What To Say To Someone Who Just Got Injured

40 Words of Comfort and What To Say To Someone Who Just Got Injured In Accident

An experience that resulted in an injury is often an unpleasant memory. The mind gets filled with wishes of not making the decisions that led to the injury. In as much as one might wish time could be reversed to have a different outcome we must always seek ways to move forward and manage our current situations.

You can be kind with words towards a friend, colleague, or relative who is unhappy because of an injury. In this article, you will find what to say to someone who just got injured. These are not just ordinary words but carefully constructed lines to encourage and help the injured heal faster.

Every time someone around you is going through any type of issue, you have the opportunity to treat him/her with love and regard. An injured person can get back on his/her feet again. With these sayings below, you will be helping someone recover faster.

What To Say When Someone Is Injured

1. It was not a pleasant day for all of us because you got injured while we were all having a good time together at the recreation center. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. You will be fine sooner than you can imagine.

2. I can imagine how much your leg hurts right now. By the grace of God, you will feel better in the coming days. Take your time to rest and eat a balanced diet to speed up your healing process.

3. My good friend, I am so sorry I was not there when you needed someone to help you get to the hospital for quick treatment. I hope you are fine now. I wish you a quick recovery as I make plans to come and see you shortly.

4. You are a very strong individual. The injury could have been fatal if not for your strength to withstand the attack. I pray that you will get better as you receive the best available treatment in your neighborhood.

5. Good to know that you are back home now with your family. I am very happy knowing you are with the people you care about the most right now. May your injury heal faster than you can imagine.

6. This injury can’t stop you from achieving all your dreams. As long as you keep your faith alive, it will be gone and you will be back on your feet again before long.

7. In all these years I have known you, I have never seen you in so much physical pain like this. Cheer up and be courageous. This is not going to stop you from doing what you want to do with your amazing life

8. The injury will be gone very soon if you can focus on thinking only positive thoughts and taking your medication consistently. I know you will pull through this fully in no time. Take care of yourself.

9. Refuse to give up because of this injury. So many people have survived the worst injuries. This is one of the reasons I am optimistic that you will survive this injury too. Brace yourself for the future. You’ll be fine!

10. There is nothing that has happened to you that has made you pessimistic about it. I like the way you are handling the injury you sustained at our recent outing. You are still so full of life and that is commendable.

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How To Comfort Someone After A Car Accident

11. In all that happened, you are still breathing. That is more than enough reason to celebrate and be thankful. As you recover at the hospital, remind yourself that you did not die for a purpose best known to God.

12. Don’t get it twisted, the worst that could have happened to you is over. From here onward you will be recovering and soon you will be back home with your loved ones. Have faith in God, He will see you through this phase of your life.

13. This is not the time to allow sadness to consume our souls. Rather, you should be happy because you are still alive with no major injury that you can’t recover from. Your body will heal completely with time.

14. I just finished speaking with the doctor and he said you will not have any surgery. He has promised to do everything possible to ensure you are well. I believe him and I know God is with you in this difficult time.

15. I know you are not feeling well due to the accident you had. However, I want you to look forward and not backward. Let your hope be refreshed because you are alive and not dead.

16. The accident was fatal but you sustained a minor injury. It could have been worse but God helped you. In a short time, you will be discharged and you will be back doing what you love to do day to day.

17. So many people lost their lives while others lost different parts of their bodies but you only have a kneel fracture. Your surgery is going to be quick and with time you will fully recover. This will end well.

18. I’m glad to see your face again. I came rushing to see you when I heard that you were involved in an accident. I have been praying for you all day. I have faith that you will be back in good after your medication.

19. This was not what any of us expected after we all said our goodbyes for the night. Please, avoid worries and any other form of negative thoughts. You only need positivity and prayers right now. You will be well soon.

20. By the special grace of God, this too shall pass. You will be discharged from this hospital within a short period. The God that saved your life will heal you. Have faith in Him.

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How To Comfort Someone Who Was In A Car Accident

21. The accident you were involved in is in the past. You have a great future ahead of you. Instead of looking back with regrets, focus on the beautiful future ahead of you. I know you will recover fully.

22. There are different challenges people face at different times. What you are going through currently will be over shortly. Believe in your heart that you will recover completely as you work towards it daily.

23. I have a strong feeling that you do not stay long in that wheelchair because of the accident. With the help of God, you will be able to walk without any form of aid. Have faith and see God do miracles in your life.

24. Smile with your heart and let us see the reflection on your face. You will be all right by the special grace of God. This accident is not going to break your capacity to lead and influence people in your career path.

25. Have faith in God, He is the greatest healer ever. I want you to trust Him to get you out of this situation. H is a specialist in turning negative situations into positive ones. You will be well, bigger and better

26. Can you see light at the end of this tunnel? As long as you can see the light shining brighter with each passing day I do not doubt that you will be on your feet again.

27. You have another chance at living your best life, don’t waste it. Make the most of it every day even as you recover from the accident. I believe that everything happening now around you is working together for your good.

28. Many people sustained worse injuries after experiencing accidents but your case is different. God is so good to you and you must give Him the glory for saving you this time. He loves you and He has kept you alive to prove His love for you

29. The car accident was terrible but you survived with all your body parts in good aside from the minor bruises. You are destined for greatness and your star will shine brighter than ever before.

30. You have a lot of reasons to be grateful for life. This is not the time to allow sadness or regret to take over your thoughts, words, and actions. Look upward and think forward. Your best days are still ahead.

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Words Of Comfort After An Accident

31. You are not going to live in your past if you choose to focus on healing fast and getting back to work after this accident. Let your mind be focused on positive things as you recover from the accident.

32. Although the accident almost cut short your life you survived. The good news is that you are still alive and you will be here till you have fulfilled your purpose to the glory of God, your heavenly Father.

33. Look around you; see your beautiful children and your precious wife. They all adore you with all their hearts. You have so much to live for. Money can’t buy all of this in ten thousand a lifetime.

34. Guess what? You came out of that vehicle alive. That is a big miracle. The accident could have claimed your life but God said no. The reason He did not allow death to take you is simply because He still wants you here.

35. That you are alive today is not a mistake. You are special and this world will experience your gifts before the end of time. Brace yourself and live out your abilities. It is well with you.

36. Take your time and recover from the critical accident that you were involved in. You need time to fully recover. Ensure that you follow through on all your doctor’s instructions. I can’t wait to have you back.

37. Most people don’t appreciate God for the gift of life until they lose it. Your life is precious and I’m grateful to God that He kept you alive after the accident. You are truly significant to God.

38. I hope you can see how good God is to you. He has proven it again by ensuring your safety after a ghastly car accident that left others in critical situations. Your current state of wellness is the proof anyone needs right now to know that God has His hands on your life.

39. I pray you see how much you mean to everyone around you. It would have been a day of mourning for all of us if not for surviving the accident. We have so much to be thankful for.

40. I’m so happy to see you again. I know your body hurts right now. May God complete your healing with adequate speed so that you can return to your regular day-to-day life.

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