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130 Thanksgiving For Birthday Wishes and Messages to God, Family and Friends

One of the best things is to show sincere appreciation to those who send their unwavering support and love to us on our special days. So there are diverse ways to show this act of appreciation one of which is thanksgiving for birthday wishes, messages, and quotes to everyone who celebrated you.

On your special day such as your birthday, you need to be showered with lots of wishes, love, and gifts. But the aftermath of these is that we must show back an act of gratitude to God first and then to good-wishers for their unconditional love.

It is a pity that many people neglect this part, but trust me this is the most pleasant thing to do. So there are specially created clauses for you to use to express your act of appreciation and gratitude. As you send this Thanksgiving for birthday wishes to friends and loved ones, they will be excited about celebrating you on your next birthday.

Birthday Appreciation To God And Friends

1. Lord, I’m thankful for the privilege of life to celebrate my birthday, I’m deeply grateful for everything you have done for me.

2. I thank you for the show of mercy I have enjoyed over the years, I will forever be grateful for your kindness in my life. Thank you, Lord.

3. Your mercy has kept me safe and sound in the face of a difficult moment, to you alone be glory and praise forever and ever.

4. I thank you for surrounding my life with great friends and loved ones who have stood by me to celebrate me, your name is praised.

Thanksgiving Message to God

5. You have given me life as a rare gift I cannot appreciate enough, may my life give you glory forever and ever.

6. Make your face shine upon me and give me peace beyond human comprehension in my soul. I will always give you praise forevermore my Father and my God.

7. Let this new year be a wonderful year for me so that I may glorify your name now and always. Fill my mouth with good things in the new year I have been privilege to see.

8. Bless my friends who have taken out their time to celebrate me for another year, thanks to all of you, my friends.

9. Let this year be a great year for me and let my life glorify your praise. I will talk of your wonderful works to the end of the earth. Amen.

10. Lord God almighty, I’m deeply grateful for everything you have done for me, my praise is unto you forever and ever. Amen.

Thanking People For Birthday Wishes

To thank People for showing their love and wishes for your birthday is not a hard thing to do. You can kindly show your appreciation through Thanksgiving for birthday wishes.

11. You have showered me with a lot of blessings and prayers on my day. How can I thank you for everything you said to me on this special day? You light up my day with different colors beyond my expectations. Thank you, Honey.

12. No one has ever wished me as you do on my special day. You show me unspeakable love and reliable confidence aroused within me by your sweet promises and prayers. I love you and say a BIG thank you.

13. Dear, I am seizing this medium to thank you for your warm embrace and lively wishes on my day. Sincerely, you make me feel special on my special day. With your wishes, I feel comfortable and blessed beyond the limit.

14. I can’t thank you less for your indescribable wishes for me on my birthday. You show me your real love towards me through your wishes for me. Thank you and God bless you abundantly.

15. You are such an amazing personality to me. The birthday wishes sent to me make me feel like I’m the only best person on earth. Thanks for all the specially made wishes. I am GRATEFUL!

16. Who could ever think that I could smile on my day after everything I have gone through the previous week? Your wishes and prayers brought laughter to my cheeks and drown away my heavy-laden burden and make me feel refreshed and alive for a greater tomorrow. Thank you for all you do.

17. Hey, Buddy your special wishes to me on my day have enlightened my world up till now. Thanks for your wishes for me.

18. Honey, you have blessed me from your heart. I am grateful for all your wishes toward me. I sincerely appreciate your unflinching love.

19. Words can not captivate how much you have made me feel on my unique day. Your wishes open up another well of hope within me and make me feel that my tomorrow will be bright. Thank you so much.

20. God has deliberately set around me notable numbers of amazing people. And you are one of them. Thank you for all those unique wishes sent to me on my day. I will forever be indebted to you for your kindhearted wishes.

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Saying Thanks For Birthday Wishes

This is the most suitable thing to do for those who have wished us well on our special day. However, our choice of words must be coated with nice points. The following Thanksgiving for birthday wishes has been written for your use.

21. Thank you for making me smile and happy on my birthday. Your wishes for me make me feel like on top of the world.

22. Your birthday wishes towards me are commendable. How can you set out time out of your busy schedule to wish on my special day? You are an amazing person to me. Thank you and God bless.

23. No amount of words is enough to appreciate you for all that you have wished me on my day. Thank you, Dear.

24. Little do l know that you are the one behind those notable birthday wish cards. Oh heaven, how happy I felt that day. Thank you for those lovely birthday wishes tokens. I’m GRATEFUL.

25. Nobody has ever wished me like you did yesterday. I’m thankful because you have proven your love to me through those wishes you have made for me on my special day. Thank you, Love.

26. I can never express in words how much you have lightened up my world through those birthday wishes you send to me. You are an awesome person.

27. Thank you for making me feel special on my special day. Your love  for me has no comparison!

28. How can I be so thankful to you for what you have done for my day? It is beyond reasoning. The way you carefully chose your words packs up a lot of birthday wishes, it is still amazing to me. You have laid up a memory in my mind, which can never be forgotten. Thank you, Dear.

29. I look into all the birthday wish cards sent to me on my day. Yours is awesome and powerful. It brings life into my soul. Thank you, Sweetie.

30. I am thankful for all the birthday wishes on my special day. Your birthday wishes are far more important than anything else to me. Thanks so much.

Thanks Everyone For The Birthday Wishes

Use these words of gratitude to appreciate those who celebrated you.

31. I am the most blessed person on earth having you people around me. Your wishes for me make me feel great. Thanks for all you do.

32. Perfect wishes are your gift to me on my birthday. I cherish them so much. You have proven your undisputed love to me. Thank you, Guys.

33. Guys, you are so incredible. Thank you for those lovely birthday wishes of yours. I will hold fast to them and tie them around my neck. Thank you so much.

34. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to express my profound gratitude for your wishes for me today. How can l thank you, guys? you have been so remarkable. I will forever be thankful. Thank you so much.

35. I can’t stop saying thank you for all of your glorious wishes for me on my birthday. I love them so much. Thank you, my people.

36. I deeply love and appreciate your wishes for me. I truly love you guys. Thanks for cheering me up on my birthday.

37. No words can perfectly portray what you have done for me. I am more than excited to have received your wishes on my special day. May I continue to be grateful! Thank you, my people.

38. Heaven knows that your wishes have brought me joy and comfort. I never wished to survive the laughter your wishes brought into my life just recently. Guys, I am grateful. Thank you all.

39. I am super excited to have you guys around me. You showered me with super wishes which will surely come to pass in my life. I am blessed. Thank you.

40. It is never too late to say thank you to you, my people. You have done what other humans can’t do. You show me that you love me through those godly and pleasant birthday wishes. Thank you.

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Saying Thank You For Birthday Wishes

Saying thank you for your birthday wishes is the best thing to do for those people who celebrated with you. The following are words of thanks for this kind of mission.

41. I am using this medium to say a very BIG thank you for your wishes on my special day.

42. The word “thank you” can never be enough for your good wishes on my birthday. I am appreciative of everything.

43. I was overwhelmed with joy yesterday by your kind gestures of sending me birthday wishes. My birthday makes a whole lot of sense with your wishes. I am grateful, thank you.

44. No matter what, I feel honored on my day. Those wishes of yours make me feel so refreshed about the issues of life. I am ready to face the world in this new season of mine. All thanks to you.

45. Thanks so much, I am so grateful. I say a big Amen to every one of your wishes to me. Thank you, God bless.

46. I am thankful to Almighty God who in his mercy gave you that awesome brain to compose those lovely wishes for me on my day. May God bless you and strengthen you more.

47. I love the way you fabricate those birthday wishes for me. They make me feel unique and delighted. Thank you so much.

48. Those wishes touch my heart and my inner intestines. I kept on reading over and over again. You have done so well. Thank you, honey.

49. You have been able to make me come to the point that you care a lot about me through those wonderful wishes sent to me yesterday. So I am saying thank you.

50. You have succeeded in my day as a SPECIAL ONE. Yes, I am grateful for everything. I will continue to be thankful.

Thanks Everyone For Your Wishes

Thanking everyone who made it to one’s birthday is highly recommended. This tells them how much you love their wishes sent to you on your special day. The following are meant for you for that mission.

51. Your wishes for me are striking to me. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

52. Thanks for wishing me well on my day. It is a great thing for me. Your wishes will dwell in the depth of my heart and I will continue to remember them.

53. When I saw your wishes for me, I became marveled. I was overjoyed. I can’t perfectly express how I felt today seeing how much you have with me. Thank you, I’m grateful.

54. I thank everyone for your wishes for me on my birthday. I will perpetually be appreciative of all your wishes. Thank you so much.

55. I will never overlook what you have done for me. Your wishes alone make me feel that I’m on top of the world. You have surprised me beyond the limit. Thank you.

56. You, guys, are truly the best. I love your wishes. Thank you.

57. I love you guys. You amazed me on my special day. Your wishes make me love you more. Thanks so much.

58. Where on earth do you get all those wishes from? It came at the right time. Wow! I love them. Thank you my people for those wonderful wishes.

59. Thank you my people for your wishes for me on my day. I am so happy.

60. You make me feel awesome with the birthday wishes sent to me today. You are celebrated by me. Thank you, Guys.

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Special Thanks For The Birthday Wishes

Special thanks are highly meant for those who specially put aside their work to wish you on your day.

61. I am saying a special thanks for your birthday wishes on my day. It is such a privilege to have you as my special friend.

62. You have capsulated my whole being with those wishes of yours. I am more than excited about those wishes. I am sending you a special thank you for this wonderful present.

63. I am saying a special thank you to you for choosing to love me. Your wishes for me on my birthday prove this. Those prayerful wishes are more than sufficient for me. Thank you, Buddy.

64. I can never thank you less. You have done more than my imagination. I love those wishes you made on my day. Thank you.

65. No one can ever tell how excited I felt today by your lovely wishes. Yes, they make me happy. I feel more elevated than ever before. Thank you.

66. I am using this opportunity to say a special thanks for those special birthday wishes sent to me. I am grateful.

67. Thank you for your birthday wishes. I love those words they suit my needs at this time. I love it.

68. A special thank is what am saying to you for your birthday wishes. I am overwhelmed with lots of joy. Thank you so much.

69. I felt joy within my spirit when I saw your birthday wishes for me. I am feeling more than grateful today in my heart.

70. From the depth of my heart, I am saying a very big special for your birthday wishes. You have won my heart with these lovely wishes and I am grateful for this.

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Special Thanks Message

Special thanks messages can be written for those who dearly care for and support you on your special day. This set of people deserves it in a special manner and approach.

71. It is such a privilege to know that you care for me through your birthday wishes. My heart became gladdened and I felt convinced that I was in the right place in the world. Thank you and God bless you.

72. You have perpetrated so well by sending me birthday wishes. Thank you so much for those wishes I deeply appreciate them.

73. You are a wonderful person to me. Those birthday wishes mean a lot to me. You have flawlessly demonstrated to me that you are indeed a wonderful person. No doubt, you are the talk of the town. Thank you.

74. I love everything written in those birthday card wishes. It makes my heart long for more. I am thankful to you, Dear.

75. Thank you is all I will keep on saying till it’s your turn to celebrate your day. You have demonstrated to me the true love and genuine affection, you have retained for me. How can I ever forget this good deed? I am overwhelmed with love. Thank you, ma.

76. You have caused me sleepless nights over those birthday wishes you sent to me yesterday. Kudos to you for everything. Thank you.

77. Good morning, Buddy. You are more than a million friends to me. You are the true definition of a true friend. I sincerely honor your love gesture.

78. Friend, you have surprised me beyond the limit. You have sent a very special gift of life. How can I forget this?? That is why I am taking this special time to say thank you.

79. Thank you for those lovely birthday wishes. How much can I repay you for this kind gesture of yours?? I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

80. You have indeed blessed me. What else do I need? I love those cute wishes of yours. Thank you, my Love.

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Thank You So Much For Your Lovely Wishes

Thank you so much for your lovely wishes are designed for people who actively write out lovely wishes for you on your birthday. It is good not to discard this set of people.

81. Thank you so much for your lovely wishes on my birthday. It serves as a great privilege to me. I felt blessed knowing and having you as my person. I’m grateful.

82. Nothing on earth can describe how much effect your lovely wishes had on me. I kept on reading and reading out loud yesterday, till I was able to memorize some. Thank you so much for those lovely wishes of yours.

83. Thank you so much for sending those lovely birthday wishes to me. How can I showcase my art of gratitude for what you have done? I will take everything you did for me to heart and I will cherish them.

84. Dear, I want to thank you very much for those lovely and mind-blowing wishes, you sent to me on my birthday. I feel blessed to have you. Thank you so much.

85. Thank you so much for your lovely birthday wishes. You are a special darling to me.

86. Thank you so much Honey for sending me lovely birthday wishes on my day. Those wishes mean a lot to me.

87. I wonder how my birthday would have been without those lovely wishes of yours. They are awesome. Thanks so much.

88. I am happy about those lovely wishes of yours sent to me on my birthday. It makes me crave more. How I wish I could celebrate another birthday today again! Thank you so much.

89. Well done, Sweetie. Thank you so much for those lovely wishes. You have blessed me immensely. I am overwhelmed with joy.

90. Your lovely wishes have captivated my soul. Thank you so much.

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Thank You For The Quotes For Birthday Wishes

Several times, people can go on a long length of extending their love for you on your special day by sending you a quote containing birthday wishes. So the following are prepared to appreciate them in return.

91. Those quotes sent to me make me feel awesome and remind me of my real identity in life. Your quotes are so wonderful and mind-blowing. Thank you for the wishing quotes for my birthday. I love them!

92. Thank you for the wishes and quotes for my birthday. They amazed me. I am deeply affected positively by those quotes of yours. Thank you.

93. What can I say to you for those lovely birthday wishes sent to me today on my special day? I am short of words but am grateful. Thank you.

94. You have done well with those lovely birthday wishes quotes. I can’t imagine that you can think of me in such a lovely manner cos those quotes describe my awesome self to me. Thank you.

95. Honey, I love those quotes. You have stolen away my breath with those tremendous birthday wishes and quotes of yours. I am appreciative.

96. Thank you for those wishes quotes. You have included in those quotes my favorite colors and words from my favorite life coaches. I am so excited. Thank you.

97. Right now, I’m pleased by your choice of words. Those quotes make me regain more strength for the journey ahead. Indeed, my heart is saying thank you. Thank you!

98. Your quotes brought a lot of laughter to my face and a smile to my cheek. You have lightened up my world with that carefully written birthday wish quotation of yours. I am thankful.

99. I can never forget those birthday quotes of yours. You made them so simple and wile. I feel blessed reading them. Thank you.

100. Truly, I am saying that you have honored me with those glamorous birthday wishes. I love it and I’m nothing but grateful for the job well done by you. Thank you.

Thanking Friends For Birthday Wishes

To thank friends for their birthday wishes on our special day is the best thing to do. It is good to show our act appreciation for their unwavering love. So the following is well arranged for your use.

101. You are such a darling friend to me. I don’t pray to lose you. I love you so dearly. Thank you for those birthday wishes.

102. I can never forget the birthday wishes sent to me a few hours ago. It makes me feel better. Thank you, friend.

103. Thank you my friend for those birthday wishes. I can’t but say a very big THANK YOU!

104. You are more than a billion dollars to me. You are indeed a good friend. Thank you for those birthday wishes.

105. Thank you friend for sending such unique birthday wishes to me. I am deeply grateful. Thanks.

106. I am blessed beyond the limit knowing that I have a friend like you. Thanks for blessing me with those birthday wishes of yours.

107. Friend, you are wonderful. I love those lovely birthday wishes of yours. I feel blessed after reading them. Thank you.

108. Dear friend, you have done excellently well. You have touched my heart incredibly by sending me birthday wishes on my day. It is more than a thousand naira to me.

109. Thank you my dear friend for those birthday wishes. You have done so well. I will hang those around my neck and hold unto them.

110. Wow, what a friend! You never knew what you have done in my life. You have successfully taken away my breath with those birthday wishes. What do you think of those? You have rightly exposed my secret prayer unknowingly. Thank you.

Thanking Someone For Birthday Wishes

111. You are an awesome person. Thank you for sending those wishes on my birthday. I so much appreciate it. Thank you.

112. It’s been a great joy to me to see those lovely wishes of yours. I am delighted to see them. Thank you.

113. I am maximizing this period to express profound gratitude for those wishes of yours. Thanks for loving me so much. I feel good. Thank you.

114. There is nothing more to say than to say my heart of gratitude toward your wishes, which I received on my birthday. Thank you so much.

115. I’m utilizing this opportunity to say thank you for wishing me well on my birthday. Thank you for choosing to do this and remembering me on my day.

116. Thank you, my person. Your wishes bought me life. Thank you so much

117. I’m overwhelmed with joy after reading your wishes for my birthday. Thank you.

118. You can’t imagine what happened to me yesterday. Your wishes have helped me to overcome my anxiety about tomorrow. Thank you.

119. I am wholeheartedly thankful for your wishes on my birthday. Hope has been raised in my heart through these wishes. I am happy, thank you.

120. I feel more confident about the future, all thanks to your birthday wishes. I am thankful to you.

Birthday Thanksgiving Quotes

Birthday is the most celebrated event in the world. So after much celebration, an act of gratitude must be shown and expressed to people. Select the suitable one for your needs in the following.

121. A birthday can be the most interesting thing in one’s life but without the people celebrating it with one. It has become less important and more interesting. Guess what, you guys have made my birthday a very big one. Thank you so much. I am very appreciative.

122. I’m grateful to God for making this birthday of mine a very intense one filled with lots of gifts coming from people in all works of life. I feel happy. Thank you, Lord.

123. No amount of words can successfully engrave what you have done for me on my special day. Your commitment and support towards the success of my birthday are commended. Thank you so much.

124. I am offering my unadulterated appreciation for your efforts towards the feat of my birthday. It is a huge success. Thank you.

125. It is a thing of joy and excitement for me to see your innumerable support and contribution towards my birthday. I do not take this for granted. I am truly grateful. Thank you.

Thanks, Message For Wishes

126. You choose to stand by me during the preparation and after the celebration of my great day. You are indeed a good fellow. No doubt, you have such a great family. I can never stop imagining what you have done for me. Thank you so much.

127. You serve as an important icon with my little experience of relating with you. Yes, you are indeed important. Thank you for standing by me. I celebrate you greatly. Thank you.

128. With the little time, you spent with me for my birthday celebration. You have proven the fact that you truly love me genuinely from your heart. Thank you. God bless you immensely.

129. Sincerely, no words can adequately describe how much you have done for me on my special day. You are such a unique person with a great personality. You undoubtedly deserve my thanks. Thank you, my Love.

130. Life can be made sweet with people around. A birthday can be sweeter with people celebrating it with you. You have wished me well and I feel blessed because of this. Nothing else can make my birthday sweeter than this. Thank you, I’m gratified.

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