Performance Review Examples For Employees

70 Performance Review Examples For Employees and Workers

Performance review is a way to let employees know how much they have performed in the delivery of what is expected of them. Having a regular performance review for employees helps them to see their performance level, and it also shows them the areas where they need improvement. This is a way to support employees’ growth and performance.

For any organization to grow, performance review matters. While you give your review, it must be as constrictive as possible. You are free to project your disappointment to your employees as much as commendations but all must be done constructively.

This article “Performance review examples for employees” has been written specifically to help you help your employees through your intelligent and constructive reviews. This will help your employees align with your goals and expectations.

Below, we have put together for you some performance reviews for your employees to help you make sure you are communicating effectively your thoughts, likes, and dislikes to them. This will help align them with the vision and mission of the organization.

Performance Review Summary Examples

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1. I am delighted to say that you have been our best employee this year. Congratulations! Your dedication to work has always been amazing, your teamwork is also commendable. Keep up the good work, sir.

2. You are extremely good at your job. You have been a great asset to this company since the day you stepped in here. Your contributions are great. Well done, we hope you can keep up the good work.

3. You are extremely good at communicating your thoughts professionally. Also, ensure to always keep your files properly, this organization is now known to be very organized through your input. Keep doing your very best!

4. You take too much time to communicate your ideas and point out errors. As a supervisor, you have to be bold and outspoken. Lead, you are a leader!

5. I have been paying close attention to you since you came into this organization. You have a wonderful attitude, you are always quick to do tasks, and you do them accurately. Keep up the good work.

6. You need to improve your email communication skills and email solidity. You are in direct contact with our customers, and that makes you a representative of the company. You have to make sure you are portraying a good image of the company.

7. Your direct and bad attitude while talking to peers makes them feel bad, and this reduces their productivity which in turn affects the output of the company. It will be our highest pleasure to see you adjust on this

8. The energy you carry is amazing. I have noticed how everyone gets motivated to work when they are around you. You have what it takes to be a good leader. Keep working on yourself.

9. Observing how you interact with different people, you can create great synergy among everyone at the office. We are glad to have you here.

10. Your ability to promote the company’s product is highly commendable. Your loyalty to this company cannot be questioned. We observe what you are doing and it’s appreciated.

Employee Performance Review Examples

11. You need to be kind to your colleagues, you need to learn to not look down on them. Here, we work as a team. No man is an island of knowledge. Learn to rub minds with them, you can do so much more together.

12. You need to master communication skills. Your mode of communication with our customers hasn’t been the best. We have received so many complaints. We will be sending you training to help you master communication skills.

13. Your work ethic is highly commendable. I also like the way you relate with your colleagues. I have seen how you have been able to encourage your colleagues and help bring out the best in them.

14. You have shown several attributes of a good leader. But you also need to work on your documentation. I can assure you that if you keep up with a good attitude, you will get what you deserve.

15. You have done a great job, Sir. Just in your first year, you have amazed us this much. I am eager to see what you will do in the coming years. Keep up the good work, Sir. I can assure you that there’s a reward.

16. You show a sincere interest in the performance of your team and provide solutions to the issues that they face. You are well-clothed with the attributes of a leader, keep up the good work.

17. You work very well with others, and people always feel positive working with you. Your tech skills are admirable. We hope to always see you doing well.

18. You use sound coaching methods and can get the best out of everyone who reaches out to you. You have proven to be the best at what you do. We are glad we hired you.

19. He is highly intelligent, always completes tasks, and does them accurately. He is never late to work, and his work ethic is super awesome. I deserve a promotion sometime soon.

20. He is never early for meetings and conferences, he always has an excuse. He doesn’t respect his supervisors, and neither does he have any regard for his co-workers.

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Meets Expectations Performance Review Examples

21. I am glad to inform you that you have met every one of our expectations. You have proven to be very efficient and dedicated to work. We are confident in you to commit more responsibilities to your care.

22. You have been able to help increase the company’s profit margin, which was our main reason for hiring you. Congratulations to you.

23. We have received positive feedback from our customers concerning you. We are glad to see you are learning fast and working effectively with your colleagues.

24. You have been able to meet our expectations. I can say you have even done beyond our expectations. We are glad to have you here.

25. Congratulations, you have been able to ensure a healthy relationship amongst the workers. Their productivity rate has also been affected positively, well-done!

26. Increased sales by 20%, ensures that every worker does his or her work properly, and also keeps proper inventory.

27. You have been accountable for the social media strategy means, and you have also ensured serious growth in that area.

28. She meets all company’s standards for performance and punctuality. Has shown to be the best fit for this job.

29. Your work is always done and organized properly. You can be relied upon to always complete every task given to you.

30. Respect for co-workers and supervisors, punctuality and regularity to work, and high thinking standards. These are the exact attributes we have been searching for.

Positive Feedback Examples For Employees

31. Always prompt and on time for the start of each workday, dresses well too. Respects every one of his colleagues and his supervisors.

32. He is always active and ready to work. He does his work neatly, he adheres to every rule and regulations of the company.

33. Inspires everyone to do good. Never defaults on any of the company’s rules. Begins each day on time and is always ready to go.

34. You have a cheerful attitude that benefits your teammates. Your presence in the team has caused unimaginable growth. The team is lucky to have you.

35. Your positive attitude is inspiring. You have been an inspiration to many of your colleagues and helped them get better at their job.

36. Always willing and ready to work, and does not let any circumstance get her down. Her positive attitude also helps in keeping her team members morale high.

37. Can be trusted. He has proven to be someone trustworthy. I think he can be made to oversee his section.

38. Never faulted the company’s rules, always does as he asked to. Accepts constructive criticism and works to improve.

39. Can come up with solutions to problems. Has shown on several accounts to have the interest of the company at heart.

40. She is always willing to adjust for the betterment of the team. Also completely interested in seeing her team members grow.

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Performance Appraisal Comments

41. He is known to be dependable. Always ready to assist his colleagues whenever needed. He is also vastly knowledgeable.

42. His performance in the last three years has been unwavering. He has shown to love his job and how good he is at it. You can pick him for the proposed position.

43. One of our most dependable team members, always coming up with the most wonderful ideas. He always encourages the team whenever we feel down.

44. A loyal and trustworthy employee, completely reliable. He consistently demonstrates that he cares about his job and the progress of the company.

45. Always motivated to finish tasks early. She never leaves any work undone, she also ensures that everyone around her works as expected.

46. Always performs well, she gives the best reports every year. I would commend her to anyone in need of her services at any time.

47. You have been doing so well, congratulations to you. Your performance this year was the best of all your performances. Thank you for being outstanding.

48. Very reliable in all situations, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, consistently demonstrating he or she loves their job.

49. Your attendance is so perfect. You come to work regularly and punctually. You complete tasks in an accurate and orderly manner.

50. You are known for your dependability and your willingness to work hard. I ask that you continue being diligent and hard-working.

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Performance Goals For Employees Examples

51. We are hiring you to boost the company’s profit margin. Having seen your credentials, we have chosen to trust in your abilities. Do not let us down!

52. Help the team become more dedicated to their job. Change their ideas and thoughts, and help them align with the goals of this organization.

53. Help the team improve their abilities. Teach them the skills they lack, and increase their productivity. Can you do all of this?

54. Support colleagues in achieving their goals, and influence them to improve their performance which in turn affects the progress of the organization.

55. Show teammates the significance of teamwork, and help them tolerate one another for the betterment of the team and company.

56. Cultivate creative thinking to improve the way they handle assigned duties. This contributes to personal development and company growth which is our reason for hiring you.

57. Teach them to think objectively, and teach them strong work ethics and soft skills to create a conducive working environment and also increase their productivity.

58. Improve the company’s production rate by 15% in the next two years. Also, manage the production of the goods and ensure efficiency.

59. Create a healthy work environment for yourself and your colleagues, and ensure that their workspaces and the surrounding are neat at all times.

60. Increase the productivity, and morale of the workers. Ensure workers show regard for one another.

Positive Things To Say In A Performance Review

61. Congratulations, we have decided to promote you, seeing how dedicated you are to work. We noticed that despite your dedication to work, you sometimes mix your personal life with work. Please, avoid doing that.

62. Always comes to work early. Has high regard for everyone, even the security guards. Always ensures to complete all tasks given to him.

63. He follows every of the company’s rules. He never goes beyond the leave period given to him, and he also meets every schedule thereby portraying good qualities to his teammates.

64. Never allows anything to come in between her and her job. Keeps every other thing outside of work time. Very professional!

65. Her managing skills are superb. The organization has had a better performance ever since she took over.

66. Always keeps her phone on silent during meetings. She also shares with us her wonderful ideas which when implemented produce wonderful results.

67. Knows how to increase the morale of her co-workers to ensure work efficiency. Never jokes about her job.

68. A good time manager. Always on time, and ensures to finish every task given to her before the set time.

69. Keeps the work area neat every time. Always ready to take on tasks and delivers the best. There’s still room for improvement though.

70. Has an innovative mind. He is always able to come up with wonderful ideas to tackle company issues. A great member of the board.


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