years. I wish you a blessed union.

7. My beautiful and intelligent friend. I have known you to be a great lady with a good spirit and a big heart. As you enter a new adventure, I hope you continue to live a happy, fun, and successful life with your husband. Your union is forever blessed Bestie.

8. The beautiful times that we have spent together is unforgettable, we have done something together and the moment we shared are priceless. You have been the best part of my life and I’m happy to the part of yours too. As you enter your new home, may you build a beautiful connection with your husband and many moments of laughter. Congratulations, Darling.

9. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met. My amazing friend, your husband is so lucky to have an extraordinary lady like you in his life. I pray the joy and gladness you experience today never cease. Congratulations on your wedding, my stunning friend.

10. As you are entering a new phase of your life today, I pray your marriage is as beautiful as you are, may you never have any reason to regret this step you are taking today. You deserve to be happy and I hope you are happy forever. Much love, my dear friend.

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Best Friend Happy Married Life Quote

11. Dear Bestie, I want to congratulate you on your special day, I pray the Lord keeps you and your husband together in unconditional love, unending happiness, and strong unity. Happy married life, Dearie.

12. Congratulations on your wedding ceremony, my darling. The intense love that is being shared between you two is awesome and the best I have ever seen and I’m convinced you guys are the perfect match for each other. May the love never stop growing.

13. You are beautiful, industrious, intelligent, and a lady of a high standard, and I’m so happy you end up with someone just perfect and truly deserving of you. I wish you all the gladness in marriage.

14. No one has ever made me feel so special as you have made me feel, thanks so much for everything you did to make me a better person. You are one of a kind and your husband is so lucky to have an amazing person like you. Wishing you all the best for your wedding, Darling.

15. As you are about to begin an amazing journey of love and happiness, I’m wishing you all the best for your wedding. May you enjoy the serenity and blessedness you have always prayed for in your new home.

16. I’m so happy for you dear bestie, witnessing you getting married is an achievement and an awesome experience. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your new home.

17. This is an emotional day for me because I have known you for years now and today reality is hitting me that we have grown indeed, I thank God for your life and the answers to your prayers. My wish for you is to experience a marriage filled with all the goodness.

18. I am thankful to God for making your dreams come through and I’m glad you found a friend, an intimate, and a lover in one person. May your marriage bring happiness to you and the people around you. Congratulations, Dear.

19. I thought I wasn’t going to cry but my emotion has gotten hold of me, seeing my best friend getting married is an emotional moment for me, I hope this new journey is accompanied by a lot of goodness and love that you truly deserve.

20. We have been together for more years now, we supported each other during the good and bad times and I’m so happy to see you get married today. I wish you nothing but blessings on your wedding day and beyond, Sweetheart.

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Best Friend Wedding Wishes Short Quote

21. They say marriage is hard but I’m sure your guy’s bond is stronger to move mountains. May your union forever be blessed, congratulations on your wedding ceremony, my Darling.

22. I’m so happy to see you move to a new chapter of your life my dear best friend, may line begin to fall into pleasant places, and may you have a happy home.

23. I pray that God shower the rain of blessing on you as you start a new journey of life with your husband, may everything continue to work together for your good. Happy married life, baby girl.

24. I want to simply congratulate you as you reach this great milestone called marriage, may you never have any regrets, and continue to enjoy God’s goodness in your new home, Darling.

25. I’m glad I’m here to witness the day you have always hoped for, congratulations on your wedding ceremony, darling. May it bring so much joy into your life.

26. You look so beautiful today darling and I hope your marriage Is as beautiful as you are, I’m wishing you well as you embark on this new phase of your life.

27. I wish you a happy and prosperous marriage that doesn’t have an end. Congratulations my favorite girl. God bless your new home.

28. Happy married life my dear, you look good together and I pray you guys have a wonderful and meaningful life together.

29. You guys are perfectly made for each other and I wish you everything your heart desires, keep loving yourselves and I hope you have a great time together.

30. You two look so beautiful together, may this marriage bring so much joy, happiness, success, and happiness into your life, congratulation, Darling.

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Emotional Message For Best Friend Getting Married

31. My darling best friend, I wish you the very best in your marriage, I hope you cherish the love you have for each other and never let it fade away. Congratulations babe.

32. The day you have been imagining since childhood is finally here and I’m so happy to be part of this wonderful day of yours, I wish you and your husband inseparable love.

33. I wish you love, sound mind, prosperity, and great achievement in your new journey of life. May the happiness you feel today never end, and may you continue to smile. Congratulations, my love.

34. I pray that you experience the love that overshadows all emotion you may experience in your new journey of life. May love never cease to blossom in your union. Happy married life, sugar.

35. As you enter a new chapter of your life, my prayer for you is for God almighty to grant you marital bliss and all your heart desires. Happy married life, the best couple in town.

36. You are an extraordinary woman and a woman every man would want to spend the rest of his life with, I’m so proud to be your friend, and I pray you and your husband grow old together in unending love. Conjugal bliss forever, love.

37. I’m overly excited about the beautiful memories you will create with your husband, the love you will share, and the amazing family you both will build. You are made for each other and I hope this love lasts forever. Heartiest congratulations.

38. I was there when your relationship was still new and growing and I’m glad I’m here to celebrate it when it has fully grown, I hope it never stops growing. Wishing you well in your marriage.

39. You made different vows at the altar, part of which was that you would be there for each other during good and bad times, I hope you hold onto that vow and build a wonderful family together. Congratulations.

40. I wish you a very big congratulations on this beautiful day of yours and my prayer for you is that you two continue to grow in unconditional love, strong unity, and never-ending peace.

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Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes

41. I’m wishing you well as you embark on this new phase of your life, you are so beautiful in and out and I hope you have a beautiful life with your partner. Congratulations, dearie.

42. I’m so excited to be part of this magical day, the love you guys share is so wonderful and I hope the bond waxs stronger. Congratulations and best wishes.

43. There is a saying that says marriage is full of ups and downs and also beautiful moments, may the beautiful experiences overshadow the challenges that you may face. Happy married life, dear.

44. As you two are joined together today, may nothing be able to put you asunder and I hope this special union brings incredible joy and happiness into your lives. Congratulations.

45. I’m so elated to be here today and I’m so happy for you guys, my prayer for you is that the years ahead of you be filled with indissoluble love and blessedness.

46. Happily married life darling, may today be the beginning of the tomorrow you will cherish forever, and may your union be blessed and thriving.

47. Congratulations, my beautiful couples as you enter the new chapter of life I’m wishing you nothing but a lifetime filled with love and gladsomeness.

48. Hey, bestie, witnessing your wedding ceremony yesterday was so exhilarating and I know you will be so excited to be in your new home, I hope this day is the start of forever for you too. Heartiest congratulations, boo.

49. Congratulations on this lifetime relationship, may your love burn brighter and your lives shine brighter as grow in love, the union is going to be a blessing for you and the people around you.

50. Dear friend as you journey into this new life with your spouse, always have a recollection of this special day in your mind and why you are saying ” I do”, wish you a lifetime of gladness.

Happy Married Life Wishes Text Message

51. As you begin your new life together, I’m wishing you lots of love, blessings, and peace on your wedding day and forever. Happy married life.

52. Congratulations on your new home, I hope you experience joy beyond your imagination and peace in all ramifications. May your love for each other never stop growing.

53. I wish you two a blessed, fruitful, and prosperous future together, may you never experience better than yesterday, this is the beginning of a new lifetime together.

54. Congratulations on your marriage sweetheart, may your love for each other grow stronger as you grow older together, you have my best wishes.

55. May the love and joy in your marriage be fulfilling and everlasting, I wish you a wonderful wedding and an unceasing love.

56. Happy married life my amazing couple, I hope your bond grows stronger with every hug and kiss as you do live together, your union is blessed forever.

57. I’m so happy to be part of your special day and I hope the love you have for each other never dies, keep growing in all ramifications, congrats, Buddy.

58. I’m wishing you a lifetime of happiness, prosperity, and love together, may your love for each other continue to grow vigorously to time without end. Happy married life.

59. Today marks the start of a lifetime of merriment and a love-filled journey, may two of you continue to love unconditionally. Cheers to the good life.

60. I’m so humbled to be part of this wonderful celebration, may you enjoy a joyous life together as you embark on this beautiful adventure. Happy wedding day.

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