Sample Positive Comments for Teacher Observations

120 Sample Positive Comments for Teacher Observations from Principal, Students and Parents

Working or being in an environment where your opinion matters make it easy for you to contribute your ideas. There is nothing that prevents growth like an environment that keeps everyone in their separate shell. While the opportunity is given to express one’s observations, it’s important to learn how to do it constructively and skillfully.

We are all gifted and inspiring in different ways. With sample positive comments for teacher observations, you can learn the various comments to express your observations to them and help them do better. It is not enough to know you have to say something. What you have to say must be said rightly.

You can be bold to share your observations. Everyone deserves to be heard and so do you. If you are looking for the right words to express yourself, you will find the right ways to express yourself acceptably on this page. Explore! They are all yours!

Good Feedback For Teachers From Students For Online Classes

1. Dear teachers, the online class I and other students had with you was the best class I have had so far. Thank you for being a unique teacher who passes knowledge excellently and skillfully.

2. How do we thank you enough? We are entirely grateful that you made the online classes we had very interactive. We loved every bit of it. We hope to have more sessions with you.

3. I want you to know that the class was great. We learned a lot and we hope that we get more opportunities to learn online together.

4. I’m proud to say that our teachers are the best. The online classes were very inspiring and educative. Thank you for all you do for us the students.

5. This is to appreciate the teachers for organizing these amazing online classes for us. We had wonderful classes online.

6. Our teachers, thank you for taking the time to teach us online. Those classes were significant from the start till the end.

7. I learned a lot during the online classes. I also believe that other students learned a lot too. We are grateful for the efforts.

8. Online classes are beautiful with you, our teachers. Every one of us got the best we could from those classes online. We love the way you made the lecture very exciting and interactive.

9. I never thought online classes would be great to have. I and other students are very happy to say that we want more classes online with you. We appreciate your simplicity despite the ambiguity of the subject.

10. This online class experience has been top-notch. We are glad to have the most exceptional teachers. Thank you so much.

Examples of Written Feedback To Teachers

11. There is no way we would have turned out this good if not for your good hearts. You all help us become better students.

12. Teachers like you who make learning easy produce the best students. We are better than who we were and we are still getting much better daily.

13. We are proud of you, our teachers. We will continue to obey your instruction and learn under your guidance. We love you all.

14. My school is the best school beyond this environment because of your excellent approach to your work. Thank you, teachers.

15. I love waking up with the thoughts of coming to school on weekdays because of your good teaching skills. I truly appreciate you all.

16. Teachers are important to the development of students. You all are doing well as our teachers. May you keep making us proud of you.

17. Having you as our teachers means the world to us. We wish you all the best in all your pursuits within and outside this school.

18. Thank you for the sacrifices you all make to teach us what we need to know as your students. We love your commitment to seeing us learn.

19. Our lives are getting better as we learn from you, teachers. We know that we can all be great in life as you help us grow into great minds.

20. I love my school and I love you, my teachers. Every day I come here, I return home with new knowledge that can change my life for good.

What Are Examples of Positive Feedback for Teachers

21. Having the privilege of raising young minds is enormous. Thank you for managing well the task of raising the future leaders in our school.

22. Every student I speak to says the same thing about your teaching styles. They all love the way you teach them day to day.

23. This is another day to continue the good works of teaching young people academically what they need to become great.

24. Teaching starts with having the heart to help people know and do well in life. You have the hearts and you are committed to your jobs.

25. Life makes a lot of sense when the right teachers are well-positioned to teach in a school. You all are good teachers and you teach well.

26. This is to let you know that you have been a great teacher here in this school. A lot of students have good things to say bout you.

27. Keep doing what you have been doing to make these students intelligent. Your teaching capacity has added great value to this school.

28. The last time we had a parent meeting, they spoke well of you all. That makes me very happy to be here. Well done, teachers.

29. Hearing of your concerns for the students you teach makes me very happy. It shows you are interested in them genuinely.

30. Our school has produced the best students in this state because of your consistent hard work. I congratulate you all for being the best teachers.

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Good Feedback Comments for Teachers from Parents

31. To our lovely teacher, I want to appreciate your effort for all that you are doing for my child. I love who my child is becoming. Your capacity as a teacher is felt and appreciated by me and other parents whose children you teach.

32. Keep making us proud parents with the ways you teach our children. We are always glad to participate in any way we can for the development of this school.

33. You are all appreciated for being good teachers. Our children are getting the very best from this school and we are thankful.

34. Every parent wants the best for his/her children. We want the best for our children and you are giving them the best of teachings.

35. Teachers do a lot in helping to shape the lives of students everywhere in the world. Thank you for shaping rightly the lives of our children.

36 My child is more brilliant now than before. You have been doing a great job teaching your students very well. God bless you!

37. Some day, these young students will become leaders in different fields of life. You are making an impact on their lives. Keep doing a good job.

38. As parents, we are excited to have our kids here. This school is the best and we are very excited to know the teachers here are competent.

39. There are many schools around but we choose to bring our kids here. Your teachers are great at their jobs. Thank you for what you all are doing.

40. All our children are always happy to come to school. They return home daily with a desire to share the new things they learned in school daily. Well done with the good job you are doing.

Good Feedback For Teachers’ Examples from Student

41. Teaching kids is not a minor job. It takes a lot of work to keep them together and to help them focus as they learn. You are doing well, teachers.

42. Dear teachers, you are all respected. Thank you for making yourselves available for this noble task. We love and celebrate you all.

43. Societies are better because of good teachers. You have made impacts and you have continued to make impacts in the lives of young people.

44. If not for you teachers how will our children learn speedily? The rate at which they are developing is very great.

45. You are saddled with the task of building the minds that will build nations and make the world a better place. You are doing well.

46. Good teachers are not to be taken for granted for any reason. You are good teachers and we do not take any of you for granted.

47. All of you are great at teaching. You have proved that over and over again. Thank you for contributing to the growth of these students.

48. Every teacher is a significant personality in any society. You are not just a regular teacher you are extra special at your job.

49. Of all the schools I have taken my children to, yours is the best. You are the best teacher by every standard. I like your school.

50. A good school is known for the quality of teachers it has. This is a good school because the teachers are very good at teaching students properly.

Positive Comments For Teachers’ Performance

Here are sample positive comments for teacher observations and performance:

51. You have done well as a teacher. The students are happy and their parents are equally happy. Your performance is very good

52. Well done with the good job you are doing. Let your good works keep speaking for you. You are one of the best teachers.

53. Since the day you became a teacher in this school, your performance has always improved. You have gotten better over time.

54. Teaching is serious work. You always do your job well and you make sure to attend to other school-related work. You are a good person.

55. Your competence is second to none. Everyone knows that you do your job as a teacher with your heart. You are the best!

56. Keep doing what you have been doing. Your performance as a teacher has improved every time we check the records.

57. In this school, our teachers have great work ethics. Their performances are the best you can find within and outside this environment.

58. I can boldly say that these teachers are doing what they know how to do best. Teaching is what you are all good at.

59. Your performance has been good. We all like the way you discharge your duties. You are very exceptional at your job.

60. Good to know that you don’t joke with your job. You are a unique teacher and you are priceless to every one of us in this school.

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Teacher Evaluation Comments From Principals

61. I want to take out time to appreciate every one of you, teachers. I could not have come this far without your help. Let’s keep improving our work. Well done, teachers!

62. Teaching is a lot of brain work. You all have been giving your best to the students. I appreciate your continuous efforts to improve the quality of our students.

63. I like the feedback we have been getting from parents. They all have positive things to say about your work as teachers.

64. This is a moment that I love because it gives me the privilege of thanking you for the wonderful performances. Great job guys!

65. We all are teachers and we celebrate ourselves. Though I am the principal, I am also a teacher like every one of you.

66. I would like to let you all know that we have to keep doing our jobs correctly. Every time you stand before those students, make that moment impactful.

67. The better your students get, the more you are recognized for your hard work. We don’t ignore those who are putting in the good work to enrich and empower students.

68. Students are here to learn. Every teacher must be willing and ready to teach. We all must work together for the good of everyone.

69. Growth is not an accident. The student will grow in their academics at the rate you all teach them well. We can always step up the good work.

70. Let us not relent in teaching this student as much as they require from us. Let us keep making this school great and the students intelligent.

Sample Negative Teacher Evaluation Comments

71. Honestly, I am not happy with the way you teach students in this school. The parents are complaining bitterly. Let us make changes quickly.

72. All this time, we have been failing in accessing the students to be sure they are learning. Kindly give more attention to the students henceforth.

73. You are here to teach and make the students better academically. Do your job with all your heart. We need to improve our standards.

74. There is something wrong if more and more parents are complaining about the same thing every time. This issue needs to be addressed now.

75. The children are not happy coming to school these days. What is going on? We need to find out what is wrong and fix it.

76. The way we are handling the students is not proper, at all. We need to treat them with respect and value their human capacity.

77. Some day, these students will become adults and they will share the story of their experiences in this school. Let’s treat them better.

78. I don’t like the outcome of the last quiz competition we went to. The students underperformed. We can do better next time.

79. We need to do our jobs by giving them academic and moral knowledge. It is our responsibility to correct their wrongs and help them improve.

80. Stop ignoring these students. That you’re not their parents does not mean you should not give them your attention. They are very important to us.

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Sample Observation Comments for School

81. This school is one of the best schools in this state. I know it can be the number one school in this state with time.

82. If we can make some changes, our students will become better and their parents will be happier. There is room for improvement.

83. We as a school have come this far because of consistency in keeping our standards. We can go further by raising our standard a little higher than what it is now.

84. Excellence is good and we have to be excellent in everything we do as a school. We can produce excellent students, always.

85. If the teachers can be more friendly, we will appreciate it. We want a school where we can easily approach our teachers without being afraid.

86. The way some of the teachers teach makes the subjects uninteresting to students. If you can change the styles of teaching, the students might start liking the subjects they did not like.

87. I want to say that this school is better than it was. We have moved from where we were to a whole new level.

88. Today is different from other days. We need to find out why the students are more lively and find ways to keep them this lively.

89. We can help the students to learn faster by encouraging group reading. This style will hasten the rate they comprehend things.

90. Preparation is very important. We need to prepare more for the competitions ahead. That is how to win and keep winning.

Sample Classroom Observation Notes In The New Normal

91. The classes can be less boring if the school can start using interactive boards. Times have changed and learning has become more fascinating with new technologies.

92. I wish that the teachers can smile more while teaching. Frowning and teaching do not make your points more valid.

93. You are making great efforts for us to learn. However, I wish you can give us more time to ask questions before the end of the classes.

94. I think we should select a class captain that can relate to everyone. Having someone who selects who he/she talks to will limit us as a team.

95. Life is no longer how it use to be. Let us go home and do more research after class. This act will help us prepare for the next class we are going to have.

96. We should learn to make our teachers more comfortable so that they can teach us better in a more conducive atmosphere.

97. If the class is conducive, teaching and learning will be easier. Both the teachers and the students will enjoy their time together.

98. Everyone deserves to be heard. Giving room for students to express themselves is a great way to help them step out of their shells.

99. It is a good thing for teachers to observe the students as they teach. Taking note of students’ behavior and helping them make necessary adjustments will help them improve.

100. I wish the management can give the teachers more time to teach. The addition of a few minutes to each class can help the students learn more.

Sample Feedback To Teachers After Observation

101. We noticed that the students are willing to learn but the teachers are not giving the students their best. Kindly change that narrative.

102. The school system has improved beyond what some teachers are aware of. Check with the management to update yourselves.

103. Please, stop ignoring the complaints of students even if you are not in a good mood. The least you can do is ask for a minute or two before you attend to them if the matter can wait for that long.

104. Go through the notes of your students to be sure their notes are updated. Teaching without knowing if they write what you teach is not speaking well of you as a teacher.

105. You are not just a subject teacher, you are also their morality teacher. Correct them when they are wrong. It’s your basic responsibility as a teacher.

106. When anyone calls your attention to something, attend to it. You are not beyond making mistakes. You are a teacher and you are a human.

107. Make sure your carriage as a teacher does not repel students. The easier they can talk to you, the better you can help them.

108. Teaching is great when the teachers know their job completely. Take time to learn about the ethics of teaching all over again

109. No matter how good you are as a teacher, you can get better. Let’s all strive to get better in our teaching profession.

110. Every attempt to teach well is a welcomed idea. Create a good atmosphere for your students by being a great teacher to them.

Principal Feedback To Teachers Examples

111. I like the way you all pay attention when I am talking. It shows you want to work in line with my directive to ensure the school is bigger and better.

112. Great teachers are always learning to improve on what they know and who they are. You should all be better than who you were today.

113. Well done, my teachers. You all are doing better than before. I know you can take this to the next level. Let us keep doing what is right.

114. Leading you all has not been easy for me. I seriously crave your obedience to rules and regulations for the teachers.

115. We can become a better school if every one of you gives attention to his/her responsibility completely. Give attention to your work here.

116. The better you do your job, the better the students. The better the students, the happier the parents. If the parents are happy, it means we are a great school.

117. Have it in mind that these students will not always be young. Teach them well so that they can be proud of you when they become adults.

118. I see your efforts. None of them will go unrecognized. You should keep working to make this school the best.

119. We are all unique individuals. Our creativity is going to make these students better humans as they grow up. Inspire them!

120. You will not always have all the students you have today in your class as a teacher. At some point, they will graduate and move forward in life. Teach them and help them as much as you can now.

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