Good Excuses To Call Off Work Last Minute Text

70 Believable and Good Excuses To Call Off Work Last Minute Texts on Short Notice

Seeking to give a welcoming excuse or reason not to go to work at the last minute is a very important way of maintaining the best employee-employer professional relationship which in turn enhances a good standing with your boss. Missing work is inevitable either due to illness, the death of a loved one, or any unforeseen emergencies. It can happen to anybody even to the topmost hierarchy or a highly productive individual.

This being said, tendering good excuses to call off work last minute cannot be overemphasized in building a long-lasting and effective relationship with your employer. Therefore, coming up with believable and good excuses to call off work minute text is a reliable way to achieve this and that’s what you would find in our reliable article.

Many employers have a good understanding and are human enough to capture situations that occur and cause employees to miss work such as a car breaking down, children’s emergencies at school, sick days, vacations, and family emergencies. These are all inevitable and need to be presented in ways acceptable and convincing. The acceptability and conviction you need to present your excuses in a text are all available in our Good Excuse To Call Off Work Last Minute Text. Sit back and pick what best suits your situation.


Believable Excuses For Missing Work

1. I woke up this morning with a very terrible migraine which prevented me from the opportunity to get ready for work as I’m being affected by movement to and fro and the effect of light is not bearable, please, bear with me being off work today as I carry you along on the situation of my health by tomorrow morning. Thanks, boss.

2. Good morning Sir, I am very sorry to inform you that I won’t be able to come to the office for this whole week as I just received an emergency call from home over the death of a very close relative which will require me to travel for the funeral and possibly put somethings in order before coming back.

3. Unfortunately Sir, I would appreciate it if you could grant me a sick day today but I will do my best to visit my email constantly to attend to any time-bound assignment. Meanwhile, I will try and compose an OOO text to make others aware and hopefully resume tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding appreciate it.

4. I just noticed an unusual cold and fever symptoms in my son as I woke up this morning, this will require my absolute watch over him, please, grant me a day off at work to attend to him and give him maximum care. Thank you so much for your understanding.

5. I just had an accident over the mainland, lost some blood, and had a joint dislocated, my doctor advised that I use the remaining part of the week to rest fully for quick recovery, I will provide a medical report on my resumption.

6. I discovered that I need to go for a check-up after slipping on the ice at my front door steps which means that I won’t be showing up at the office today. I hope the effect is just minimal to resume office tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.

7. I had a deep cut accidentally while slicing vegetables and I will need to get stitches to minimize the terrible effect that might be caused by the wound if exposed. Please, grant me one day off work.

8. The forecast revealed the weather conditions of today, how that snow and ice balls would fill the entirety of the road and might cause a whole lot of danger. Therefore, I would like to take a day off as I can’t risk driving in unfavorable conditions.

9. It’s a sad thing that I won’t be available at the office today, due to my maid’s attention urgently needed by my sick father in the village, please, accept this as my formal reason. I plan to resume as soon as she’s back over the weekend.

10. I know you’re very much aware of the stress this ABC project put me through which is already telling on my health. I would appreciate it if I’m granted a mental day off to help me manage and refresh my effectiveness in handling other projects. Thank you, Sir.

Believable Sick Day Excuses

11. I noticed that I’ve consumed one thing that’s not going well with my body system, as I’ve been vomiting and running stools. Kindly grant me a day off today to heal properly. Thanks for your consideration.

12. I’m not feeling too well today, I feel dizzy, and my whole body aches. Please, I would like to take the day off to visit the hospital for a proper check, and hopefully resume back to work tomorrow. Thanks.

13. My doctor scheduled an urgent appointment with me based on the results of the tests conducted on me at my last appointment. I need time enough to attend to this emergency. Thanks for granting the request at very short notice.

14. It’s that time of the month as a woman when nothing seems to go down well with me. I would love to take a day off as it might affect my productivity at work and affect the company at large, please, consider my request granted.

15. I woke up this morning to a terrible migraine which has affected my sight and movement in the house. I would love to take a day off as I won’t be able to risk the long distance from my place to the office,

16. I have felt a lot of pain in my left leg since the last operation performed on it and I would need a day to revisit the surgeon and take more rest for better recovery. Thanks for your understanding so far.

17. I slipped over the stairs yesterday night and broke three of my teeth with a deep wound on my forehead and will have to go see my doctor and a tooth specialist(dentist). Please, permit me to stay out of work till I recover.

18. I need a day off to recover from an injury I had while working with the fruit juice extractor before it develops into something deeper which might require more attention than expected. I will present a copy of my medical report on my resumption.

19. To take my mental health seriously, I request to take a mental health day and promise to attend to every unfinished task on my resumption.

20. I am so down with a runny nose and cough, I won’t want to infect others at the office with it, therefore, I would like to see the doctor, get treated perfectly, and resume work as soon as possible.

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Excuses To Call In Sick Last Minute

21. My cramps just worsened, so bad that it has taken my focus and devotion off work. I can’t even focus any longer. I will be leaving work early for the work sick bay where you can see me. Thank you.

22. The cafeteria food gave me stomach upset after eating it, I’ve been feeling uncomfortable since I ate it, so please, allow me to see the nurse for a quick check-up, it might take me the whole day, bear with me for today.

23. The usual asthma attack came again earlier today. I was affected by the dust from the office reconstructions so much that it affected my breathing. I need to vacate the office till this construction is done, meanwhile, our new interns will stand in the gap for me. Thank you, Sir.

24. I’ve been having severe pain in my throat, I will be going for tonsil surgery because the pain is becoming unbearable day by day and I can’t eat properly, all my bosses are aware of this. Thanks for your understanding.

25. I have chicken pox and it has caused me itching skin that’s driving me crazy. The worst thing is that this may spread to other colleagues and then the entirety of the company. Give me a week off to treat myself properly, please, permit me to work from home during this period.

26. The just concluded project took a lot from me both mentally and physically. I need a week off work to regain the lost physical and mental strength to prevent any future health instability that might reduce my performance at work. Thanks for your care.

27. On my way to the office this morning, I felt a sharp pain in my chest which seemed to me like a heart attack, I need to take the off to know exactly what it is and get treated as as soon as possible. My phone will be on to attend to any work emergency that might come up.

28. My face is full of a terrible rash, very irritating, and unattractive enough to turn clients off. I will be taking a day off today to undergo a check-up. My team has been notified and will stand in for me where necessary. Thank you.

29. I won’t be present in the office today due to diarrhea, I think I might have taken something unpalatable to my body system. I will be getting treated at the hospital today as I do not have enough strength for my daily tasks at the office.

30. I banged my head against the wall which extended to my left eye, since then I’ve been having trouble with my sight. Please, allow me to take a day off work to regain my sight perfectly. Thanks.

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Good Excuses To Miss Work On Short Notice

31. My vehicle somersaulted this morning on my way to the office, I caught some terrible injuries, and my whole body aches, I need to visit the hospital to see if there’s no internal injury, I might be missing work for the next few days, please, grant me two weeks off to properly recover.

32. My guardian was just admitted and no one is close by enough to stay with him, please, permit me to be off work for the rest of the week to give him essential attention. I will resume next week by God’s grace. Thank you.

33. My aunt passed on last weekend and I haven’t been able to visit because of my busy schedule in the office. I will be taking a week’s leave starting next week to mourn and prepare for her burial. Thank you.

34. I need to recover from the past emotional stress brought about by the demise of my grandma. Grant me a day off work to resume work and be effective and productive again. Thanks for your every time cooperation.

35. Good morning ma, I caught a cold and catarrh which came with a fever, I’ve not been able to stand in bed since I came back from work yesterday, can I take today off to rest as I do not want to spread the flu to the rest of my colleague.

36. My cramps and headache havened and I might need to be admitted to the hospital for a while. I already informed my team members and they agreed to take responsibility for my tasks with theirs.

37. This dry cough is becoming a turn in my flesh and very unbearable, I barely have the chance to have a smooth conversation with my clients. I’m careful not to spread this cough among my colleagues, please, give me a week off to get it treated. Thank you.

38. I received an emergency call from my baby’s crèche that he started running a temperature that won’t stop for the past half an hour, I will be going there now and won’t be coming back till he is perfectly well.

39. I will not be coming to the office today and tomorrow, my baby’s babysitter took an emergency off work to attend to her sick husband. I will resume as soon as she’s back.

40. On my way to work morning, the rain started pouring heavily which prevented me from driving as the whole place was flooded, allowing me to take a day off and attend to my today’s tasks from home.

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10 Unusual Sick Day Excuses

41. I have been down with giddy spells and I can’t concentrate on preparing for work talkless of having enough confidence to drive to work in this condition. My doctor is on his way, permit me to keep you updated.

42. Since 2:00 a.m., I haven’t been able to sleep because I’ve been throwing up rigorously, I feel so worn out and sick and I will be going to a doctor soon. Meanwhile, I was able to swap shifts with(mention the name of your colleague).

43. My appendix is ruptured, and I will be operated on tomorrow, permit me to be off work till I heal. If there’s any emergency, let it be sent to my email, and I will get it sorted. Thank you so much sir, for your understanding.

44. There was a robbery attack in my area yesterday and my house was one of the places that was mugged by the thieves, till now I haven’t recovered from this attack, I need a day off work to heal emotionally and fix some of this. Thank you for your consideration.

45. There’s an urgent family need that called for my attention early this morning, my immediate brother was rushed to the hospital, and I need to check on him at once. I’ve kept my coordinators aware of it and they promised to delegate my task to another colleague. Thank you.

46. Hello Boss, I’m in a very unpleasant state of health. I can’t stay out of bed and I have a little difficulty with breathing. I believe I will get better before tomorrow. You can contact me through my second number. Thanks.

47. I don’t think I will be able to make it to the office today, my doctor just left my house now, he ran some tests and the results are awful, permit me to send them to your email. Meanwhile, please, keep the rest of the team members engaged.

48. Dear Ma, for the past few days, I’ve been managing myself to come to the office due to my health condition. It will be a thing of joy for me if you approve my leave request to give maximum attention to my health.

49. Dear Sir, I haven’t been okay since our last meeting, I feel unbearable pains all over my body. Presently, I’ve booked an appointment with the doctor for consultation. I hope to recover soon and resume work immediately. Thank you.

50. Dear Madam, I would love to be excused from work today because I do not understand how I have been feeling since I got back yesterday evening, I need to visit the hospital for a check-up, afterward, some rest will relieve me. Thank you.

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Best Excuses To Call Out Of Work

51. I have an appointment with the investors today, concerning the new project that the company wants to embark on, I will be too tired to come to work after the meeting, but I will resume tomorrow.

52. My shoulder aches because of the enormous number of cement I carried yesterday, it has even extended to my entire body which now burns like fire as a result, permitting me to stay off duty this weekend and heal. Thank you.

53. At the moment, there’s a restructuring going on in my apartment as a result of so many leakages from the ceilings and the walls and I have to be home to monitor the workers, Grant me a day off as this might take longer than expected. Thanks, Boss.

54. I just received a call about my aunt’s plane that crashed, I need to rush down to the hospital she was taken to, I might not come back to work again today as my table is already cleared, I will let you know how everything is going and if there’s going to be any change in my movement.

55. A dead body was found in front of an apartment close to mine, the police are here for a raid and I can’t leave the home abruptly, please, permit me to take today off to be free of every and any false accusation. Thanks.

56. It was reported that an unknown person picked up my toddler from school about 20 minutes after I dropped him off this morning. Please, I can’t make the office today to attend to this devastating emergency. I will feed you back on how the whole thing is going. Thanks for your compassion towards me.

57. I will be going off work now, my brother just fainted at school again, I need to take him to a better hospital this time to take care of him properly. I won’t be coming back again today, till tomorrow. Thank you.

59. My wife’s labor started the night, we had to rush down to the hospital and I can’t leave her yet because she’s still in labor and there’s no one to assist yet as I’m writing this to you, it’s either I come late to work or won’t show up at all. Bear with me for the moment, please.

60. The effect of the ongoing construction in the office is not palatable on my health, I go back home with a severe headache and so much heaviness. Please, permit me to visit the hospital and resume work after the construction.

Excuses For Not Going To Work

61. Preparing for work this morning came with a big blow, I slipped in the bathroom and banged my head on the tiles. It’s being treated already. My assistant will be standing in for me because I won’t be able to make it to work.

62. Bed bugs bit me yesterday night and my skin is affected, I can’t stand going out of my room not to talk of the office in this critical skin condition, I won’t be around for the next 3 days, please, connect with me through phone calls.

63. My wrist got sprained while trying to control the company’s workshop machine and it’s a whole lot, I can’t move it this morning, though it’s been bandaged I won’t be able to work with it for the next week. Please, contact me via my mother.

64. My left eye is affected badly, I guess, it’s because of the constant exposure to the studio light, I went to see the doctor yesterday and I was told I will need admission for days. Please, permit me to go take good care of myself.

65. The client about to buy our new body massage machine requested an out-of-the-company meeting, our appointment is in less than 30 minutes, and I won’t be in the office till the afternoon. I will keep the H.R. updated on my movement.

Good Fake Reasons to Call Off Work

66. I got robbed at the bank’s ATM, my bag containing money, phone, and other important documents was stolen. I’m heading to the police custody to file a report. Let me know if there’s any emergency I need to come and attend to.

67. Presently, I’m at the clinic and I will be there throughout the day because I have a cut on my right thumb, I thought I could manage to go ahead with my work but I couldn’t as the cut is a very deep one and it didn’t stop gushing out blood. My supervisor has put another colleague on duty.

68. The inhaling of the sawdust at the workshop had caused congestion in my chest, and throughout that o caught catarrh, cough, and fever. I will be at the pharmacy store for hours, my colleague will stand in for me. Thank you, Sir.

69. My leg hit the factory’s cutting machine yesterday evening, and by the time I woke up this morning, it was swollen and I couldn’t lift it out of bed, I’ve called my doctor and he’s on his way. I might not come to the office till next week, please, bear with me.

70. My mother needs attention at the village, please permit me to go check on her for just 2 days since her help is no longer with her, I will be back as soon as I sort out her well-being. Thank you, Boss.

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