Appreciation Message to Church Members

56 Thank You and Appreciation Message to Church Members For Support

To have good and supportive church members is a huge blessing that should never be taken for granted. If you have great members who have been very supportive in your life and ministry, they should be appreciated so that they can be encouraged to further support the works of the ministry. Are you a pastor and you are thinking of the most heart-touching appreciation message to church members? You are on the right page that will offer you that!

As an overseer over God’s people, it is your job to instruct them on the way of the Lord. Gratitude is one of the ways of the Lord that every member of the church must be taught which must be first practiced by the pastor. If any of your members do something supportive to assist the ministry, they should be appreciated to let them know how God has used them greatly.

As you instruct them with practical examples, you will surely see them become useful for the work of the ministry as God enables them. It is not everyone that can identify and respond to responsibilities. Therefore, those who can identify as such must be appreciated so that others can also learn from their good works. This is good and acceptable in the sight of God.

Sending an appreciation message to your congregation makes them feel appreciated for their good works, and encourages them to do more for the work of the Lord. Gratitude can never go wrong. If you are always grateful for the little things that people do, you will always have them do more for you and the ministry the Lord has committed into your hands.

Appreciation Message to Church Members

1. I want to use this moment to register my appreciation to all of you for all the wonderful support that you have shown toward the expansion of this ministry. You have been a great blessing, God bless you all.

2. I feel so honored to have you as partners together with me in the vineyard of the Lord. Your contribution and support system have been great. You will never lose your reward.

3. You have made my life and ministry very easy to operate. I cannot but appreciate all your wonderful partnerships over the years. The Lord Himself shall reward you 100fold.

4. It’s such a great blessing to have such amazing members like you. Thank you for taking a special interest in advancing the work of the Lord. I appreciate you, God bless you.

5. Your love and care towards this ministry are second to none. This is beautiful and worth talking about. The goodness of the Lord shall not depart from your house.

6. I would like to say a special thank you to all of you who have been there for us in His vineyard giving help and great support. The abundant blessings of the Lord shall be evident. Amen.

7. The level of encouragement and partnership that you give is all amazing and it has made the work of the Lord sweet to do. Thank you for being sensitive to my needs and the needs of the entire ministry.

8. You have always gone out of your way to ensure visible progress is made in the ministry. The window of heavens shall not be shut over you.

9. I must let you know that you’ve been a good member as the helper of my joy. Your sense of responsibility is so high and I must appreciate it.

10. Thank you so much for being a great burden bearer to me in the work of the Lord. In the same way, you have been a blessing to me so will the Lord also bless you greatly.

Thank You Note From Pastor To Congregation

A well-written thank you appreciation message to church members especially when it’s done as a surprise will serve as an impetus to drive them into serving the Lord in greater ways. If anyone has done well, such must be appreciated. Make do with a thank you note to appreciate your congratulations.

11. Your overwhelming support has been great and worthwhile. Thank you for being obedient to the heavenly vision. I appreciate you, someone.

12. The mandate for this ministry couldn’t have been delivered without your maximum support system. You’ve been a great member so far.

13. Truly, you’re a doer of the word, you’re not just a hearer. I appreciate your love and kindness, God bless you greatly!

14. You’ve been a blessing to me and so is everyone around you. The blessings of the Lord upon your life shall never run dry. God bless you greatly for all you’re doing!

15. Having you as my member fills my heart with joy unspeakable. You’re indeed supportive and you’ve made my work to be fun so far. I appreciate all you’re doing!

16. Ministerial work can be burdensome but you have made it less burdensome for me with your support. I consider this a rare privilege which I always appreciate.

17. I want to sincerely appreciate all your input in this ministry. I’m grateful for the gift of you in this ministry. God bless and reward your labor of love.

18. Thank you for ministering unto me constantly and keeping me refreshed for the work of the Lord. Wow! What a great blessing you have been! God bless you immensely!

19. You’ve stood with me through thick and thin. Your life has been a source of great blessing and inspiration for this ministry. I appreciate all your support. God bless you!

20. You have made the pastoral work very funfair. I appreciate your efforts to make sure we always have things running smoothly in this ministry. God bless you, I appreciate you!

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Thank You Note To Church Family For Prayers

21. Your commitment to the things of the Lord is worth emulating and pronouncing all over the world. Thank you so much I appreciate you all.

22. You’ve been a huge blessing to my life and this ministry. It’s been awesome working with you to advance the kingdom. God bless you greatly!

23. I want to say thank you for standing by me and supporting God’s work in my hands. All your gifts and prayers are greatly appreciated. God bless you!

24. Word would not be rich enough to appreciate your kind gesture to me and my entire family. You’ve been partners in the household of faith.

25. Your level of devotion and service in the house of the Lord cannot be fully appreciated with words. God, Himself shall pay you back.

26. I want to sincerely let you know how much I regard and appreciate you. You’ve made being a pastor interesting. God bless you!

27. May I let you know how precious and elect you’ve been to me since I joined this pastoral work? I love with my heart.

28. You’ve always shown yourself to be supportive of the work of the Lord. Thank you for seeing the work of the Lord as your work. The Lord bless you!

29. I have known you to be this kind of person who has held nothing back in the service of the Lord. No good thing shall be withheld from you in the name of Jesus. God bless you!

30. You’re not just members but family members. You’re the best member I have ever had. I appreciate your kindness so far. God bless you all!

31. The same way you’ve taken God’s work as your project so will the Lord take your work as His project. The Lord Himself shall bless you greatly!

32. Your fervent prayers are highly appreciated. Thank you for standing by me in the time of great challenges that this ministry has gone through. Thank you so much!

33. Thank you for coming through for me through your prayers, fasting, and gifts. I want to say thank you for all you’re doing!

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Thank You Message To Church Members For Support

34. Your love and support are commendable. Thank you for making the work of the Lord very easy for me. You shall never be stranded in the name of Jesus.

35. My appreciation goes to these amazing church members for their unflinching confidence in this assignment and unwavering support. I appreciate you greatly!

36. My heart is full of joy and gladness for the amazing family that you’ve been to all these years. The goodness of the Lord shall not cease in your life.

37. I’m so glad and I consider myself so blessed to have this church member. Thank you for showing this level of love and a massive support system. I love you all!

38. I can’t thank you enough for the great love and support I enjoy in serving God with you. God bless you greatly for standing with me in the work of the Lord.

39. My heart is full of gratitude for the support I enjoy on daily basis in this ministry. Thank you for going out of your way to show me love and great kindness. The Lord shall be kind to you too in all that you do.

40. I have gone through all kinds of seasons and times and you’ve always stood by me in all. Thank you for bearing with me and staying with me all through this difficult time. I appreciate you!

41. Thank you for your sacrifices and support for me and the work of the Lord in my hands. You’ve been a blessing to the house of the Lord. His blessings shall keep flowing to you endlessly also.

42. Thank you for all manners of support that you have given to me in the times like this. It’s such a wonderful thing to have you as my member. The Lord bless you mightily for all your wonderful partnership.

43. I have always seen the hand of God in every area of the ministry which I can attribute to your prayers and supplication in the spirit. The Lord shall not let you down in your time of need.

44. I appreciate you for your prayers when it matters most. Your prayers have helped me through the challenges of life. I appreciate you for everything.

45. I want to encourage you for your labor for me in the spirit. Keep doing your great work for me. I appreciate you and the Lord will bless you greatly also in the name of Jesus.

46. I would always consider myself blessed to have great people like you in the work of the Lord. I appreciate everything that you have done for me in this work. Thank you so much for everything!

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Thank You For Your Tithes And Offerings

47. I want to appreciate you for giving your resources to the Lord to advance His kingdom. Your love for God is very contagious. I appreciate you greatly, God bless you.

48. Thank you for being a blessing to me and the church of God at large. The same way you have blessed the work of God is the same way you’ll be blessed in return. God bless you greatly.

49. Your resources have been very instrumental to the furtherance of the work of God under our watch. You’re so blessed for being a blessing. The work of God shall not deteriorate in your hands.

50. You have been doing well and I must let you know that you have. Your contribution to the physical development of our great ministry is significant. The Lord shall give you significant blessings this year. Amen.

51. Thank you for showing consistency in your work for God. Your tithes and offerings shall reign blessings upon like never before. Everything that your heart desires shall be granted by the Lord. Thank you

52. You’re a great and genuine servant of the Lord and I can attest to this through your devotion to giving your substance to the Lord. This is good and acceptable in the sight of the Lord. God bless your labor of love.

53. Thank you for your seeds given towards the ongoing projects. They shall come back to you in greater folds in the name of Jesus.

54. It takes people like you to make the work of the Lord interesting to do. You’re a great partner that cannot be compared to someone else. I’m blessed to have you in this ministry.

55. Your offering and tithes have been useful in the house of the Lord. They have helped us to do many things in the ministry with ease. We’re so grateful for what you did in the household of faith. The Lord bless you without measure.

56. Thank you for your life of sacrifices and devotion to this ministry in particular. I’m deeply grateful to you for all that you have done for us. God bless you greatly.

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