Message After Recovery From Illness

70 Quotes, Wishes and Message After Recovery From Illness

A positive inspirational healing messages for quick recovery are the only positive energy you can channel to your loved ones while recovering from illness. A get well soon message can also hasten their healing process and make them understand that they are not alone then feel better in no time.

Sick people do feel helpless, hopeless, and lifeless with the mindset that nobody is in their shoes. Whenever you come around a sick fellow, never create a negative atmosphere around him/her even if the illness looks terminal. All you should do is communicate your encouragement to them with a message after recovery from illness.

Are you thinking of what to write, or don’t have a clue on how to pen or text a quick recovery quote, message, or wishes? The below article lists have some helpful quotes that will help you write inspired, mind-blowing, and encouraging customized healing messages or wellness wishes.

Quotes On Recovery From Illness For Myself

1. I strongly believe that I shall be well again hale and hearty, just as I say this prayer to myself. May the hand of God rest on me and heal me completely. I shall get stronger than I was before the illness.

2. My body is not a domain for sickness and disease, so, therefore I say to myself all sickness and diseases are gone and every part of me receives life. I am strong enough to override every form of the disease.

3. I am no longer under the affliction of illness, I am delivered, I am set free, I am healed by His wounds I am healed. No strange thing shall have a place within my body anymore.

4. From the crown of my head to my toes, good health and healing flow through me, I overcame and I am perfectly restored. I know I am stronger than all forms of diseases.

5. I have no transactions with sickness, I do not bargain with weakness, your hiding place in my body system is demolished. I am free from the oppression of illness. It is well with me.

6. Heal me, Lord, for everything you created is fearfully and wonderfully made. Permit not sickness to take over my body. Shield me round with the strong power of wholeness and wellness.

7. I hold on to your word, and by faith, I am healed, I am restored, I am set free from all shackles of illness. I know this will not be the end of my life. I take my refuge in you. Thank you, lord.

8. I believe I will be well again, I know I will stand on my feet again, am sure I will scale through, it is painful and terrible in this position. I will get well soon.

9. I wish myself a quick recovery from this ailment because the smell of the drug and the pain of the injection makes me feel sick more but I will fight it and I will get back to my daily activities soon. I wish myself a quick recovery.

10. Being held by sickness on a spot is boring and tiring, I haven’t been my normal self since am on this sick bed, am going to deal with it, fight it and get off the sick bed.

Inspirational Quotes For Illness Recovery

11. I see how strong you are, I know you can fight this problem of your life, and I pray that you recover faster from this ailment. You are stronger than any sickness.

12. I pray for you that as the clock ticks so shall your strength be renewed and your weaknesses be made strong. I know you can do this just as you have done before. Get well soon.

13. It’s obvious that life happens to people. This has happened to you and I can tell you that it will leave you stronger than it met you. May each day bring you a quick recovery and every part of your body system be made whole and well. Stay strong.

14. You are one of the strongest and bravest souls have met so far. I know you are strong, you can fight it, and let nothing weigh your spirit down. Rest and recover soon!

15. I want you to know that you are not alone, we are here rooting for your speedy recovery and I know that it is here already. Stay strong and be happy. We got your back in quick recovery.

16. I know how long you have been fighting this illness, don’t forget that recovery takes time, all I want from you is to be positive and rest assured that it is well with your soul.

17. Being under a doctor’s prescription and moving here and there in a hospital must be a whole lot of tough time, but better days are on the way to you, I know it. In the meantime, you will be fine.

18. I pray for peace to comfort you and strength to be made available for you and you will feel your body in good health and it shall be well with you again.

19. May divine healing for complete restoration rest on you, may it flow through your body till all sickness and illness fade away. I’m persuaded that you will laugh at the end of the tunnel.

20. All I need from you is your possibility, your courage, your faith, and your assurance that you’re going to fight this ailment and you will overcome it. Be courageous, and be sure you will win as you have always done.

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Quotes About Recovery From Illness

21. Hey! I know how you feel being alone on the sick bed, but I hope you won’t give up on getting better because you are very closer to your full restoration. I’m praying for you here, be strong.

22. It is high time you look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are full of energy, you can never be down, and you are full of strength, you can never be weak. So kick off that illness in the body and get on your feet to your normal self.

23. As the day passes, the night goes by, so shall the Lord continue to renew and restore your strength, comfort your weak body, and make you whole.

24. It’s good to see you healing fast because your absence is felt here, we missed all your good vibes and your funny hyping just to make everyone happy. So we pray that you get better soon!

25. Don’t feel bored nor be down during this period, just take your time to rest and be happy because recuperation takes time. Apart from other medications, the only antidote is a positive mindset and energy that you will feel better soon!

26. In no time the ailment will get tired of you soon because that’s not their place to stay. Make it a deal that you will be out of the illness as soon as possible.

27. Focusing on your quick recovery is the only thing we all want from you, though I know the road to recovery is not that easy. But keep your head up and fight your healing back.

28. It’s okay to be a bit under the weather, but be rest assured that the weather won’t weigh you down. Get better soon and disappoint the sickness!

29. Just believe you can get off the illness and you are halfway getting through the tough time of ailment, let peace and hope be your natural medication. Wish you a speedy recovery.

30. May your healing come faster, may you stand on your feet again, may you enjoy life the way it supposes to be and you will find rest all around you.

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Positive Quotes For Illness Recovery

31. You are blessed with extraordinary good health and speedy restoration be unleashed on you. Take extra good care of yourself and proof to the sickness that you are stronger.

32. I hope you see all the beautiful achievements you have achieved so far, so get well soon and work on your dreams and take your lead to a successful life. You are strong and never to be down again.

33. I am so happy to see how fast you recover each day, I pray that your recovery shall be permanent and you will be back in your health soon! Be persuaded, you will be triumphant.

34. Stay calm and think of God’s goodness over your life, that you are sick yet you have not lost the chance to be a living soul. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

35. Take it a step at a time on recovering fast, and make sure you laugh always, it’s the cheapest medicine of all, and shake off all worries and pains. Hoping you find strength with each new day.

36. I wish I could make you feel better in no time, but my field of work will not allow that. Make sure you receive good care and comfort during this period. You don’t have to worry. It’s your resting period get enough that you can.

37. Do not tolerate sadness in your heart, never nurse weakness in your mind during this period let joy overwhelm you, and let a smile be your strength always. Get well soon!

38. Wishing you the best energy, strength, encouragement, comfort, peace, and strength to scale through this illness’s tough time. Everything shall be alright with you in no time.

39. As each day begins with a new aura and atmosphere, I hope you find rest and peace till you get better and stronger. Feel better and get back on your feet!

40. I pray you receive strength for quick recovery, and that your internal system receives speedy restoration of things that are lost or not enough. Wish you a quick recovery.

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Healing Inspirational Quotes For Illness Recovery

41. According to God’s word that says by his stripes and wound we are healed and by our faith, we are made whole. I strongly believe that healing from above is upon you now (Amen).

42. Being sick or facing illness challenges is not the end of your life, it’s a period for you to look back and see how faithful God has been, and the ever-faithful God will show you mercy for quick recovery.

43. This is the best time to decide between being free from sickness or letting sickness take over your body. I wish you make the right decision to start strong and healthy.

44. This is to let you know how important and wonderful you are to me, I wish you get well soon and better each day. Very soon, I will be with you to celebrate your full recovery from sickness.

45. I want you to know that there’s nothing impossible for God to do, in no time the sickness will be gone and you will be fine again because your body is a temple of God. Stay positive!

46. Always remember that this too shall pass, nothing is permanent, and your healing is so certain if you can believe and have faith and be focused you will surely be well again.

47. You might feel bored, tired, and lonely even feel depressed along the line but know this and know peace. The healing process does take time but the more positive you stay in your spirit the earlier your recovery comes.

48. May the Lord restore you, heal your wound and diseases and grant you good health to live a better life. Better life is for you and I believe that you will enjoy it.

49. I hope you fight for your well-being and don’t let pains and weakness make you a victim because I know you are stronger than your weaknesses.

50. Be positive, energetic, get enough rest and stay strong, try to make yourself happy this period, and don’t give up until you are better and very soon it will be over.

Wishes After Recovery from Illness

51. I know this is hard for you, but I hope you do take it easy and slowly on yourself even as you get better. I wish you an uncommon recovery from this illness in no time.

52. It is my wish for you that you are discharged from the hospital in no time, I can’t wait to see you on your feet doing wonderfully fine. Get well soon dear friend!

53. I am so glad you are healing fast and getting better, take all the time you need to heal and be healthy. Please stay strong for me, I need you to be alright for me!

54. May you be well soon and be in your right state of mind. I wish you nothing but sound health, wellness, happiness, and joy. Feel better soon!

55. Starting your day with the assurance that it is well with your soul and a positive mindset that this illness will not hold you back to your normal life. May you recover quickly.

56. May the Lord bless you with good health, and may He grace you with a sound mind, being hale and hearty is your portion and it is so. Continue to live a happy life.

57. Normally I know is not easy to wake up one day and find yourself in a hospital bed, but it is what it is your health is first and is so paramount. Don’t worry yourself, stay calm, and let your body respond to treatment and you will be fine.

58. Remember you are stronger than that illness and you need to take it one step at a time as you heal, and you will overcome it and be a free man soon.

59. Every day in life is a new dawn, new atmosphere, fresh breeze, and new blessings flying around, all I want you is to key to the blessings of healing that fly around today and you shall be healed permanently.

60. Day by day you are healing faster, keep it up don’t let anything stress you or bother your mind, stay positive, calm, and focus on your quick recovery. Get well soon!

Inspirational Quotes For Recovery From Illness

61. It won’t be long in no time, you will be back on your feet to your norms, not even this illness will hold you back. Make sure you stay strong and be fine!

62. There is joy in my heart right now seeing you recover so fast, may the Lord satisfy you with long life and sound health.

63. All I want you to remember is that you will be well again in as much as you can still breathe, your case is different and your healing is here. Feel better soon!

64. Many have passed through this stage and lost their lives in the process, the healing process is meant for you to appreciate God for another chance as a living soul and see how he’s going to transform your health miraculously.

65. You are blessed with sound health, every part of your body receives life, shackles on sickness are broken and you are healed. Amen!

66. Right in your sick bed, let your heart appreciate God and your spirit glorify him for his goodness over your life and he will answer you with divine healing instantly.

67. May each day bring to you good health, may you find peace of mind and comfort at all times and it shall be well with your so every day. Hope to see you better soon.

68. Rejoice! For your prayers have been answered, your strength is renewed, your healing has come, your recovery is completely restored and you aha find rest.

69. Your better days are right beside you, you won’t have to worry anymore, while we await them make sure you fight through this difficult time and kick off illness.

70. May the hand of the lord that works quick healing rest on you, release you of every bondage of sickness, and deliver you from the affliction of illness. Feel better soon!

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