Thank You Quotes For Employees From Managers

48 Heartfelt Thank You Quotes For Employees From Managers

Appreciation is a positive etiquette that should be encouraged in every organization. It helps to build motivation and foster a healthy relationship. It is also important in maintaining effective employee engagement and recognition. Structures should be created to encourage performing employees so that they can do more.

The right thing to do to encourage the employee of your organization is to appreciate them and let them know how important their contributions are in the furtherance of your organizational goals. If you wet your organization with a culture of gratitude constantly, everything will blossom.

Managers and heads of departments should inculcate the culture, especially appreciation in an organization. Although it is important to remember that not only a manager can show appreciation, it can also come from fellow employees. Below are some thank you quotes for employees from managers;

Thank You Message To Employees During Difficult Times

1. I’m using this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic work you’ve been doing in this company. We’ve achieved a lot in this organization and it’s all thanks to you all. Even when things were very difficult, you stood in for us.

2. You work together and deliver amazing results at the right time. Your enthusiasm and readiness to give in your best are appreciated. Thank you for standing by us on rough days.

3. Throughout the year, we’ve had consistent and impressive progress toward our goals. The times were rough yet you delivered at your best.

4. Every one of you has constantly evolved against the very competitive trading environment. You’ve shown your ability to adapt to change and work with the same dedication every time. You are such great employees to be kept forever.

5. These past months have been the best work months of my love. Collaborating with every one of you is so easy. You made it easy for us to move against all odds and yet achieve our goals.

6. Sometimes, we may not always have the same thoughts about how to execute a project but I love how every one of us is always willing to contribute ideas and we end up getting excellent results.

7. I want you to know that words cannot perfectly describe how thankful I am to every one of you for standing with us on difficult days. You are just so great!

8. You will always commit your time and you work together harmoniously to make sure every project is executed to perfection. You guys don’t understand difficulties at all, thank you for being strong for us.

9. On behalf of the management of the company, I want to say thank you for all your work. We admire your dedication and excellent efforts in the workplace.

Words To Thank Employees For Hard Work

10. Success is a result of hard work, consistency, dedication, and using every failure as a stepping stone to becoming better. There’s nothing more to it. You’ve shown all these traits and I’m grateful.

11. Failure just teaches us another way that it shouldn’t be done. We learn from our failures and keep working towards our goals. I’m glad that you all see it the same way I see it. Thank you for standing by this company.

12. Talent is good but trust is better, talent with hard work is the best bet. Talent is no excuse for laziness. You have a great combination of talent and hard work and that has helped the company a great deal. Thank you.

13. Every process, failure, acceptance, and rejection shape you into the person you’ll become. You’re going places. Thank you for your dedication.

14. People that have great accomplishments and success don’t just sit back and let life take them wherever. They take the wheel and control the course of their life. You’re a hardworking and dedicated person. Your future is so bright. Thank you for all you do for this organization.

15. A good team yields great results. Every person on this team has contributed greatly to the success of every project and honestly, I couldn’t have done it without y’all. Thank you.

16. The greatest assets of successful companies are their employees. You’re one of them. Thank you for your hard work.

17. Thank you for always suggesting fun recreation ideas for us. It feels good to do something asides from work sometimes. We’re grateful that you care about balance in our workplace.

18. Your inquisitive mind is amazing. You make me question all my ideas and look into them deeply to produce a better one. You’re an inspiration.

19. Thank you for caring about every employee and making us smile even on gloomy days.

20. You have a good combination of talent and hard work. Thank you for being an example of what a great combination that is.

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Heartfelt Thank You Messages For Employees

Any boss can use these thank you quotes for employees from managers to encourage and inspire them.

21. I appreciate the way you push me to do better. Every time you support my ideas, I get more confident. I’m grateful.

22. Hey (employee’s name), you’ve achieved all the goals we set for you for this month. We appreciate your commitment and hard work. It’s evident that you contribute greatly to the team’s performance. Thank you for your hard work.

23. Your sense of humor is great and your jokes make everyone’s day. We are glad to have you on our team. Thank you.

24. You’ve influenced this company with your good work and dedication. We appreciate that you chose to give us your time and expertise. Thank you!

26. Thank you for being a great worker, we appreciate you!

27. You exceeded our expectations and target for this year. I hope you continue with this great performance. Thank you.

28. You bring so much value to this organization and we appreciate it. Your talents and excellent service are encouraging. We’re grateful.

29. We value your talents and skills and we know for sure that you’ll take this company to greater levels with your skills and commitment.

30. Throughout the year, your work was always a priority and we appreciate all your effort to move this organization forward. Thank you.

31. For all the effort you have shown just to make this company succeed, I am so thankful.

32. Your presence in this company makes it feel like home. You all are committed and tolerant. I am so grateful for this second family of mine. Thank you so much!

33. Your positive energy and exciting aura are an inspiration to us all. You always give in so much to your work and you do it with joy and excitement. Your innovative ideas help us a great deal and your contributions inspire us always. Thank you for giving your all to this company.

Thank You Speech To Employees For Hard Work

34. Today, we celebrate the great success of this company. We couldn’t have done it without you. You all are the builders of this great success and you deserve all the praise. You sacrifice your time and energy to make sure every project is complete and the clients are satisfied.

35. When challenges come, every one of you thinks outside the box and brings up great ideas that help us solve every problem. We’re grateful for this team and we couldn’t have asked for a better team.

36. I want to say thank you for the top-tier results you have achieved. You have shown true talent and dedication. Your dedication to meeting deadlines is admirable and your hard work isn’t unnoticed.

37. Everyone on this team has played his/her part excellently well and you have worked together as a strong team, having each other’s back. We see you all and we say thank you.

38. The people outside see only the results. We see the grind, sacrifices, and commitment that every person put in to make these results beautiful. We appreciate this!

39. You all are the backbone of this organization and we are so fortunate to have you as employees. You’re simply the best team. Thank you for helping us reach our goal.

40. I’m proud of every one of you. You’ve shown doggedness, team spirit, and dedication. You’ve worked really hard and I’m very happy to share the good news of an excellent result due to your performance.

41. You all contributed to this project and the progress you all are making individually gladdens my heart. Thank you for making this organization proud.

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Words Of Appreciation For Employees

42. Every great result we achieve comes back to you all. You deserve most of the praise because we are getting the praise as a result of your hard work and commitment.

43. Every day, no matter what’s going on, I see all of you give in your best and even more. Thank you for facing every challenge to get us to where we are right now.

45. Time flies when you’re having fun. Working with you all is fun. I love the positive energy you bring to work each day. I love how you all are always enthusiastic and optimistic. I love the way you believe in one another and you joined hands together to make every project a success.

46. Every single person on this team is a star and you all shine brightly. You are all amazing and I’m excited to do more projects with you all. Thank you.

47. When there are targets and deadlines to meet and we need to work under pressure, I’m never nervous because I know that I have a capable and hardworking team and that makes the work easier. You all make working fun and worth it and I’m grateful.

48. I’m sure you know that you’re all talented. I know that just talent is not enough so I’m grateful that I have teammates that are hardworking and committed to their work. You’ve clearly shown us how the combination of talent and hard work yields excellent results. Thank you!

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