Appreciation Message After Wedding

70 Appreciation Message After Wedding for Friends and Family

A wedding is an occasion that requires a lot of planning and quality attention to detail to execute perfectly. It takes several thoughtful and hardworking people to make a wedding successful. Without the right people making the right contributions, the wedding has a great chance of not working out well.

When the wedding is done, the least you owe everyone that made your wedding day great is an appreciation message. You owe every one of the persons who contributed in cash and kindness to your wedding a thank you message.

You don’t need to worry about the right messages to use. Here, I have written the best appreciation message after wedding that will make everyone feel like their sacrifices for you were worth it. Also, you will find messages with which you can appreciate those who just got married.

Thank You Message After Attending A Wedding

1. It was a great time being a part of our wonderful wedding. I must say that you made us have a very great time being a part of it. Thank you very much for coming to surround us and giving us the best support you ever gave.

2. I loved every bit of your participation at the wedding ceremony. It was such an honor to have you gracing our occasion. If you were not there, I can’t imagine how the whole event would have turned out. I appreciate the fact that you also invited our distant friend.

3. Our wedding was simply the best this past weekend. We have not gotten over the entire occasion because of your involvement in it. I pray that your day of joy shall also speedily arrive. Thank you!

4. Watching you guys enjoy yourselves at our wedding was a great feeling. Truly, true love exists. I am grateful to have you share our big day with us both and your loved ones who came from different places. Blessings all the way!

5. The joy you both feel for us is contagious. The love in your eyes, when you look at us, is so beautiful. It was our pleasure to have you witness our wedding.

6. I wish you all the best in everything your heart desires. You have shown me love today through your participation, you will not also lack support of any kind.  May you have a union full of marital bliss as we celebrate you soon. Thank you for coming to our wedding.

7. Life is best lived with a beautiful life partner who loves you more than anything else in the world. I have found one of such. Our wedding was great and I know your marriage is also blessed. Thank you for being with us all the way.

8. Today is certainly the first day of being called husband and wife and I am glad you all witnessed it. One thing is certain, your day of joy will be set very soon. I appreciate you for accepting our invitation to attend our wedding.

9. I must say that it was a great honor for us to see you attend our wedding. I celebrate the two of you for being our guests as you participated in our wedding event.

10. For me, my best moment at the wedding was when the two people exchanged our vows and said those great words to each other in the presence of friends and family. Thank you for making me feel great about marriage by your attendance.

Return Thanks For Wedding Wishes

11. Dear friend, thank you for making my day a very lovely one. You have devoted your life to giving people joy which you have given me today. Joyful events shall not be found wanting in your life. Thank you for making me happy today.

12. Our wedding was the best in town because of your contribution. Your input is so indispensable. Thank you for making the right efforts to ensure everything goes well with us. Congratulations shall be said to you too soon.

13. Without your help, I and my life partner would not have had a great wedding. You made sacrifices that made our wedding a success. Thank you very much. I wish you greatness ahead.

14. You are a very good friend. You proved that you are my bosom friend once again at my wedding. Thank you for what you did. May you never lack the help you need when you need it.

15. There was no way I could have been so relaxed at my wedding if you were not in charge of everything you handled. I appreciate you so much. I also wish you well in all you do with your life.

16. This is your wedding and I believe you prepared massively for it. Thank you for being a role model who exercised great patience until the time was right. I wish you all the best things life has in store for you.

17. I can never forget how you helped to make my wedding a huge success. You are very good at your job. I appreciate you for your work and may you get more offers so that the world can see how amazingly gifted you are.

18. If not for you, what would I have done with all the pressure on me on my wedding day? You were a strong pillar and I am truly grateful to you. May God bless you abundantly.

19. Life has taught me to value relationships more than money. Thank you for helping me meet my needs at my wedding. You are an awesome human with a very warm heart.

20. Let me take this time to wish you marital bliss. May you stay forever in the arms of your lover. Enjoy your new family and make the most of all your abilities to fulfill your purpose in life.

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Wedding Appreciation Message To Friends

21. Wow! You all were amazing, my friends. If not for your good contributions, I would not have been able to have a great wedding. You all did your very best and I am deeply grateful for this. Thank you all very much.

22. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you for being one of the people who made sure I had a successful wedding. Your heart was made of gold and other precious stones.

23. Having the right friends is priceless. They will always show up big for your events. My wedding was very good because of you all, my friends. Thank you very much.

24. My wedding was exceptional because of you guys. I just can’t thank you all enough for all you did for me. My heart is joyful and my life is beautiful because I have quality friends.

25. I and my partner are grateful to you for the way you helped to make our wedding stress-free. I could not have had a stress-free wedding without you, my friends.

26. Allow me to appreciate you all for making my wedding a delight for everyone who came. What you have done today has gone on record and will never be forgotten. I pray that you guys keep winning in all your affairs.

27. With all my heart, I say a very big thank you to every one of you who worked to see me have a beautiful wedding. This moment is for you. Thank you so much for helping out to organize a kingly wedding.

28. Knowing you have made me happy and productive makes me appreciate our friendship. Thank you for once again making me happy by doing all you could to make my wedding a great experience.

29. My friends, you guys are a part of my forever, I would not want to do my future without you. I appreciate you all for standing by me all through this wedding. Thank you for the gifts too.

30. My wedding was great because you all care very much about me. Thank you for the synergy and heavy gift presented. Thank you for working together without having issues. I love you all, God bless you abundantly. Amen.

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After Wedding Appreciation Message

31. My wedding was a great event because of your commitment to seeing me have the best wedding experience. Thank you for always helping me in ways that blow my mind. You are greatly blessed by God.

32. There was no way the wedding would have been successful without your input. You always add value to my life since when I was little. Thank you very much for journeying this far with me in life, I will remain very grateful.

33. I always dreamt of having a great wedding and you have all made it happen over the weekend. Accept heartfelt gratitude for your effort in making sure my wedding was perfect in every way I wanted it to be.

34. I want you to know that I appreciate you for all that you did to make my wedding a great success. You are always helping me when I have needs. What you have done in the course of the wedding is forever commendable. Thank you!

35. Now that the wedding is done, I can look back to see all the amazing things you did for us. You are always a blessing to me and my partner. I appreciate you a lot for everything you stand for in my life.

36. Great minds like you keep making the world a great place for people like me. I am grateful that you were one of those that made the wedding successful. Nothing will ever make me forget your investment in my life. God bless you for being there for me always.

37. When I spoke to you about the wedding, you told me to be assured that you will do a great job. Yes, you kept to your word and did a great job. What a fantastic being you are! You are really amazing! Thank you!

38. This is to tell you that you are very kind at heart. Your kind gestures during my wedding blew me off my feet. You are a super awesome human being and I am indeed blessed to have you in my life.

39. Without you, we could have had a lot of issues to deal with at the wedding. Thank you for making sure things went on well at the wedding over the weekend.

40. There are very few people like you around the world. For your good contribution to my wedding, I say a big thank you. May God bless you beyond your imagination.

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Thank You For Attending Our Wedding Message

41. Your attendance at our wedding is well appreciated. You went out of your way amid the many engagements you have to be a part of our celebration. Thank you!

42. We invited you and you honored the invitation. Thank you for always showing up when you are invited. Thank you for coming to our wedding.

43. If not for you coming and making arrangements for the other things we did not know we needed, the wedding would have been a mess. The space you filled was really noteworthy. Thank you for all you did to make the wedding a great one.

44. At some point, I thought you would not be able to make it to the wedding. You came against all odds. I appreciate you for the sacrifice to be there for us. God bless you abundantly and fill you up again. Amen.

45. People like you in my life give me the hope I need to keep going forward no matter what I am dealing with. Thank you for encouraging me all through the wedding preparation. Thank you for attending the wedding to cheer me on.

46. You attended my wedding despite inviting you a few weeks ahead. You could have given me a valid excuse for why you would not be able to make it. Thank you for coming.

47. I knew that with you my wedding would be done perfectly. You are the one person that I can count on at any time and in any situation. You have shown up today to truly prove your level of commitment to my life.

48. My life took a better direction after I got married. You and others made me enjoy my wedding. I can’t thank you enough but all I want to say is that I’m grateful to you for showing up.

49. It was easy to marry my best friend because you were there to make sure things went on well all through the event. Thank you very much for attending, my friend.

50. Events like weddings can only be as successful as the people who manage the affairs. You all attended and made it a success. You made everything colorful and very awesome. Thank you all.

Wedding Thank You Messages From Bride And Groom

51. This message is from the bride and groom. We want you to know that we are grateful for your presence at our wedding recently. We recognize and deeply appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you so much.

52. We were not ignorant that you came for the wedding. We could have exchanged pleasantry but we had a lot to do at the event. I hope you were well fed at the occasion. Thank you for coming.

53. Our wedding was great and we owe you our heartfelt gratitude. You made us very happy with your service. We hope to have you when another event comes up.

54. Though you always have busy schedules you made sure to be present at our wedding. This really means the whole world to us and we are grateful for everything. Accept our appreciation and God bless you abundantly.

55. I and my adorable better half are deeply grateful for your presence at our wedding. It is because of you and other well-wishers that we married today. You have done well for us, may God also do all things well for you.

56. We could not have had a great time if you and your team did not show up for us. We are grateful to have had the privilege of having you around for our big day.

57. Our wedding turned out to be the best due to the work ethic of people like you. Accept our gratitude for doing a wonderful job on our wedding ceremony.

58. We are delighted to have you host our wedding. Your words were great and you delivered beyond expectations. Everyone was happy because of your great job.

59. On behalf of myself and my bride, thank you for attending our wedding. You are a blessing to us and we appreciate you now and always.

60. For making it to our wedding, thank you. You traveled down from far away from abroad and made it to our wedding on time. This is love, this sacrifice, this commitment. Thank you very much. We love you!

Wedding Thank You Card Wording For Cash Gift

61. Our wedding could not have been a success without your cash gift before and during the wedding. Thank you very much for the cash gifts. God bless you abundantly in all that you do.

62. You gave us the money that helped us organize the best wedding we could have.  Your support is significant and will never be forgotten. We appreciate you for the kind gesture always.

63. May God bless you for the money you gave us to facilitate our wedding and start our new home together. Thank you so much for being a blessing to us. We shall also celebrate you in no time.

64. You made sure to contribute to our wedding and you still blessed us at the wedding with a financial gift. Thank you very much for the gifts. Your pocket will be greatly replenished!

65. I was honestly not expecting the funds you sent to my bank account. I am super grateful for the amount you sent to me for the wedding. May God replenish your pocket. Amen.

66. Many gave us various gifts but you gave us a cash gift on the spot at our wedding. I and my life partner appreciate you from the depth of our hearts.

67. You blew me off my feet with the monetary gift you gave towards the success of my wedding. This is a true template of what it means to be loved by friends. I am grateful that you are my friend.

68. I want you to know that you exceeded my expectations. Your financial gift has made a great impact not just at the wedding but also in setting up some necessities in my new home. Thank you!

69. Thank you very much for the cash gift at my wedding. I pray that you will not lack financial help when you need it urgently. When your day of celebration also comes, you will not lack assistance of any kind. Amen.

70. I must say that you were a huge blessing to us. Thank you for giving us the money gift that we were not expecting from anyone.

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