Birthday Wishes For Favourite Person

63 Birthday Wishes For Favourite Person and Wonderful Person in My Life

Friends are many but favorite ones are not common. It takes time to build a friendship with somebody before he/she can become your favorite. A favorite person is someone who values and treasures being your friend and has been there for you all the way. Such a person prioritizes you and cares so much for you. Somebody of this nature deserves to be celebrated on his/her birthday.

Any friends whom you consider your favorites deserve to be shown love as much as they have been showing you over the years. Birthday presents you with an avenue to express the value you place on them and the services they have rendered you in the time past. Hence, you have birthday wishes for favourite person to show your love to that special person.

To bring to your notice or remembrance, your wishes are the first thing your favorite friend wants to get on his/her birthday and it will be very thoughtful of you to be up and awake at midnight to send your greeting to that special individual who has attained the position of favorite in your life.

Here on this page, you will find beautiful wishes for your favorite person.

Happy Birthday To A Wonderful Person Quotes

1. Dear Favorite, you’re a friend I didn’t get to choose you because you’re my sibling and I won’t have it any other way. I wish you joy and happiness all year long. Happy birthday my favorite

2. I love birthday cakes so much but guess what? I love you more than cakes! That’s a lot of love if you ask me. Remember to send my invite to partake in the cake. Happy birthday!

3. We deserve to smile every day and you do a good job putting a smile on my face every time. Thank you for being there for me for countless years. Happy birthday!

4. Hey! Who said birthdays make you old? A dozen birthdays won’t make you old because growing old is not in our dictionary, so stop counting. We stay baby girls for life. Happy birthday, baby girl!

5. You get to be this young once in a lifetime so enjoy yourself. But you also have never been this old so be careful and don’t break your waist. Happy birthday to my all-time favorite.

6. We can’t change or do away with siblings and birthdays and they have one thing in common; loving to remind you how older you’re getting every year. Happy birthday to my very favorite person.

7. See who’s needing help blowing out candles on their birthday cake. I remember when I was the one needing the help and you did it happily. As you get more candles, I hope your joy gets full. Happy birthday.

8. You deserve to be celebrated every day, all year because you’re amazing. I hope your smile never fades and I wish you the very best today and always. Happy birthday.

9. Everything giving you joy shall not be turned to sorrow, may you prosper in the works of your hands. I appreciate your faith in me all these years!

10. Things of celebration shall not cease in your life, there shall be more reasons for celebrations in this season of your life. I rejoice with you on this special day.

Birthday Wishes For A Wonderful Person

11. Don’t be scared of birthdays because you are advancing in age. Celebrate and hope for an amazing year ahead because I’m persuaded it will yet get better for you. Happy birthday!

12. I just want to wish you a blessed happy birthday, the best of the best, and many, many more years together, my dear friend. May you have the best of years, and come with each birthday.

13. It’s always a pleasure celebrating your birthday because you’re my cherished treasure. I looked at your contributions to my life and indeed I was amazed. Happy birthday, Dearest friend.

14. Hey, don’t think of your birthdays as getting older rather think of them as getting better and wiser. Have a merry day today, the most wonderful person in my life.

15. Think of your birthday as a time to start afresh. You’re getting an opportunity again and I know you’ll make good use of it. Happy birthday. Keep being wonderful to your generation.

16. Close your eyes and make a wish, then blow out your candles. Now, go enjoy your special day. The coming birthdays shall be greater than this. Happy birthday!

17. I hope that from the beginning of this day to the end of it you have the best day ever. You deserve the best and the best you will always get. Happy birthday.

18. Your birthday is always an excuse to celebrate with you because I love doing that. Your day of joy gives me personal satisfaction and joy. May everything turn out to be beautiful for you this season.

19. Thank you for always listening to my rants and cleaning the tears off my ugly crying face. You have been a strong confidant to me whenever I am down. Happy birthday!

20. As you have always wiped the tears of others away, may your burdens be lifted in like manners as well. Life will not let you down as well. I appreciate you, Happy birthday!

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Birthday Quotes For A Wonderful Person

21. Happy birthday, I just want to tell you that although you’re blessed on this day, we’re also blessed, to have someone as amazing as you in our lives. I love you and wish the best for you for the rest of your life.

22. Thank you for coming into my life on this very day, thank you for existing. And I wish you many more years, and a wonderful, happy birthday.

23. Happy birthday. Today is all about you, and just for you. You deserve to be celebrated globally. I wish you all the best, and all the success that you desire. Love you.

24. I’m not a man of many words, but today, I have to be a chatterbox. Happy, happy birthday my sweet friend. May you get all your heart’s desires, and may you always be happy.

25. May your smiles, your beautiful laugh, and your loving ways never fade away. You’re a star, and you light up the entire world. Happy birthday, my favorite

26. The sun and stars don’t shine as bright, and blue, you’re amazing, have I ever told you? You’re divine, a light, a little angel in this world of mine. I deeply appreciate you!

27. So many things to say, so many words to express, but I’ll always remind you, how much I adore you. You made my life so sweet and lovely. Sweetness shall be your experience this new year. Happy birthday.

28. God’s thoughts for you are good. Always remember that and count your blessings each day. Happy birthday. Have a blessed year ahead.

29. Friends are the family we get to choose and I made the right choice with you. I’m proud to call you my friend and on your special day, I wish you all the best. Happy birthday!

30. See this day as the start of a new year rather than the end of an old year. I wish you joy, God’s peace, and happiness as you start a new year. Happy birthday.

31. Age is one of the things that come to us without our effort. I hope you make good use of every new age/year. Enjoy yourself all year long. Happy birthday.

32. Your birthday is your own private, personal blessing. I hope you see it that way and enjoy all the blessings that God has for you. Happy birthday, Dear.

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Happy Birthday To My Fav Person

33. They say love finds you when you’re not looking so I decided to look away and you popped in right on time. I should punish you for coming late though. Happy birthday, my Love.

34. Don’t just count the number of years, make those years count. Live a full life and be happy. It’s my prayer that you get better and better. Happy birthday.

35. Time flies when you’re getting older. Make sure you enjoy every bit of your years. Everything God made is for your enjoyment. Keep enjoying your life. Happy birthday.

36. Birthday is such a special day in a man’s life. I prepared for this day to celebrate you and give you an awesome experience. I pray that this day will bring serenity into your life and family.

37. May the blessing of the Lord be more evident in your life and the love of your life and all that you do. Happy birthday to you, my great friend!

38. This is another beautiful season opened unto you, I know it’s a season of amazing things that you have come. May the goodness of this season have a powerful impact on your life.

39. On this new day of your life, may the door of new things be opened unto you, you shall not be found wanting in anything good. Amen.

40. This birthday shall bring to your life wonderful things that are beyond your comprehension, may incredible miracles take place in your life. Celebrate on, dear favorite.

50. As you celebrate your blessed birthday, celebration shall not cease in your life. You shall have more wonderful reasons to celebrate yet more.

51. This will not be your last celebration on earth, you shall have great prosperity and sound health to enjoy more of it in the land of the living.

52. May you never know a better yesterday, may the coming days of your life be more glorious than the ones you have lived. I wish you a glorious birth experience!

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Favourite Person Birthday Wishes

53. When you get to experience another birthday, it means your life isn’t over yet. I hope that you walk on the right path and you receive divine guidance. Best wishes, Dear.

54. Happy birthday! I want to let you know that I consciously love you and treasure you so much. I pray your day is filled with love and hope. May all your prayers be answered.

55. You’re a blessing to everyone you meet. You touch every life you enter. I hope you are filled with more love on your special day. I hope you get all the light and joy you give out in multiple folds. I hope you get to celebrate lots of birthdays. Happy birthday!

56. You’re so special to me and I’ll like to remind you again on your birthday. Thank you for making my life colorful through the things you do for me. I love you. Happy birthday

57. I randomly thought of you and how much of a blessing you are to me then I remember it was your birthday today. I wish you the best and I hope your day is as wonderful as yours.

58. On this birthday, may the doors of wonderful things be opened unto you, your life shall be filled with wonders without numbers. Happy birthday to the most amazing person on earth.

59. The mercy of God that has brought you this far will yet take you thus far, you shall live the rest of your life in riches and great pleasure.

60. May everything around your life receive a divine touch and be made beautiful. Your birthday shall be known for wonderful things.

61. As you have witnessed another year in this life, may you enjoy more fruitful years in the days to come. You’re blessed and you will never know shame.

62. I’m glad to be part of your joy and exceeding celebration, may this day mark the beginning of a blessed hope for you and your loved ones!

63. Happy birthday, your coming years shall bring glorious things to your life and loved ones. Have an amazing celebration!

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