Positive Message For Someone Having Surgery

70 Spiritual Quotes and Positive Message For Someone Having Surgery

People are going through different challenges daily. You can always be there for those around you who are either family members or friends. Your effort to help them overcome their issues can make a world of difference for them. The least we want is to get the right support from people when we are in need. When some close to you is undergoing a health challenge, the best you can do is project positivity around them always.

With a positive message for someone having surgery, you can make his/her burden easier to bear. The pain and discomfort can be easy to manage when there is great love and support from loved ones. Right words make the heart very joyful and restore life to a dying body.

Any medical issue that requires surgery is a serious issue. When someone is having surgery he/she needs to be assured that the storm will pass and all will be well shortly. Let the person know that God will speed up the healing process with these positive messages and quotes below.

Spiritual Quotes For Someone Having Surgery

1. God does not leave those who trust in Him with all their hearts. God will not leave you because you trust in Him with all your heart and soul. This sickness has been allowed to pay a temporal visit and it will soon depart. Keep trusting God.

2. The healing power of God flows where faith is active. You can receive divine healing if you have faith in it. Have faith and see God move in your health. To anyone who trusts in God, God will never disappoint.

3. As a Christian you are assured of coming out of afflictions victoriously. Nothing is big enough to destroy your life completely. Situations can only be allowed to try you but never to crush you.

4. No weapon fashioned against your health can ever prosper. Believe that you will have a successful surgery by divine providence and you will. My prayers are with you and I am persuaded that you are coming out stronger.

5. Sometimes, surgery may be needed especially when there is a foreign element to be removed from the body. The grace of God is sufficient for you even as you go for your surgery. God will ensure that you come out of this bigger and better.

6. You are God’s child and He will always keep you safe. You are His delight and He is committed to bringing you back to good health after this surgery that you are having. Don’t be afraid, you are coming victoriously.

7. Do not be afraid because God is inside you. He will not allow the devil to take your life away from Him. Your surgery will be a success at the end of this storm and this will never repeat itself again.

8. Your life is not anything less than who Jesus is. You only have to align with Him to have dominion over your health. Divine health is God’s will for you and His will shall prevail over all.

9. You are declared holy and acceptable to God because of the sacrifice of Jesus. To God, you’re the physical representation of who He is. He needs you whole. Receive your healing now!

10. God has paid for your health by making Jesus take your place in sin. You have been made whole. This will be the last time you will ever need surgery in your entire life. Amen.

Wishes Before Surgery

11. Dear friend, I do not want you to be afraid about your health issue, it is just a temporal issue. I wish you a quick recovery after your surgery. May God make you recover quicker than you could have imagined after your surgery.

12. Have faith in God and your surgery will turn out well. I wish you speedy healing after your surgery. I can’t wait to have you back on your feet doing life together with you.

13. Don’t lose hope. This challenge will pass away and you will be doing all the things you can’t do now. God has gone ahead of you and He will grant you safety. I wish you a successful surgery.

14. Please, don’t enter the surgery room with fear of the unknown, nothing is negative about it. Have a solid faith in God. You will triumph. I will be here wishing you all the best until the process is completed.

15. May you have every reason to laugh after the surgery. I pray you laugh with so much joy in your heart as you share your testimony. You are going afraid and you are returning victorious. Amen.

16. Today is the day of your surgery. I wish you a successful surgery. Go into that surgery room with courage and the understanding that God is with you and He will never let you down

17. Your life is not coming to an end. This surgery won’t lead to your death. I wish you the grace of God over your health now and after your surgery, As you come out, your health gets better over time.

18. You are loved by God and you will never be forsaken. I wish you smooth surgery as you go for it soon. God will come to your aid and make the process successful. Have a successful surgery.

19. I wish you the best attention and medical help that your body needs. We will ensure you are well attended to during your surgery. If you need to share your mind with us about anything, we will be here to attend to you.

20. I’m going to be here with you till you have your surgery and recover fully. I wish you the strength you need to go through this surgery. As you come out from this, your health will get better like never before. My love and support are with you.

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Religious Wishes Before Surgery

21. Jesus is here with you in this hospital. I am very certain He will make you feel better. I wish you the best surgery that will improve your health greatly and put an end to your health issue.

22. God is still healing people and your case will not be different. I wish you His healing even as you prepare for your surgery. May you go through this situation with His strength.

23. Your Christian faith is going through a test now and I am sure it will only make you better. I wish you a stronger faith that will keep you in the right frame of mind for your surgery.

24. We are praying for you to have a good surgery. I am strongly persuaded of one thing, you are coming out with amazing testimonies of ease. We wish you well and we pray that you will not have any regrets afterwards.

25. In the name of Jesus, no plan of the enemy will make your surgery unsuccessful. God will stand by you to protect you and keep you from hazards. I wish you a calm and satisfying surgery.

26. Every tongue that has spoken against your health is rendered void, in Jesus’ name. The plans of the wicked ones are perpetually destroyed over your life. Be courageous as you go for your surgery. I wish you well.

27. Your well-being is significant to me and your other loved ones. I have been standing in the gap with you since I heard you will be going into theatre. I wish you success as you go for your significant surgery soon.

28. I know that right now, you are in the hospital for your surgery and many things are running through your mind. I want to use this privilege to wish you sound health. God bless you!

29. I want you to know that this surgery is going to be quick and successful. I wish you a quick successful surgery. Your life is made easy before and after this surgery, in the name of Jesus.

30. God has helped you to reach this far, I am certain that He is taking you further in life. Don’t give up because He is taking you up after the surgery. I wish you all His best for you.

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Positive Quotes For Someone Having Surgery

31. Let your heart be joyful for this storm too shall pass. You are stronger than the health issue you are preparing to have surgery for. Many people have gone through stuff like this and have come out victoriously, yours cannot be different.

32. There is no way you will not come out victoriously if you keep being cheerful before your surgery. I am very aware of what you’re dealing with However, I want you to be very courageous and cheerful throughout this process.

33. God did not bring you this far to leave you behind. He has been with you all the while and He will see you through this surgery. You only have to be strong and courageous and great testimonies will fill your mouth.

34. Great people face great challenges, you will not be facing this challenge if you are not great. You will come out of this soon. Your surgery will go very well and everything will be fine.

35. This is not the time to give up on yourself, you have what it takes to overcome this season. You can have this surgery and be whole for the rest of your life. You are a victor and not a victim!

36. Winning the battles of life is not possible if you are always thinking negatively. Have a positive mindset as you go into the theatre for your surgery. I am very sure the outcome is already successful.

37. Everything you have ever gone through has prepared you for this season of your life. If you were not strong enough to handle this, you would have come this far. Be optimistic and joyful for God is with you.

38. You are not in this alone, I am your strong ally who is fully with you in this situation. You have my full support and I believe you will have a productive surgery. Everything will be well soon.

39. The journey of your life has been amazing, to say the least. I have watched you conquer challenges and tough situations. You are going to survive this surgery by the special grace of God.

40. You have to trust God more than ever before in such a season like this. This storm will be over and you will go back to the life you have been used to.

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Inspirational Quotes For Someone Going Into Surgery

41. People go through challenges, champions always come out of challenges better than they were when the challenges came. You are a champion and you will come out of this situation with a shining face.

42. Never let a situation make you feel like you have come to the end of the road. Your life is not over until you believe it is over. Be strong for yourself and your loved ones. This surgery will end well for you.

43. Every time you feel cast down, look up to God. He is the only one who hears your thoughts and prayers. He will help you all through your surgery period and will ensure you will never have to suffer the same thing again.

44. Listen to only what will energize you and refresh you. Anything other than that should be discarded. Believe in God, yourself, the doctors, and your loved ones. This will surely make you come out with great victory from this situation.

45. Make sure you focus on having a successful surgery, don’t allow negative thoughts to infiltrate your mind. Your life is not going to be affected negatively if your focus is right.

46. Believe that the surgery will go well and you will be surprised at the outcome afterward. You are in control of your life, think right of yourself and you will see that things will go as envisaged. You are powerful and you can handle this!

47. No health issue is strong enough to destroy your life. Your life is in your hands. What you do with it in the face of situations is entirely up to you. Go into the surgery room and come out alive and well. I see you smiling at the end of the tunnel.

48. This is not the time to feel sad, you have to be courageous and excited about everything you are currently going through. Everything will be fine at the end of the surgery. Have faith in God.

49. You can rise above anything. You will rise above the health issue you are having surgery to correct. This is not the first time you will overcome a problem and I am 100% sure you will also overcome this.

50. Keep your heart and mind free from negative thoughts. Think only about the great things you will do after the surgery. Yes, the future is still yours and you will not be denied.

Inspirational Quotes For Someone Recovering From Surgery

51. God is good to you by making sure you had a successful surgery. You are already healing and He will perfect your healing. The future you dreamt about is still possible for you to have. Very soon you will be on your feet running again.

52. Now that you are done with the surgery, it is time to heal and get up to work again like you have always wanted. Success is waiting for you in your career path, get up and be the best.

53. Great minds survive the worst of situations because they refuse to be defeated mentally. You have survived to have surgery because you are mentally strong and productive. This situation is no match for you, face it.

54. It feels good to know that you came out of the surgery theatre better than you went. This is proof that you are already on your way to having a better life. The news of your recovery is great news to me and I am glad you are getting better.

55. The surgery is now done and dusted. It is always going to be in the past. You have your life and the world is waiting for you to shine your light. This shall be the last time to ever experience this.

56. There is nothing you can’t conquer. I knew you were going to get through the surgery before you went for it. You are designed to survive whatever life throws at you.

57. I have not seen anyone as strong as you are, your mental strength can get you through anything. The way you approached this matter really surprised me. Keep inspiring people with your resilient inherent strength.

58. I and everyone around you appreciate your consistency in faith even when all hopes looked shattered before your surgery. Now that you are done with it, the sky is your starting point on your road to greatness.

59. God has given you another opportunity to correct all your past mistakes and your purpose on earth still stands sure. Start all over again and become all you were meant to be.

60. There is no need to regret the past. Be thankful for life and maximize all the time you have to make God, yourself, and everyone around you very proud. You are simply a strong and amazing personality.

Encouraging Words For Recovery From Surgery

61. You are not your mistakes, therefore your mistakes cannot dictate your life. What led to the accident is now in the past. You should focus on healing after the surgery and doing things the right way henceforth.

62. Life threw a serious health challenge your way and you survived through the help of God and your loved ones. It is now time to focus on your recovery so that you can continue in the race set before you.

63. You can still become that great person you have always wanted to become. You are done with the surgery and you are already recovering from it. I am glad to see that you are already recovering very fast.

64. Don’t pay attention to what can’t help you in this season of your life, give attention only to what can help you recover faster and become a better person. There is not about your victorious testimonies at the end of this season.

65. Your life has begun again slowly but surely. My joy is that we can see improvement every day and we are certain that the recovery process shall be complete. Keep working on your recovery as you also get assisted by your doctors and loved ones.

66. Trust God and pray to never go through what you went through to get here. Take your time and recover fully before you start stepping out. Congratulations on your quick recovery!

67. This is the time to think, talk, and act in ways that will speed up your recovery. You have so much to do when you fully recover. I can’t wait to see you jumping around doing what you know how to do best.

68. I thank God for your life. Your surgery was a success and here you are healing already. You are on your way to better days. Cheers!

69. All your efforts to recover are good. I must say that you are doing very well so far. Keep holding on and making the right efforts toward complete recovery. While you recover very fast, ensure you stay positive.

70. I know that you will walk and run again. I see it in your eyes and I feel it in my heart. Your full recovery will be a shock to those who did not see it coming. Congratulations as you get back on your feet.

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