Appreciation Words for Kids

100 Appreciation Words for Kids or Children at School or Home

Kids are someday going to become adults. We don’t wait for them to grow into adults before they start learning the basic things of life like the art and significance of appreciation. The earlier we start showing them the right things through our words and actions the earlier they learn correctly. You must be intentional about raising your kid through the right words and actions.

The best way to teach anything is by living a life that shows what you want others to imbibe. With appreciation words for kids, you will show them that they are loved. Also, you will inculcate into them a lifestyle of appreciation.

That they are kids does not mean they should be treated carelessly. Remember you were once a child and you can remember how some people treated you excellently, fairly, or badly. Appreciating kids for every good they do will help them see the essence of life and choose to do right always.

Why is Praise Important to a Child

1. Praising a child will give him/her a good sense of self-worth. He/she will believe he/she is worth something good in life.

2. When you praise a child, you are telling that child to repeat what he or she did. This is how habits are formed.

3. Every time you praise a child, you give him/her a level of validation. Validation helps us feel like we are doing something right.

4. If you keep praising a child, you will keep bringing out the best in that child. He/she would not want to disappoint you.

5. Greatness is one step at a time. Words of praise will help a child move up the ladder of success.

6. Feeling is very important. Praising a child will make that child feel a good rush of positive energy.

7. When you constantly praise a child, you become his/her biggest cheerleader. Every child needs at least one cheerleader to become successful over time.

8. Children are great at observing things. Praise will make the child pay more attention to himself/herself and also to you. Always praise a child!

9. Praising children is good for them. An inferiority complex will never be an issue in the life of a child who enjoys the praise of the people around him/her.

10. It is the primary responsibility of parents to praise their children. It helps them develop the right perspectives in different areas of life.

Words to Praise a Child

11. You are the best child in the world. In anything you do, you will always excel beyond your dreams. I want you to keep striving very hard toward your goal, you are meant for the top.

12. I’m so proud of you. The way you perform in all your school work makes me a proud parent. I am a proud parent because of you.

13. You are so excellent. You give attention to every detail. I enjoy watching you do the things you do. What an excellent child you are.

14. My child, I want you to know that I believe in you with all my heart. There is nothing that will make me lose my faith in you. I believe in you, I will keep believing in you.

15. You are the most amazing child in the whole world. I have never seen a child half as amazing as you are.

16. My child, you are different in a very beautiful way. I love the way you mind your business and care for people.

17. You are selfless. You are not selfish. The life you live is free from hatred. You are the best child the world has ever seen.

18. I still don’t know what I did that made God choose me to be your parent. You are the most precious gift God ever gave me.

19. Your heart is full of love for everyone you meet. You are always ready to love even when you should tread softly.

20. Looking at you reminds me of my days as a child. You have the right genes in you. I love you so much.

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Words to Appreciate a Child

21. You are still a child but your heart is more mature than some elderly people. Thank you for being at your best all the time.

22. I can’t fail to appreciate you for being a perfect child. You stay out of trouble and you make me proud.

23. Thank you for always listening to instructions. You are always ready to receive the next instruction. This shows how far you will go.

24. You are already going to be a great person when you grow up. I appreciate how you handle yourself even though you are still a child.

25. There are many children in the world but you are the most unique child that I know. Well done with your good attitude.

26. Manners are either good or bad. Dear child, you have good manners that can easier attract people to you more. Thank you and God bless you.

27. People always appreciate me for having a responsible child. Now is my turn to appreciate you for being a responsible child.

28. Having you in my life makes me feel like I am the most privileged parent. You are a well-behaved child. I appreciate you.

29. The way you manage to always think of creative ways to handle your tasks blows my mind. Thank you for being an exceptional child.

30. I wake up every day feeling good to have you, my child. I appreciate you for making sure that I don’t worry about you too much.

Appreciation Words for Kindergarten Students

These appreciation words for kids will do your child much good.

31. Children, you all are going to be very great. You are already on the right path. May God help you through.

32. Thank you all for making me a proud teacher. I enjoy teaching you all every time I get the opportunity. You are just the best!

33. It feels really good to be able to teach you and be a part of your development in every area of your life.

34. I want to appreciate you all for being well organized at the last competition. Everyone kept wanting to know more about our school.

35. I know that in the future, you all will be outstanding in various areas of life. Thank you for making teaching easy for me.

36. It is not just I alone that is proud of you all. Other teachers are proud of your students. Keep up the good work.

37. You students have made this school the best school in this environment. Everyone wants to associate with us now. Well done, everyone.

38. You all are good students. Everywhere I go, I am proud to be called your teacher. Thank you for representing us well.

39. if anyone wants to meet intelligent students, I will gladly present you all. Keep being your best. Well done!

40. Allow me to appreciate your commitment to morality. You all have been super amazing in keeping the right moral values.

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Encouraging Note for Child

41. Dear child, don’t be too hard on yourself. You won’t fail your exams. You are still growing and you’ll get better in school.

42. Take positive advantage of all you have. Be thankful every day that you have your parents, siblings, teachers, and friends.

43. Get up every morning believing in God and in what He has planned out for your life. Even though you are still a child, God is working things out for you.

44. You will become successful. As you grow up, you will experience success in bits. Keep your focus on the right things.

45. Don’t ever give up in life for any reason. You are a great child. You are a star and you will shine.

46. You are going to face challenges, but you can always win. You can always win if you refuse to give up.

47. Your heart is full of love; express it. Be that child that is always happy and makes others feel the love in your heart when they’re around you.

48. Today is the beginning of the rest of your amazing life on earth. Be strong and courageous.

49. You mean the world to me and I love you deeply. Every time I think of you as my child, I feel blessed.

50. I want you the be the best you can be. I promise to always support you in whatever you choose to do that will help humanity get better.

How To Praise A Child with Words

51. Listen to me, you are exceptionally good. You’re not just a child, you are unique and you will be great.

52. There are many great things about you. God was kind enough to make me your parent and you my child.

53. My child, you are the brightest star amongst stars. Your light is going to shine to the glory of God.

54. Every day of your life is a blessing to me and everyone around you. There is no time I spend with you that is wasted.

55. I cherish all the memories we are creating together, my child. You are a very beautiful soul and I love you.

56. Keep being your best in all you do daily. You will be a successful adult and a great influence on people positively. I love the way you live your life.

57. Work hard and give your best to your daily tasks. You will not always be a child. Keep getting better. You are a precious child.

58. The life you have is a gift from God. You are already building your relationship with Him. That is the right thing to do.

59. Relationships are important. You are good at connecting with people. That pathway is going to benefit you a lot.

60. Every great thing on earth has a beginning. You already began building your great life as a child. Keep it up!

How to Compliment Someone’s Child

61. You are courteous in how you relate with people. That is a very good value to have. Don’t lose it.

62. Nice to meet you, child. I can see that your parents are raising a wonderful child that will be great someday.

63. The way you talk is so beautiful. You always sound very respectful. That is good and you should always be respectful.

64. I can see that you have good manners. Good to know we still have kids who are already on the right path.

65. How are you doing? You look great, dear child. Do stay out of trouble and be good. I wish you the best.

66. It is obvious that you will be exceptional. Good to meet you. You are a child but you are growing fast into a responsible adult.

67. What is there not to like about you? You are such a wonder to behold. I like you already. Be good, always.

68. Keep your parents proud and be all you can be. You are already not doing badly. God bless you.

69. You are so young and productive. This attribute is not easily found in children. Please keep it up!

70. Your parents are doing great raising you the way they are doing. You are an interesting child and we are ever proud of you. Thank you for making us proud parents

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Words of Encouragement for Children in School

71. You are all children in school learning and growing into wonderful personalities. Don’t do anything that will destroy your future.

72. School is a place where children learn how to be useful to society. Pay attention to your teachers and learn.

73. Only those who are serious about their education can add good values to their lives and everything around them.

74. You have a bright future before you. Keep making the right academical sacrifices for the future of your dreams.

75. One day you will grow up and become successful. Today is not all there is. Keep working hard.

76. Don’t be carried away with frivolities. Pay attention to doing what is right always. The dividends are enormous.

77. Use every opportunity to grow and build a great life that your parents will be proud of. You will not fail, keep working!

78. Don’t be scared of trying. It is only those that try can succeed. The more you try the greater your chance to succeed.

79. Big things start small. Keep making those little academic efforts. You will be great and very powerful in the future.

80. I will always support you to do what you should do. Focus on your studies and never stop dreaming big.

How to Praise a Child for Good Grades

81. Wow! it gladdens my heart that you did well in school this time. Well done and may you keep getting better.

82. Bravo! This is a good result. Keep working harder and you will be number one in your class soon.

83. I have seen your grades and they are good. This is a good step in the right direction. if you continue like this, you will be the most excelling child.

84. With this good result, I believe your best is still to come. Don’t settle for this next time. You can do better.

85. This is a fantastic result. I am so proud of you. Never stop doing what you know how to do best. The path you have found will lead you to your dreams.

86. All your efforts were not wasted at all. You have emerged the best and you should remain the best. This will not be your last victory.

87. Grades like this make me feel so happy. I wish you all the best in your academic work as you advance.

88. Good to know that this time things are different. You did well by having this good grade. Keep pushing harder for higher grades.

89. There is no limit to how much you can improve. However, these current good grades make you exceptional now. Well done!

90. Your hard work is paying off. I like these good grades. May you keep excelling in all you do, always.

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How To Praise A Child For Doing Well In School

91. You have done well in school. This is worth celebrating. I know you will outperform yourself next time.

92. Having this result took a lot of effort. I appreciate you for coming this far and I’m sure you are further. Well done, my child.

93. You could have done poorly but you did well instead. May you never underperform henceforth. Keep going higher and higher every day.

94. My child, you have made me the happiest person today with the news of your performance in school.

95. It feels great to have you, my child. It feels even better to see that you are doing well in your school.

96. Within a short time you have improved so well. This is good, my dear child. Keep getting better. The sky is your beginning.

97. So much to be thankful for. You have been doing well in your school and it is worth celebrating. Thankful for making my efforts fruitful.

98. Waking up to hear of your wonderful results in school makes me want to work harder to give you a better life.

99. My child, well done. Continue to do well in your school. Your best is not over yet and you will never go backward.

100. There is so much joy in knowing that your child is doing well in school. Dear child, I am very glad that you are the best in your school.

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