Savage Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

40 Insulting and Savage Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Life should be full of fun and exciting experiences. As much as one works very hard, it’s equally important that one takes out time once in a while to hang out with friends and catch fun. My best advice for such a day is that you should not engage in anything that will strain your brain, things that make you relax and laugh are far better.

Naturally, a birthday ought to be a memorable day, you should engage in profitable things that will linger in your memory for quite a long while before the next one comes. In fact, what you do on a particular birthday can make you eager to look for the next one. If you have a friend you consider the best in your life, why not consider giving him/her savage birthday wishes for his/her day great?

Savage birthday wishes for best friend will make you become unnecessarily funny with your friends that will laugh until they are almost tired. Try them out and you will be surprised at how you have made their days.

Short Savage Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

1. You are one of the most beautiful, smart, and intelligent ladies I’ve ever met. Well, what I just said a purely fictional. All there same, happy birthday to you, Bestie!

2. Countless birthdays have passed, but I’m yet to see how mature you are. Wait, when will God spare me from you? Anyways, happy birthday to a lovely and nosy friend of mine.

3. Now, I hope you are not expecting any gift because you must agree with me that my friendship with you is the biggest gift for you. You should even throw me a party for that. Happy Birthday, best friend.

4. I thought of bringing a birthday gift for you, but then I remembered that you don’t need a gift and all you need is blessings. Happy Birthday, my skinny Friend! More years!

5. I hope your birthday is as awesome as you are on the pitch. That would be terrible though. Happy Birthday, buddy!

6. Happy Birthday to the most stingy friend I ever had. I pray that God gives me your money so that I can get the chance to throw myself a party. Happy birthday anyway!

7. Happy Birthday friend, but I’m just wondering, what is the point of celebrating a birthday when you’re only moving closer to the grave? Smiles!

8. No lies friend, I’ll be at your birthday party just to stuff my tummy with all the goodies, and nothing more. By the way, happy birthday to you. Enjoy!

9. I guess I’ll be the first person to wish you a happy birthday, hey, don’t even think you’re that important to me, all thanks to Facebook for reminding me. Happy birthday my unimportant friend.

10. Truly friendship is beyond everything. I mean you are dumb and unattractive, but then, you are still my friend. Happy birthday ugly friend.

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Insulting Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

11. I pray that God blesses you with a good brain this year so that at least you will get wiser as you grow older this time around. Happy Birthday, friend!

12. Here’s another chance for you to receive undeserved praise from me. So I say, happy birthday to my smart, funny, intelligent, sweet, and caring friend. Enjoy it while it lasts, Dummy!

13. Happy birthday Friend, may you live long enough to see your hair grey and your face wrinkled.

14. Happy birthday Buddy! But hey, don’t you dare feel excited that a wonderful person like me ever give you a birthday gift.

15. I’m glad my birthday comes only once a year, otherwise, I would have spent all my hard-earned money on bringing cakes and gifts for a stingy friend like you. Happy birthday, Friend!

16. My prayer for you every year on your birthday is that God should make you wise. But it seems your sins outweigh your good deeds because that prayer is obviously yet to be answered. Happy birthday, best friend!

17. Happy birthday best friend! Can’t wait for that wonderful day in your life when the best and only good gift you receive does not only comes from me.

18. This is to remind you that you are getting closer to that stage where nothing can save you from looking ugly and scary, not even plastic surgery. Happy birthday best friend.

19. You’d better not wear your most expensive clothes today, because I’ll surely rip them off you, anyway. Happy birthday best friend.

20. I’m definitely not sending any birthday wishes this year. Until you do the right thing by throwing the due birthday parties for your previous birthdays. I’ll wait, while you decide.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

21. I wish you a happy and healthy birthday with my burdens. I feel so proud to have you as my boyfriend. Enjoy your day, my Love. May you bear my burden for very long.

22. It’s amazing how you understand me so well! I’m glad I have a sweetheart like you. Happy birthday my boyfriend-turned-sibling.

23. I’m grateful and excited we share something in common. Enjoy your birthday, my amazing boyfriend. May you not lose your happiness in life.

24. You’ve always been there for me, and I’m so grateful for that. Having you as my sweetheart is a great blessing to me and at the same time issue. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

25. It’s time to celebrate and enjoy yourself. I wish you a wonderful birthday and an even better year ahead. Happy birthday, my amazing man.

26. Just as you bring warmth and happiness into the lives of everyone around you, I hope you also enjoy the warmth and happiness on this special day of yours. Happy birthday, Bestie.

27. I hope you have a beautiful day. Happy birthday to you my caring friend. Everything is special about but you are not so special. Smile! You are the best.

28. Happy birthday to the best friend ever. Do you know why you are the best, you give me the best issues. Keep being amazing. I love you to the moon and back.

29. Hey Bestie, let’s go have some fun! It’s your day, my fabulous, wonderful, and cute boyfriend. Keep giving headaches like you love to do.

30. I understand this past year had some tough times, but I’m sure this coming year will be full of great blessings for you. Thank you for being an awesome friend, your presence in my life is such a blessing. Happy birthday, Bestie.

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Savage Birthday Wishes for Friend

31. Sometimes, I wonder what I could have done to deserve a friend like you. Then I conclude that I must have done something wrong in my past life, and I’m getting punished for it. Just joking! Happy birthday, bestie!

32. Happy birthday, best friend. In case you find your new age hard to swallow, just add some cubes of sugar.

33. Oh my dog! it’s your birthday, and I can’t believe I almost forgot. Well, happy birthday to you, my super amazing friend. I hope you stop being an annoying puppy.

34. Today being your birthday, I’ve taken all my time to get a wonderful gift for you- a set of outfits from Grandpa’s closet. I know you’ll so much love them. Happy birthday to you, my fashionable old friend.

Savage Birthday Wishes for Best Friend in English

35. Being the thoughtful friend that I am, I bought you an iron for your birthday, because I know that you’ll start getting a few creases as you age. Happy birthday, bestie.

36. Happy birthday, best friend. Thank you for not judging me, despite knowing all my weaknesses.

37. For your special birthday, I’ve got you something healthy, gluten-free, and no calories; this wonderful birthday message. Enjoy!

38. Happy birthday dude! congratulations on that extra wrinkle on your face. I’m proud of you, buddy.

39. I remember you had one birthday last year. Can’t believe you’re still having another one this year again. My advice is please be careful because it is proven that too much of it is not good. Anyways happy birthday dear, enjoy it while it lasts.

40. Happy birthday buddy! Can’t wait for the day when you’ll enjoy your birthday cake without any teeth. I hope I have made you laugh so much today. Keep smiling forever.

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