Love Quotes for Newly Married Couple

60 Love Quotes for Newly Married Couple for Successful Marriage

Marriage is entirely a new journey you have not embarked on before. The same person that enters the world of marriage is not the same person that will remain for months after. If marriage must work, the couple must be ready to make adjustments where necessary. The way you lived your bachelorhood or spinsterhood is not the same way you will run your marriage.

Congratulations to you as the newest couple in town. But at the same time, I want to welcome you to the arena of love and work. As a couple, don’t forget that you will need some intentional hard work to make your marriage turn out well. The marriage of your dream is possible if you are ready to work at it.

Did you just get married or you have been married for a while now? Whichever class you are in, you will need these love quotes for newly married couples to start and enjoy the journey. Congratulations! Enjoy your union! If you also have a friend who just got married, these quotes are for them.

Quotes For Newly Married Couple

Below are love quotes for newly married couples!

1. True love stands shoulder to shoulder both on good days and the unpleasant ones. Stand by each other and you’ll always win. Congratulations! I wish you a great union!

2. Congratulations to you both. Stand by each other through the test of life. If you’re united, nothing can break you. This union shall be a blissful one for both of you.

3. What will make your marriage successful is not that you are perfect but that you’re ready to perfect each other. If you don’t give up on each other, you’ll always get better. Congrats, I wish you the very best!

4. As you begin this new journey, learn to accept each other and work on each other until you’re both perfected. Keep forgiving each other you’ll both be happy.

5. Love and laugh together and live happily for all the days of your union. You’re meant to be with each other. Stay happy together forever!

6. One of the things that will make your love last longer is to laugh and rejoice together. Keep enjoying together in your love.

7. Learn to stay together and never live without each other. Maintain the bond at all times and your union will last longer. Congratulations, dear couple!

8. In marriage, you’ll have to share your challenges and shortcomings together but never forget to share joy and love together afterward.

9. This day you’ve started this new journey, may you enjoy ease all the way to the expected end. Your marriage shall be filled with bliss and beauty. Have a beautiful union.

10. Love requires sacrifice. One of the languages you have to speak continually is a language of sacrifice. If you will keep walking in the path of sacrifice, your union will be great! I celebrate you both. Congratulations!

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A World Of Married Couple Quotes

11. The journey of married life is the most exciting journey on earth if one is rightly hooked on a good spouse. Until you find the right person, you are not yet at peace. I congratulate you for finding the right person.

12. The conversation in the right marriage is always exciting and endless. No matter how long it is, it’s still very short. I congratulate you for finding the right person. Learn to enjoy being with each other and have an amazing union.

13. The joy of marriage is finding a true friend whom you’ll live the rest of your life with. I congratulate you for finding the love of your life.

14. Nothing makes marriage very sweet like having someone who loves you genuinely and who would love to spend the rest of his life with you. Now that you have such a one, keep enjoying the union.

15. If you have found a woman, happy are you. If you find your best friend in your wife, the happier are you. It may be difficult to build friendships but once built, the dividend is great. Congrats as you build together.

16. A happy marriage is no accident;  a happy marriage is intentionally made. If you want it, you need to work for it. I rejoice with you because I know you will put in the required work.

17. You cannot be happy alone; you need someone to share your happiness with. The true value of joy is obtained when there’s a partner to share it with. May your togetherness be forever.

18. Marriages aren’t great because there are no challenges, marriages are great because those challenges are overcome. To make your union great, you have to be given to fighting challenges.

19. The secret of a happy marriage is locating the right person. The secret to a happier marriage is staying with the right person you’ve found. Stay together and enjoy life.

20. Good marriage is a promise. If you want it, you can always have it. Go for it, if you wanted it.

New Beginning Quotes for Couples

21. This great journey has just begun and it will continue by the grace of God as both of you make efforts to keep it going. May you grow together in strength and wealth.

22. There are no paths without obstacles, obstacles can only be overcome. It will take the love bond among you to weather the storms. Work as a unit and nothing will be able to overcome you.

23. One of the best gifts that God has given humanity is marriage. Enjoy it to the fullest because that is your portion of all the days of your life. Congratulations!

24. Whatever has happened in the time past doesn’t matter, all that matters now is that a new chapter has been opened. May this journey lead you to high places on Earth. Amen.

25. Where true love is established, there’s progress and joy unspeakable. If joy matters to you, ensure you keep the bond of love among you.

26. The past hurts and mistakes must not be transported into the present time. Let go of the past and make the present great. This union of yours shall be from glory to glory.

27. Efforts have to be exerted to make a marriage work. You cannot make love function correctly if you don’t give it full attention. Let your hearts be with each other and you will have a great marriage.

28. Ensure you always strive that you give the best of yourself to your spouse. In giving your best, you get the best. With this, your union will be blissful.

29. This person that you want to spend the rest of your life with is no angel. You’ll need to learn how to live with him/her. Live with your spouse in all wisdom. Congrats!

30. The functionality of your marriage is up to you. If you work for it, you’ll surely enjoy it. Enjoy your union!

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Successful Love Marriage Quotes

31. The exciting thing about this new relationship is that it keeps your heart beating and longing for more of the lover you have just found. Enjoy loving each other.

32. Your love keeps him expectant and longing for more of you. You couldn’t have been favored more than this way. May you have a successful marriage!

33. This new relationship will be filled with new surprises every day. Be deeply grateful for having to detach from my former relationship to start a new one and you will be successful in all that you do.

34. One of the things that makes a marriage great is appreciating one another. Appreciate the presence of your spouse and you will see your marriage blossom.

35. Every part of your spouse should thrill you up. Enjoy each other and appreciate each other. This makes your union great and exceptional.

36. You have been waiting all the while to be together ad the time has now fully come. Your marriage has already been sentenced to success as you put in the right and hard work.

37. As a man, make your woman feel loved and she will stay with you till the end. She will never leave you as long as you make her feel loved at all times. I know you will have a functional marriage as you apply all these.

38. Always look up to seeing your spouse every time and bonding more with him/her. Make him/her your best friend and nothing will be able to separate you.

39. As a woman, have so much respect and love for him, respect makes men flourish. This will make him give you heaven on earth. Do appreciate and cherish his presence in your life. Have a successful marriage!

40. Make your marriage so beautiful that you will want it again and again. If you choose to give yourself a beautiful marriage, you will surely have it.

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Caption For Newly Married Couple

41. It’s the beginning of a fresh season, this is the moment you’ve ever dreamt of. Come with your lover and write a beautiful love story together as you progress.

42. I know you’ll make a great couple; I bless the day both of you met you. I’m so glad your paths crossed. I can’t wait to see you flourish together.

43. I know you can’t wait to enjoy the rest of your lives together and the time for that has fully come. Congratulations to you!

44. Every moment around each other should bring new excitement. Always look forward to a new day with each other and let love you into bliss.

45. Finding the one for you is the most precious thing on earth. Now that you have found your lover, make the time of staying together worthwhile. Love is sweet, enjoy it.

46. I’m so glad you found one another. You are the most precious couple I’ve ever seen. I am sure this relationship will be so great.

47. Great relationships are built, not on how long you’ve been together but on how committed you are. Be committed to this person that you have found and you will make a great union.

48. You’ve got all it takes to create a beautiful future together. Make your spouse your project and you will enjoy a great life together.

49. Don’t figure out why your past relationship couldn’t work, but rejoice with the person that you have met, then you will realize that it was all for your good. Enjoy each other!

50. It’s so amazing that you have fallen in love so deeply with each other. You are the kind of lovers I love to see do things together. Your union will certainly be amazing.

Wedding Quotes For Couple Caption

51. Finding new love after heartbreak is like finding an oasis in the desert. It is always refreshing and highly rejuvenating. I am glad that you found the love of your life.

52. Although you’ve walked through the darkest moment in life, finding your lover will always bring light to you. Enjoy yourself on this beautiful love path.

53. As you begin this beautiful adventure, I want you to be with each other with openness and love unending. May this union take you to greater heights.

54. It’s so exciting to be around you the one you love all day long which marriage has afforded you. Be so addicted to your newfound love. I do not pray that you recover from this obsession. Congratulations!

55. Don’t see your spouse as a stranger, though you have not been together for long. Let your heart beat together as one man and your marriage will be a fantastic one.

56. Beginning a new life with someone is a sweet dream. The feeling of being with the love of your life is entirely out of this world. This feeling shall last forever, enjoy it.

57. Make his arms the best place to be. I know you are meant for each other, and you are made to love each other. As this journey begins, it will never want end.

58. Your love story would be so interesting. Your lives would be so beautiful. And your future would be so bright. I can’t wait to see you spend time together forever.

59. Just like new wine, your love will get sweeter and never go sour. May you never stop loving each other like the way it started. Keep moving to success!

60. A new love beginning comes with a different spark, but the spark can be ignited and made to keep burning if you could feed it with the right fuel. Enjoying loving each other. Congratulations to you.

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