Farewell Message To Workmates

60 Quotes, Wishes and Farewell Message To Workmates Who is Leaving

Farewell Message To Workmates

There are several reasons why one will write a farewell message to workmates. It could be retirement, health issues, change of career or workplace, etc. Writing a proper farewell message would relay your feelings and purpose of leaving to your colleagues as well.

Having achieved a lot together in over a decade it is with a sweet bitter feeling to write these farewell messages to them to show you how much they meant to you and how great of an impact they have had on your life all this time.

Memorable times and seasons spent with one’s workmates are not to be taken for granted. For whatever reason your workmates want to leave, farewell messages must be written to remember and cherish for both the good and the bad.

Farewell messages are sometimes difficult to express be it a simple goodbye to a friend or the retirement of a workmate knowing how far and well you have bonded at work.

All those precious times might have been forgotten but when written down and read again, they might make you smile. This is why I have compiled a couple of messages to express your gratitude for so many work years spent in harmony.

Wishes For Coworker Leaving

1. I feel so sad but also very happy to see you leave, for I know you are leaving us to chase your dreams and ambitions, and can only wish you the very best in all endeavors.

2. Thank you for being such a great support to all your colleagues while you worked here with us, I can only wish that you experience goodness and support at your new establishment.

3. Working with you this far has helped us achieve a lot in a short amount of time. It hurts to see you leave but we’re happy to see you take on new challenges and pray you succeed while at it.

4. Thank you for your countless support any day and anytime. You mean more than a colleague to me. Do stay in touch. Fare well as you advance further in your career.

5. Your work ethic has been nothing short of inspiring and always made me look forward to each day. Please stay in touch if you need me to do anything for you.

6. I wish you great success as you embark on your new journey, I will miss having to work with you each passing day. Thank you for making a difference.

7. I hope you continue to impact lives as you have done with me, for you have been awesome since the first day you joined our team. Make sure to keep in touch, please

8. Even as you embark on a new chapter I hope you never forget the experiences you had here and you hold them as lessons to take care of in the future. Do take care of yourself duly.

9. I will miss the support and help you are always ready to give to any colleague in need. You will surely be greatly missed. Thank you.

10. The award for a person with the highest team spirit and diligence will surely go to you and I hope you are discovered early In your new place. Keep on shining.

Thank You Note For Coworker

11. Thank you for being an outstanding friend and colleague. No one can match your energy and positivity while at work. I admire you a lot and will always do even as go further in your career.

12. Your open-minded heart and problem-solving skills make you one of the best co-workers who never strive for completion but for the well-being of others. Thank you, Mate.

13. Your high skills and professional approach to every task keep me in awe each time and I can only be thankful for having you as my co-worker. It’s a great pleasure working with you.

14. I am saying thank you for all the times I needed things urgently and you came through for me without hesitating for a minute. You are an outstanding fellow.

15. Thank you for always ensuring that every co-worker is prim proper and disciplined in their work environment and towards their jobs as well. Your life was indeed an exemplary one.

16. Thank you for always ensuring the team works harmoniously and on time. Without your promptness, we may not have finished a lot of tasks in time.

17. A rare gem like you in our midst should always be appreciated at all times the whole team is blessed to have someone like you. You are simply awesome.

18. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. The board members would like to extend their profound gratitude by sending you on a week’s vacation, just to say thank you for leading your coworkers to complete an excellent project.

19. Your collaborative efforts with your coworkers have been integral to their success collectively and we think you’re the best candidate for the promotion. Thank you, Mate.

20. Thank you for dedicating your time, effort, and attention to your job without complaints and hesitation. You are one to look up to.

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Message For Coworker Leaving

21. Congratulations on the new journey you’re embarking on. I wish you success all through. Thank you for leaving a lasting and good mark here. The reward of your work will surely catch up with ahead.

22. We will certainly miss you around here for your presence was greatly felt. All we can say is goodbye and greater heights as you leave. You will be greatly missed.

23. Thank you for showing us there are still good and selfless people and we hope you meet great people well on your journey ahead. Keep growing in impact.

24. Your new place is so lucky to have you onboard. We wish you the very best and nothing less. Goodbye and have an amazing journey ahead.

25. I am so excited about this new opportunity you have, for you have always wanted this so much. I wish you good luck all through and that you encounter a fantastic experience all through.

26. This is an ambition you have always wanted and it is finally here. Please do not hesitate to grab it wholeheartedly and follow your dreams. Good luck

27. I have indeed learned a whole lot from you whilst you worked here and I hope you encounter good teammates as well and you do not stop impacting goodness as you have always done. Thank you, great Mate

28. Please do well to always stay in touch and do not hesitate to let me know if you need anything. For you are more than a coworker to me now.

29. You’re not leaving us forever but you are leaving us for the better and we can only stay happy and wish you the best. Thank you for being splendid.

30. Thank you for training and supporting me whilst you were here. I look forward to upholding all you have taught me and will not disappoint you. Good luck.

Farewell Note To Coworkers

31. It is with a bittersweet feeling I am saying farewell to you all. I have enjoyed over a decade working with fantastic coworkers like you all here.

32. Thank you for your support and encouragement always. You have laid a positive impact on my life that will remain, moving forward. Goodbye!

33. I loved working with you all each day. Your vibe and energy are simply out of this world and kept me going all through, I will certainly miss you all greatly.

34. Great coworkers like you have made night shifts and early mornings less painful and worth it. I will miss those fun and engaging times we had. You remain the best among all.

35. The experience I have garnered from here will surely help me for years to come. I have had a splendid experience working with you all here, Thank you.

36. It was a great opportunity to work with such coworkers with high esteem and caliber. I feel so privileged to have spent my early working days with you all and sad to say farewell.

37. Thank you for all the good and tough times spent together. Thank you for being open and honest about a great and good working environment.

38. To all my desk buddies I can only say thank you and I love and will forever cherish all the times you had to drop everything and be there for what mattered the most.

39. I hope to meet people like you all with strong working ethics and discipline in what they do moving forward in life. Thank you for being professional.

40. I will never forget the lovely times I had here and all that I have learned while working with you all. I hope you continue to be diligent and hardworking as you all have always been. Farewell.

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Thank You Coworker Messages

41. Thank you for always remembering my type of coffee and never forgetting to bring it down for me even when I forget it. You have helped me stay sharp each workday.

42. The time and effort you put toward your work each day are so admirable. I truly appreciate you for an excellent job well done, Mate

43. You are a great person to work with, very open-minded, diligent with what you are asked to do, and punctual too.

44. I feel so lucky to work with you. You make our jobs look so effortless. Thank you for pushing me to do things I would never think of doing that have pushed my career to a higher level.

45. I sincerely appreciate all your support and help towards my recent promotion. You are a colleague everyone would be lucky to have by his side.

46. If you didn’t prompt me enough or help me through those long nights of preparation for the big summit. I don’t think it would turn out this successful. What would I do without you by my side? Thank you.

47. Thank you for showing up and staying all through when I needed you the most at my presentation. You had my back all through, I couldn’t have made it through without you there.

48. Thank you for making such great contributions this week. They weren’t only valuable but worthwhile too. Your actions are indeed commendable

49. This office would certainly not be the same without you. Thank you for making it fun and lively at all times.

50. Your attention to certain little details that everyone would miss always helped at the nick of time. Thank you for your meticulous work.

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Thank You Coworker Quotes

51. Having a coworker like you is indeed a blessing. I feel blessed to have you around me sharing ideas and implementing strategies together.

52. You have been supportive all the way, I don’t know what I would do without you, thanks a ton, I am grateful.

53. The most incredible gift I have received this year is a coworker like you. You are a gift to me and many others will agree too. You are a great treasure to us all.

54. I want to express my gratitude to the best coworker, for I have learned a whole lot from you which has helped me improve greatly. Thank you

55. Thank you for always being there through thick and thin times, you are ever so supportive and inspiring.

56. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this project. It’s a great pleasure to have you as my coworker doing mighty stuff together here.

57. Thank you for being a great example to every other team member. You are indeed a role model and mentor to be followed for life.

58. Having to turn up each day to work with strangers in a new city was less difficult and more fun having spent all this time with you all. I wish you never had to leave.

59. Thank you for the eye-opening events and intellectual meetings you helped me through. Without a doubt you are the best workmate anyone would ever desire.

60. There is no better colleague than the one who is ever ready to give all support anyway anytime like you. You are a perfect template for excellence and diligence. Thank you.

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