Good Night Message to My Love Far Away

80 Emotional Good Night Message to My Love Far Away Long Distance

Have you been looking for a good night message for your lover who is far away? Here are several you can send to him/her every night to keep the love burning in their heart for you irrespective of distance. Your relationship should not end because there is no proximity. You can keep him/her thinking about you and longing to see you again with these messages.

With this good night message to my love far away, you will certainly ensure the spark remains in his heart for the period you guys are not physically together. A long-distance relationship comes with several challenges and most of them, if not all the issues can be sorted by reassuring your partner of your faithfulness and love through sending simple yet truthful messages every single night.

Everybody deserves good wishes and words of comfort as we all go through so much in our day-to-day activities. Nighttime is for relaxation and a little thoughtful and timely good night messages would make sleeping smooth. Waking up the next day would also be a delight if the last night’s messages ticked the right boxes.

Similarly, celebrating special occasions like birthdays can also strengthen your long-distance relationship. Find unique and romantic long-distance birthday wishes for your girlfriend that can make her feel cherished and loved, even when miles apart.

Good Night Message to My Love Far Away

1. No matter how hectic my day was, having you here would make all the pain go away. The only thing I want to do now is just dream of you tonight. I wish I could give you a touch right now, my Love.

2. I want to be just where you are but the distance is the only physical barrier. I guess I will find comfort just thinking about your wonderful personality. Have a pleasant night, my King.

3. Wishing for the time when I will always be by your side to laugh and hold you. So much love inside my heart longing for expressions. I miss you so much, Darling.

4. My life is incomplete without you. With you is where I would rather be in this world and many lifetimes. I hope you can feel my heartbeat. I will be waiting for your call tomorrow morning.

5. The weather is cold but because you are far away, it is even worst. My love, I wish I could have you closed tonight. You are my strongest desire and more.

6. I would run faster than a lioness to be with you tonight if only I can. Promise me you will have a great night’s rest, my Love?

7. I imagine you are by my side now to massage my body until I fall asleep deeply. You are so easy to love. Good night!

8. I want to fall asleep beside you soon. Oh! waking up the next morning will be exceptionally joyful. I’m thinking of you right here. Have a sweet night.

9. Regardless of where you are tonight, you are always on my mind. Distance has only separated us physically, but my heart is right beside yours.

10. It is difficult to fall asleep without you here but telling you how much you mean to me might help me get through the night. You are my World and I can’t just do without you!

Good Night Text for Him Long Distance

11. Dream of me, my Love. Think of me alone all night long. We are meant for each other and nothing can stand between us, not even distance as it is our current reality.

12. I stopped searching when I found you. My heart started working perfectly when you said you love me. Now I cannot sleep without you. Enjoy your night, my Everything.

13. Seeing you soon is my biggest motivation. I will not just hug you; I will give you a treat deeply hoping to make up for all the times you were away from me. Sleep tight my knight in shining armor.

14. There is no price too great to pay if I can sleep by your side tonight with your hands holding me so tight. I wish you were not far away. I miss you a lot, my Love.

15. When I found you, my heart knew instantly you would be my forever man. Now distance is not even going to stop me from loving you as much as I should. You have all of me. Good night!

16. I have never felt this way before. My feelings for you are divine and beyond my control. I hope to see you soon! Good night my One and Only Lover.

17. I miss your tender care and hugs so much that I cry sometimes during the day and at night like this. Expecting to see you, Sweetheart.

18. When I think of you, I remember the special ways you treat me. Please return soon for you alone can treat me like a Lady. Good night my best Friend and Lover.

19. I can not get you out of my mind for any reason. Even distance is not strong enough to keep us apart. We are coming back together to stay forever in our arms. Have a great night’s rest.

20. I want to have only you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are too sweet and priceless to me. You overwhelm me with your personality. Good night, Dearest!

21. If you were here, you would be able to help me sort out what I need for work tomorrow morning as I can not focus because all I am thinking about now is you. Good night, Love!

22. Think of me standing side by side with you through all of life’s challenges. I will never leave you for anything or anyone. You can hold on to that forever. I love you. Good night!

23. The sound of your voice turns me on every time but the effect is doubled at night. You are my definition of what a real man is. I miss your lovely presence!

24. I can smell you all around me each time I retire to bed to sleep. I miss you more than you can imagine. Dream of us together in a garden of beautiful roses as you sleep tonight.

25. You inspire me to wake up every morning and to do great things with my life even when I don’t feel like it. What can I do without you? Have a great night, I am here for you permanently.

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Sweet and Deep Good Night Message for Boyfriend Long Distance

26. Good night to you, my Prince charming! You stole my heart away with your kind words and very thoughtful approach to life generally. Now you are far away, I miss you greatly! Have pleasant dreams tonight.

27. I am not with you physically but you are not alone right where you are. My soul is with you. Good night. Sweet dreams!

28. My life with you is an eternal great adventure that is full of peace and joy. With you, I have nothing to worry about. Thank you for who you are in my life, Sweet dreams!

29. Words are not enough for me to tell you how exactly I feel about you every day. I pray this sweet and precious feeling knows no end. I love you and I wish you a good night.

30. I am so sure your dream will be sweet tonight because I will be right there with you till morning. My devotion to you is also a reality in your dream. Good night husband miss you, my Love.

31. You are the only one that can keep me awake all night but I would rather go to bed now so I can meet you in “dreamland”. I love you more than anything else. Good night, my Beloved.

32. My heart is full of flowers that grew and are still nourished by your affections. You are the person with a touch of divinity. I can not do without you. My handsome man, do have sweet dreams tonight wherever you are.

33. Tonight is calm as usual but I wish I am not alone. With you is where I would rather be. Have a pleasant night’s rest, my favorite human. Sweet dreams.

34. Your gentle soul has made every night warm and beautiful since you became my friend. My thoughts tonight are all about you. So thankful to God every night that He gave you to me. Sweet dreams.

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Good Night My Love Quotes

35. It is super awesome to wish you my very good friend a wonderful night’s rest as you retire to rest tonight. You have been a blessing to me for so many years. Thank you!

36. May God make your night very peaceful for you, you have brought nothing but peace into my life from the first day I met you. Enjoy a sound sleep tonight, my Friend!

37. You are the best gift I could ever ask for. You are my friend that has become my brother as well. Good night, my friend. I should see you again soon.

38. You will wake up tomorrow stronger than you can imagine. You are exceptional to me in many ways, dear Friend. Sleep tight!

40. I am wishing you a very sound sleep with beautiful dreams tonight. You deserve the good things of life, one of which is restful nights after a long day at work. Have a sweet dream, my great Lover.

41. We play a lot and that is because we are very comfortable with each other. You are a friend to live and die for. I will always be there for you. Good night!

42. You are not going to allow the challenges of life to deny you what you truly deserve. You will bounce back in a short time. Kindly rest by sleeping tonight. Wake up tomorrow morning with a rejuvenated spirit, soul, and body for the great success that awaits you.

43. There is no one like you in this world. You have all the right qualities to become great and influential in your chosen field. I am honored to be your friend. Enjoy your night.

44. Knowing that I can always count on you is so awesome. You are always willing to stretch a helping hand when I am in need. Thank you for all that you do for me. Have a great night, my good Friend.

45. I pray for you to find all your heart seeks timely with the help of God. My friend, I want you to know that I am always going to be here with you against all odds. I truly care about you. Good night!

46. Having you is worth more than having thousands of people who are not going to be around when tough times come. I trust you, my Friend. Have a sweet dream!

47. The thought of you in my mind tonight is very strong. I am here feeling grateful for knowing you. Thank you for being a blessing. Enjoy your sleep.

48. May this night be very unique. May you wake up with a great idea that will distinguish you in life. The best things in this world will be yours too someday. Good night!

49. It was nice hanging out with you today. Every time I spend with you improves the quality of my life. You are truly an inspiration in every sense of it. Have a blessed night.

50. May our friendship and love blossom and grow exceeding our expectations over time. I know we will shine at the top of our careers together. You are my very good Friend. Good night, Dear!

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Hot Good Night Message for My Love

51. Today was tough but somehow I was able to overcome the hurdles because I know you are worth living for. Sweet dreams, I love you very much.

52. Pretty Lady, I am sure you are already planning to go to bed, I will be waiting for you in my dreams. Have a great night’s rest.

53. It is not pleasant to hold my pillow at night when I should be holding you. But I will be courageous tonight knowing that tomorrow is another day for us to be together.

54. You are the definition of perfection in my life. All my dreams are incomplete without you. I can do nothing without you. Enjoy the rest of your night, Sweetheart.

55. I hope you had a day as bright as you are? The stars cannot shine as bright as you do. Your smile can light up the whole universe in a second. Good night.

56. Your presence is my utmost desire tonight but distance has kept us apart. Your beautiful personality makes situations like this bearable. Good night.

57. I wish we can see a movie together tonight, laughing and enjoying the moment. Please stay with me forever, my Sweetness.

58. Though we spend quality time together, I can not still get enough of you. This night is boring without you by my side. I hope you are having a great night, Love?

59. It’s a great feeling for me to think about you all day and all night. At this time of the night, the thought of you is always more intense.

60. I am missing you deeply right this moment. I wish I can quickly meet with you somewhere but I am pleased to know I can rush back to you shortly. Do have a beautiful night’s rest, Honey.

Flirty Good Night Messages for Him Long Distance

61. You do smile like the greatest of all time. If your smile was a trophy, I will compete for it until I emerge the winner. You are the very best. Have a great night over there.

62. Sitting here and thinking of your amazing ways and lifestyle. You are perfect in your approach to life issues and I do not think I need anyone aside from you in my life right now. Enjoy your night. I hope to see you soon!

63. Your charisma and humor are stronger than the effects of drugs to heal the sick and encourage the broken-hearted. Many men are good but you exceed them all. I love you so much, my Man!

64. Your character traits are not common in our world. It is so impossible for me to let you go. I can and I will do everything to keep you right here with me. You are unique. I hope you had a great day?

65. I find the best comfort right in your heart all day long. At night like this, all I want to do is celebrate you for all your sacrifices ever since we became a couple. I love you so much!

66. You are my focus on everything I do daily.  You are my obsession. Have a restful night!

67. Let me assure you once more that my feelings for you would not change. It has remained the way it was yesterday, it is even stronger today and we have forever to go. Good night, Love.

68. I am so happy with you and it is already affecting how productive my life is. I am ready not just to run with you but to fly with you, my Love!

69. My heart craves your touches and hugs like a man seeking water in a desert. Only you can water my dry land because you have the answers to my needs and heart desires. Good night, Love.

70. We both share a very strong bond that can never be broken. We can win over life obstacles now and in the future. I stand with you, Love.

Good Night Message for Long Distance Relationship for Her

71. You are the love of my life. To you, I vow and to you, I promise that I would be with you forever. You can sleep with this confidence, my Love wherever you are.

72. You are the one that I love to be with when I am awake and in my dreams when I am sleeping. You are my Queen forever. Good night, my Love.

73. Think about my affection for you as you prepare to sleep tonight. Your soft pillow and warm blanket will provide you with my comfort so that you, my Angel will drift into dreamland with ease and wake up tomorrow morning energized.

74. At night like this, it is okay to look at the stars for you will see me steering at you. You are so beautiful that I have to always find a way to keep my eyes on you. I love you forever!

75. Turn around on your bed and you will see me if only you close your eyes and think of me. I will never leave your side till the end of time.

76. In all honesty, I wish I can come to you tonight but that is my first assignment tomorrow morning. Though we saw earlier today, I am missing you already. I love you heavily!

77. I promise to love you more and morning every new day. As you sleep tonight expect a new dimension of love from me tomorrow morning.

78. Soon I will always be in your space and life and nothing will keep us away from spending our nights together. I care so much about you, my Love. Have a great night’s rest.

79. My love, I hope the bed is soft enough for you to sleep with ease. You deserve the best, good, and priceless things in life. I love you so much, my Angel!

80. I know you are always thinking of me; well, the truth is that I think more of you than you can imagine. You are the sweetest thought in my mind and you own my heart. I love you, Baby.

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