Overall Performance Comments

100 Overall Performance Comments and Appraisals

Overall performance comments can either be good or bad based on the level of performance of staff. When a person performs brilliantly such a person deserves to be commented on per the performance shown in their work. Everyone loves to be appreciated for their efforts in the overall success of an organization.

Whether it is a good or bad performance shown in an overall work of a person, whichever way, commendation and applause are required for such a performance. If you learn to appreciate a staff for their efforts no matter how insignificant, you inspire them to contribute more towards the success of your organization.

Giving overall performance comments is a necessity for any good work done by any person in your organization. Every performance should be rated and given appropriate comments so that the performer can be further encouraged to do better.

Lastly, life is not adequately sweet without giving the required comments to some performances done by certain people. Life will make perfect sense and working will be very sweet when the right comments are given to those who deserve it. Are you looking for beautiful comments to appreciate your workers? I have beautiful ones for you on this page!

Overall Performance Comments Sample

This kind of sample is very necessary for proper guidance and consultation when you want to give comments to well-deserving people in your firm. Writing out overall performance comments takes an anon period but required accurate writeup and usage of correct words.

1. Your work is credible and perfectly done. You created a perfect uniqueness in your work, well-done pal, I appreciate your effort.

2. Amazing is the name meant to be given to the output of your work as proof of your well-established work. Your proficiency is so attractive, keep up the good work.

3. My friend, you are doing exceptionally well. Your work is nicely written and composed of rich words. Kudos to you!

4. You are doing excellently well and your work is proof that you are almost at the edge of success in life. Just keep it up.

5. Seeing the way you handle those works and your steps in approaching those works is evidence that you are an excellent person. Let the spirit of excellence keep thriving!

6. Awesomeness is part of your work and it shows the level of your hard work and commitment to the work. Hard work pays, and you will soon be rewarded.

7. It can be said that among many works seen and evaluated. You supersede them all. You are such a brilliant person. Well done.

8. Your work is worth the honor and moments of appreciation. Hats off to one of the most excellent minds, thank you for your input so far.

9. We will keep on holding onto your work as a perfect example for others to see and examine as their sheer to a greater level.

10. Your work deserves total applause from me and the whole organization at whole. You are highly valued and appreciated

Overall Performance Summary Comments

This is a requirement given to the necessary set of people and this is to show forth the rate of their overall performance in accordant with the work done by them.

11. Your work is neatly arranged and well-collated. The only thing that is left behind to be corrected is the perfection of the arrangement of words.

12. In addition to those comments taken so far over that project done by you. That project is proof that you have successfully mastered the art of writing well. Well done.

13. Your work is exceptionally done and correctly evaluated but needs a little adjustment at the end before the finished part.

14. Equally selected, your work is the lowest level of an upgraded version of any type. Just keep yourself upgraded in the modern usage of correct grammar.

15. You deserve the best because the brightest form of knowledge is expressed in your little work.

16. After much debating about your work. The aspect of your well-selected and combined words is being reflected. Well done.

17. Your work is rated as the highest views and most selected. You are doing well, keep moving.

18. Fairly enough, you deserve the award. Your work has created a pace for you and this is a glamorous call to your greater height. Keep it up.

19. It is good to say that your work reflects your level of diligence and it is a showcase of your act to work effectively. Keep moving!

20. Working hard shows the result of your designed project. And the result of your work is that you are unique amongst others.

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Supervisor Comments And Recommendations Sample

Most work especially projects work, required a supervisor’s comments and recommendations. So a sample of such is being listed for adequate usage. This will refine our confidence level and take away the doubt of not being considered the best by any supervisor.

21. After checking your well-composed work, I felt weird and happy at the same time. However, there is still ground for change. You have done so well but you can always do better.

22. You are an amazing being with the correct mindset for drafting well meaningful words. I have learned a lot from your work. Kudos.

23. I love your project. It was a beautiful one. But, you are expected to make some vital corrections before your work is canceled or rejected.

24. Your work is limited because of some mistakes and it can be corrected when you redress it. Well done.

25. Your designs needed are well done but lack cogent points and benefits which makes your work lag. Do the needful.

26. Well-composed and packaged material. You are too exceptional to be rejected. Well done.

27. Your project came out well with more spicy and colorful enrichment. You did perfect work. I’m sure your potential customers will be at agog to see this at the market.

28. Thank you for taking adequate to work this out with much endurance. It turns out well.

29. Your work is being examined and evaluated and it can stand the test of time. Thank you for taking the time in putting this together.

30. Anyways, your content is fine but they are properly arranged for a proper assessment. You can do much better than this, next time.

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Comments For Overall Performance

For any overall performance, a certain comment is needed to be given out regardless of what the performance may look like, something has to be given out as a comment.

31. Woefully is the only name that must be given to your work. You absurdly misarranged your work.

32. Your work is being reviewed and you have done excellently well more than others. Thank you for taking those formulas to heart.

33. Good Day friend, you still have some things to fortify in your work. Kindly readjust your taken steps.

34. You did such an amazing job. But for next time, take quality time in expatiating more on your point. Thanks

35. Kindly make sure you take to examine the weight of your selected point and argue out of well-explained details.

36. Your act of explaining more and proving your point to the meaningful unit is a great one. Keep it up.

37. Checking your work, I was reassured that you know what you are doing. Well done, buddy.

38. Thank you for taking part in this awesome training. You attentively attend each class which shows that you are a responsible person. Congrats on your completion of this global training.

39. After much consideration, it is highly important to say this, you need much improvement on your writing skills. Please learn more. Good day.

40. My friend, please buckle up your learning pace and know more about your point of focus. Well done.

Performance Evaluation Comments

Performance evaluation comments are part of those things that do show up the level of any person that has engaged in any activities whatsoever. Read on.

41. Your performance in the last exercise is something to be proud of and show off. Well done.

42. Well done, man. You did excellently well in that last session. Thank you for doing a brilliant job.

43. The work is completed and it shows us proof that your sense of learning is valuable.

44. There is always room for improvement in your work. Make sure you adapt to the rules given regarding that essay.

45. Your efforts on that project are worth many commendations from me. I appreciate your work well done.

46. Regardless of everything, your work is something that deserves view by the audience and your comembers.

47. Make sure you learn how to give fulsome examples that can prove your worth and show that you know what you are doing.

48. Your level of brilliance is commendable and this reflects in your work. Keep up the great work.

49. The activity you engaged in shows your level of diligence in doing a particular thing. You have shown a relentless effort in your work.

50. Your work is roughly done and it is an example of the fact that you are gullible in your approach to answering questions. Good day friend.

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Overall Comments On Goal Achievement

The overall comments on goal achievement are something that should be done often to people that deserve such a thing. That is the reason why these are written for your use.

51. Your goal achievement is part of life success and it is proof that you are intentional about your life.

52. Achieving a particular goal in life is a mark of success. And it is a thing to show forth that you are a knowledgeable person.

53. Well done for achieving such a goal. It is a lifetime thing. Keep moving.

54. Your effort in achieving this goal during this session is commendable. You deserved to be recognized.

55. You are a shining star for showing such an example. You can do more, well done.

56. The goal achieved you are undoubted. You are an exceptional person.

57. Glory be to God for the success of achieving such a goal. It is a one-time thing. This will serve as a great example for others.

58. Kudos to you for the achievement of your set goal. Setting a goal and achieving it is something that needs to be done by everyone. You are doing greatly well.

59. Your achievement is valuable and worth something to be appreciated. This is just the beginning.

60. You can do more than this. Keep working and setting more goals. This is your starting point.

Positive Overall Performance Comments

61. Your work is perfectly worked out and worthy of recommendation. Keep it up, we do appreciate you.

62. Well done my friend. You did a very good job and it is worthy of many commendations around the globe.

63. I honor your work and I’m glad, you did very brilliant work. Keep doing well.

64. You are very punctual and diligent in doing very excellent work. The whole company will be proud of you.

65. I will love to see you at the next event program and I will want you to do the best you have done.

66. You have reached the highest level of this class and you have proved to be a brilliant person to the very end.

67. Your work is more profitable and so direct to understand with much ease. Well-defined and precise are your work.

68. In your work, a great rate of perfection is seen and that defined your level of responsibility. Just keep doing your best. Good job.

69. Going through your work, I see a great level of diligence and hard work. This has evaluated your handwork.

70. Your work has this high potential of raising people’s interest in reading and making them and sustaining them to the end.

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Productivity Appraisal Comments

Hard work and diligence are part of those tools for making a man be whatever he or she is desiring to be. Productivity appraisal comments are things to motivate and encourage people with such a skill.

71. I must say that your work is incredible and excellent to behold. Thanks for being diligent.

72. Your presence in our team is something we value. Your presence brought us productivity and makes us stand out among other competitors.

73. Your diligence and commitment had bought us much productivity from our customers.

74. What you did for our company with your punctuality act of carrying out every order is something that brought more productivity in these recent years.

75. Even when you leave, your act of diligence will always be remembered and put into our dear hearts. Thank you.

76. On behalf of our dear company, we are saying a very big thank you for your kind heart in working with us and making yourself available for the company’s use.

77. I can never forget your act of devotion to our company and your level of productivity to our dearest company.

78. Your accuracy has bought us change and our level of productivity has unexplainably changed our story.

79. I will hold onto what you have done in our organization. You have bought us many changes and we appreciate you for this.

80. Thank you for helping us to change our current level of financial experience. We appreciate you in this company.

Quality Of Work Appraisal Comments

When any quality work is done and a perfect workout, an appraisal comment should be given to such work. That is why this space has effectively put the following together for your usage.

81. I will keep on appreciating you for your good and commendable act of doing awesome work.

82. Life is easy when quality work is given out. This increases confidence in a man’s heart.

83. I will never forget the time and effort you gave to this minor assignment. That is why we have this quality work. Well done.

84. Keep moving don’t stop producing this awesome result and this brings out quality work.

85. Your work is a quality one and a great one. You have proven to us that you are capable of greater work.

86. All that you have done is a replicate of a diligent person. This act has given us quality work that can never have forgotten. You have done more than our expectations. Thank you.

87. Your quality work is highly commendable and it is a result of your hard work. Please keep it up.

88. From the beginning, I trust that you will make us proud because you are an excellent person everywhere. Thank you for showing us your best.

89. It can be said that from your work you are a man with diligence and very exceptional from others.

Communication Appraisal Comments

Communication appraisal comments are things needed to give a person that awesomely deserved it anytime and anywhere. This act is the best to be given to anyone that worth it.

90. I love your awesome work with us in the organization. You are doing a very good job.

91. Your cooperation with us as team members is something to write home about. This is a very good one.

92. My dear colleague, you are such an amazing person to us in our team group. Thank you for helping out.

93. No one can effectively do what you are currently doing in our midst as a member. You are dedicated and ready to assist. Thank you.

94. You are willing to learn and relearn. What a great man you are! Thank you for choosing to work with us.

95. From my standing point and on behalf of the whole committee. We want to let you know that is a unique personality. Your manner of addressing the issue is extraordinary. Well done, friend.

96. Your work is something that has brought so much delight to the mind of our most potential consumers.

97. We will love to have three people like you in our team group. This will make our business gloomy.

98. You are indeed an exceptional person. You have the spirit of teamwork. This has created a pace for you in the world. Well done.

99. From people’s observation, you are a punctual person and your readiness to help others is so unique. Keep it up.

100. Things have changed for us tremendously in this organization. You are part of those that have made this dream come to pass. Thank you.

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