Remark On Students Performance

110 Negative and Good Remark On Students Performance or Progress

It’s only through the teacher’s remark on students performance that parents will know the states of their children. There is no way parents can know the level of intelligence of their children or how well they are doing in school and what actions to be taken by them if it’s not written on their report card.

As a teacher who has been quietly and steadily teaching students and has completed the session, it’s known to you that it’s a necessary thing to express your personal opinion and give necessary information as regards your students’ performance.

You may be curious and skeptical about how to express your information concisely and yet really. You may not even know how to write it.

Do not be disturbed, as we have helped you solve the problem of writing a remark for students’ performance in this write-up. Enjoy!

Remark On Weak Student

How do you write remarks for weak students in report card? The remarks below will be of help!

1. Your child doesn’t pay attention to what he is being taught, and this makes him get distracted easily while studying. I will love for him to always stay focused in class.

2. Your daughter has been finding it hard to understand some basic information, I hope she pays proper attention to lectures so as to get them right.

3. She is very poor at reading and pronunciation. This calls for extra practice at home and in school as well. You can also engage her in extra coaching after school.

4. Your son’s communication skill has improved and it’s so impressive, he just needs to be more serious with his studies and always come early to class.

5. This daughter of yours is very good at understanding and doesn’t joke about her studies. She needs to pay more attention to her problem-solving skills and reasoning abilities.

6. She is a fast learner and very brilliant but she is shy and doesn’t ask questions even when she seems lost, need to work on that.

7. She is such a hardworking girl in the class but has not been participating actively in the class’s extracurricular activities. She barely associates with his classmates.

8. He is dedicated to his studies and always wants to learn more. He needs to learn how to be organized and work on his temperament.

9. I was taken aback by his performances so far, I’m glad he has been taking his studies seriously, hope he doesn’t relent. Keep working harder!

10. He does well when it comes to extra-curricular activities. I hope he puts the same energy into his studies so that he can do better in class.

Remark For Average Students

As a teacher, when writing a remark on students performance, you ought to learn how to be balanced. I know you want them to improve, yea! but at the same time, you mustn’t present it in such a way that it will make them have low self-esteem or lose confidence in themselves. The fact that the student isn’t performing well in his academics doesn’t mean he can not be good at something else.

Make it polite and yet effective to make them feel motivated and want to do better instead of putting unnecessary pressure that will yield no positive results on them. Here are some comments that can give you the best construct in such a way as to communicate your point without deviation and with integrity.

11. His reading skills have improved fantastically, It will be better if coherently put so much effort into it and never give up.

12. His lateness to school has begun to affect his good performance and grade. He needs to be punctual and regular in school.

13. He cannot complete his work alone by himself unless a teacher tells him what to write, I will like him to grow independent in his work.

14. Her absence from school has affected her performance and grade this term. I will love to see improvement in attendance next term.

15. He needs to put so much effort when working with numeracy problems, to come out with better grades that he can be proud of next term.

16. She does not catch up quickly always wanting instructions to be repeated a million times before she will have an understanding of what she is supposed to do.

17. He is developing a better attitude to his school work, never getting distracted by anything and this has really helped him to get better grades this term.

18. I would be if she can have a sense of great concern in her school work and always come to school each day ready to learn.

19. Her work is always rough, I would love it if she can slow down and carefully complete her work so she can create reasonable and neat work.

20. She is always forgetting the content that has already been covered in class. Extra practice at home will be of great advantage to her.

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Comments on Areas of Improvement For Student

What are some remarks for students performance?

21. He is struggling with low self-esteem. We are working on helping him appreciate his ability and power and also feel good about himself.

22. I noticed he doesn’t find reading gratifying and is not ready to do it. I will suggest you get a book that he likes and read it with him, this will build his love for reading.

23. She is not always calm when writing her work and this always makes his work meaningless and difficult to understand. Slowing down and taking enough time will help.

24. He needs to always pay rapt attention and put much effort into her work to be avoiding unnecessary mistakes while writing.

25. She is very rude and disrespectful. She needs to work on her attitude and be more polite and respectful in her dealings with her classmates and teachers.

26. She is not good at spelling. She will need the help of an adult at home to put her through and always engage her in some difficult words.

27. She is very slow and takes too much time to finish her classwork, she needs to work on her time management skills.

28. She is not always concentrating in class. As a result of this she is getting poor grades, she needs to be paying close attention to what she is been taught in class.

29. She is always sleeping in the classroom. I would love her to be sleeping early at home and not allowed to watch movies at night.

29. Although he can read simple words fluently, he is always finding it difficult to read comprehension, putting this into practice at home will be of great assistance.

30. She submits incomplete homework many times and does not even write homework. She needs to be encouraged to complete her homework.

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Negative Behavior Comments For Student

31. He has a very poor attitude, he always violates the rules and regulations of the school. It will be helpful if he can master his emotions and cooperate well with other students.

32. She does not make a friend. She is always doing her things alone. She needs to be sociable and learn how to relate with others in the classroom.

33. He is such a bitter boy, he always fights with his classmates. It will be of great help if he learns how to be friendly to enjoy working and playing with his mates.

35. She talks too much and always finds excuses for her shortcomings. It will be helpful if she learns how to listen more, talk less and always be ready to accept reproach without complaining.

36. He lacks a good sense of humor and doesn’t relate well with his mate. She needs to work on his attitude to his mates and teachers.

37. She doesn’t know when and when not to ask questions in class, she makes noise and distracts her classmate. She needs to learn calmness and love for others.

38. He always looks for trouble, and plays rough in the classroom. As a result, if he does sustain injuries. I would love him to be cool and quiet in class.

39. He is such a stubborn boy. He always repeats what he is told not to do. It will be of great assistance if he learns obedience and respect for teachers and elders.

40. She is not always paying attention to what she is being taught in this classroom. It will be helpful if she can be concentrating and focus in the classroom.

Good Remarks For Students

How do you write remarks for students in progress reports?

41. Your performance is highly impressive you are doing well, do not give in to any influence or pressure, sky is your limit?!

42. You did really well and your achievement this year has made me proud. I hope you keep the flag flying, it’s such an excellent result!

43. She has improved well in her writing and reading skills. She has devoted more time to his studies. I trust she will carry on this to the next term.

44. He attempts to do his work himself and doesn’t rely on others to help him with his classwork. He has been performing so well.

45. He is an intelligent and brilliant boy. He is such a special student. It pleases me to be his teacher and I’m so proud of him.

Teachers Comments On Students Progress

How do you write progress remarks? Find out in this section!

46. You have developed the right attitude towards learning and put so much commitment into your studies. Your good performance has been my source of inspiration.

47. He demonstrates sure-footed communication skills when it comes to sharing opinions with his teachers and mate, he is a boy of good character.

48. She always takes part in class activities. She is no longer unsocial. She is friendly and interacts expeditiously with her classmates.

49. Your performance is worthy of high praise your manner of speaking and activity of conveying information has increased extremely.

50. I’m proud of your hardworking spirit and I’m glad you have made a respectable improvement in your studies, keep putting on the hard work.

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Remarks For Weak Students In All Subjects

51. She has improved to an extraordinary extent but still needs additional work in her comprehension, peeling, and reading. You can get through to me if you need subsidiary learning material at home.

52. He is good at letter formation. But he has trouble with his handwriting. I trust if he takes his ease, and takes more little time, his neater handwriting will make his school work better.

53. Her spelling should be her main focus. She needs to improve on dictation and weekly spelling test practicing daily at home will make her better.

54. She has good communication skills. But her written language needs improvement. Further practice is needed in this area.

55. He is struggling with reading, specifically with comprehension and fluency. He needs more time and practice to be able to read fluently.

56. She has started growing self-sufficiency when it comes to numeracy problems. I will be glad to see her gain confidence in classroom discussions.

57. She has an unbroken intellect for all math concepts taught this term, I would love to see her do well and put so much seriousness into learning science too.

58. He is very good at storytelling and writing interesting stories. I will love for her to develop such a great interest in learning math as well.

59. She always gives reasonable comments in class. It will be helpful if she can work on her reading and writing skills.

60. Although she can read fluently. She needs to work on understanding science and nature and always shows interest in knowing more about scientific terms.

Remarks For Weak Students In Math

61. Her speed in math is what needed to be worked on. He should not stop practicing daily, focusing on multiplication and division.

62. She is always getting distracted during math class and this has been affecting him negatively. She will find it difficult to understand when will start working on more difficult topics if she doesn’t pay rapt attention.

63. Despite her positive attitude toward math, she still struggles with some areas. She needs to be studying at night and focus on the area where she is lagging.

64. He needs to be continuously inspired with confidence regarding math. He never stopped finishing it difficult to understand basic math.

65. She doesn’t have a good understanding of all the math concepts I have been teaching this term. He continues failing the tests and the exam given to her woefully. Please always make sure she practices everything well at home.

66. He has not been doing well in math, especially in multiplication and division. It will be helpful if he can be practicing multiplication tables and never stop practicing long division processes.

67. There are certain areas she needs to work on to improve her learning effect. She needs to pay close attention to place value and addition with grouping.

68. He doesn’t have much understanding in comparing numbers, she will need a helping hand and night study to improve in this aspect.

69. She requires more time and practice in calculating addition and subtraction. I will suggest night studying to make her do better.

70. He needs substantial attention and case-by-case direction to explain the process of addition of whole numbers up to 100.

Class Teacher Remark On Average Student

71. She always pays rapt attention to her studies. I’m glad it pays up, he did well in all her subjects including English and math, I hope she doesn’t relent.

72. He is a fantabulous student. he takes part in all class activities and does his homework. He is a such calm and easygoing boy.

73. She is courteous, nevertheless, she needs to put much commitment and effort into her academics as she was hardly above average score in all her results.

74. To an extent, she has made a respectable improvement in mathematics, and I believe she can implement a similar method in other subjects as well.

75. He has made good progress in spelling and pronouncing difficult words, he just needs to learn and master mathematical concepts as well.

76. There is a great improvement in her performance this term. She has shown a lot of commitment to her work. I hope she keeps it up.

78. She pays attention to details and has been avoiding unnecessary mistakes. She is consistently making excellent test scores and I’m proud of her.

79. She has improved in all his subjects in a very impressive manner. Nevertheless, he needs more help in science.

80. He has improved reasonably in his quantitative skill and it shows that he has been taking his studies seriously, but he needs to pay more attention to his verbal reasoning.

Remark For Absent Students

81. She is always absent from school and this has affected her performance in class. I will love for her to always be present in class.

82. He only attended classes thrice this term, as a result, his performance is very poor, I’m very sure that if he starts attending classes regularly, we will work on a reasonable plan to ensure the work we are supposed to do is accomplishable.

83. She has not been getting along well in math class. The reason is that she is absent most time the classes are on, I will love for her never to miss any class again.

84. Her performance in class in all subjects has been very poor. Due to her constant absence from school, I will love for everyone to always be regular.

85. She is never punctual in class and this has resulted in her not being able to complete her learning task as a result of this there is nothing to record in her report card.

86. He has started catching up well in reading, but when he stopped coming to school regularly he couldn’t complete his task and this has made him fail woefully in his English language test.

87. He won’t be able to promote with his mate as a result of his perpetual absence in class, which has unable him to finish the syllabus, I hope he will always be punctual next term.

89. Although he is a very brilliant boy, his irregularities in school have made him so dull and not always understand what he is being taught.

90. He has lagged in his academics as a result of his constant absence from class. It will be good if he always comes to school regularly.

Punctuality Remarks For Students

91. She is always punctual in class. This has helped in her academic performance, as she is always available anytime new topics are being taught.

92. Her steady lateness to class has made her miss morning bell work which would have helped her to do better in her studies.

93. He is always late to class and this has made his grades slide, it will be helpful if he can possess a spirit of punctuality.

94. She has never come early to class. She always comes when the lesson is almost ending. And this is affecting her performance. It will be of great assistance if she can be coming early to class.

95. She regularly shows up late to class and disregards the attendance policy despite being warned by the school management.

96. He always arrives late for class without a reasonable or tangible excuse, I will like your son to work on his time management.

97. Even though she comes to school every day. She has never been punctual for a day. I suggest she work on this and start coming to class as early as possible.

98. There isn’t a day that she doesn’t come to school 30 minutes late, this is a very bad habit. I will advise her to always be time conscious.

99. She is very poor at time management. She is always the last person to arrive in the class and this has affected his performance negatively.

100. He used to be the best student in his class but when he started coming late to class, he misses most of the classes, as a result of this his grade slides, and I will appreciate it if work on that.

Irregular Attendance Of Students

101. Her irregular attendance has done more harm than good to her grades and school work as she often misses large units of the task.

102. His inability to comprehend schoolwork works this session is due to his family’s large absence from school, it will be encouraging if she can always be punctual.

103. Her poor test score is due to her poor attendance this term, which has resulted in her low grades. It will be great if she can work on her punctuality.

104. Though he worked hard with the reading strategies this term, it will be more appreciated if he works on his irregular attendance.

105. His irregular attendance has become a hindrance to his good grades this time. Hope he works on it next session.

106. Her irregular attendance has come about his disappointing grades this session, hope things get better next session.

107. His attendance has been so poor, resulting in his poor and unsatisfactory grades. He needs to work on his regularity.

108. He is a good and smart boy. But his irregular attendance has resulted in his low grades, hope he is regular next session.

109. He is very wise and brilliant but his attendance has not been top-notch. I would love it if he can work on that.

110. Her frequent absence has resulted in missing, and she hasn’t been able to make up for the missed classes hope catches up shortly.

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