Thank You For the Excellent Training Session

80 Sample Thank You For the Excellent Training Session for Facilitators/Teachers

Dispensing valuable knowledge during a training session with real-life experiences and practical life examples makes the session interesting and one that will not be forgotten in the very long term. The facilitator of such training deserved to be told thank you for the excellent training session.

Excellence is used to relate to perfection in various areas. Impactful knowledge, enormous value, and diverse skills as well as other insightful knowledge were recorded during this session.

To have the knowledge and know how to pass correctly is a great skill that should be appreciated. Teachers or facilitators who have done well to handle the training in such a proficient way should be appreciated again and again. With these words of appreciation, you will be able to say thank you to your facilitator.

Positive Training Feedback Comments

1. Thank you for a very engaging and insightful class. It was worth every minute spent. I have been highly impacted and I am sure others have the same insight too.

2. Each session was pragmatic and awesome, all the speakers spoke so eloquently. I understood every part that was taken in the sessions.

3. The impact the classes have on people has made me excited to wait in anticipation to see more of this coming up. I would like to know when and where so I can spread the word too, much more people need to get this knowledge and style of teaching.

4. I loved the way information was linked to our minds to unforeseen circumstances and ideas. It was indeed an innovative and informative training.

5. The interactive session was so interesting and the speakers answered every question with detail and precision, we all learned a lot

6. The training materials came in late and were bulky but the instructors handled everything with care and ease the stress off our shoulders. It was indeed great teamwork.

7. This training has made me eager and wiser on how to take on challenges and even leverage certain areas of life. I now have great problem-solving skills.

8. The highlight of the session for me was the period when positive ideas started storming in and everyone learned a great deal from all contributions too.

9. I will use this as leverage in my career, for this training has provided me with a lot of materials and tools to come out with perfect and desired results.

10. The quality of each material and content is top notch and when I put all I have learned into my job and other circumstances and challenges I am sure it will turn out well for me. Thank you.

Feedback For Training Session

11. It was a fun-filled training as this session was taught to a wholesome understanding and the speaker’s perspective was impactful too.

12..The entire time and money I invested, I will never regret because it was a very resourceful session as we were further given additional materials to further our reading and understanding.

13. The relevance of each topic will be very useful to a lot of us as they were precise and nicely disseminated. Well done to the organizers.

14. I used to be in awe of human traits and behavior but this session has clarified a lot and I have gained a lot of knowledge.

15. As a result of this session, I am now able to understand various human temperaments and the psychology of human nature.

16. Making an impact in my workspace has been made easy by this training session and I am indeed grateful.

17. This training has broadened my professional skills not forgetting the interesting teaching style too and the fun I had during each session. Kudos to the organizers.

18. I had the opportunity to meet new people and network with them during interactive sessions and after rubbing minds, we learned from each other greatly.

19. Putting together highly skilled experts and learners in a room for that long time was an endearing but thoughtful experience. Well done.

20. I appreciate you for a wonderful opportunity like this. All I have learned I will certainly put into great use moving forward.

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Training Feedback Sample Answers

21. My expectations so far have been exceeded as a result of this training. Thank you for taking us through a thoughtful period.

22. It was indeed an eye-opening event and all the training gotten from it will be useful to my organization.

23. Future challenges will be well covered tactfully with all the skills and knowledge we were equipped with at this training.

24. I noticed some of the facilitators couldn’t maintain eye contact with the audience at large but we managed through and the audience eventually engaged.

25. It would be of great help to me if I can be provided with more context on each topic. That way I can understand better and give feedback more quickly.

26. Interruptions during the training were rather distracting and led to a little disturbance but we handled them carefully before they got out of hand.

27. I admired the way the facilitators handled pressure from the workload and the teamwork was amazing.

28. I have learned during this training that being passionate about my job is okay but it mustn’t come across as aggressive so I need to tone it down. Thank you

29. I can handle working under pressure and delivering an excellent job is close to nothing I can’t do as regard this training.

30. Building good communication skills amongst my team to furthermore deliver excellent work is a skill well learned from this training. Well done!

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Positive Comments for Facilitator

31. Each scheduled session for every facilitator was well organized and timely too. I enjoyed it every bit and I can’t wait for another session.

32. I wish the session by the psychology facilitator doesn’t have to end it was awesome and enlightening. What a great class we had today!

33. No participant was left behind, the facilitator carried everyone along we’ll. Thank you so much for all the sessions. It was worth the time and fee.

34. Each lecture was precise and concise too, a huge thank you to the facilitators of this training.

35. I would recommend this training to others. Thank you so much for bringing it to the lot of us in this part of the world.

36. The facilitator had a warm and approachable personality. He was able to simplify difficult matters. Thank you, Sir

37. I love the way the facilitator was patient with all the students who were slow in catching up and made sure they were all on the same pace.

38. I enjoyed the workshop aspect mostly because of the facilitator’s sense of humor. What a fantastic trainer you were!

39. The online training was well-organized and timed. I like the fact that they were recorded so we could go back and go through gain.

40. I appreciate the facilitators so much and commend their work cause this is by far the best training I’ve attended.

Feedback For Training Teachers

41. With all sincerity, I want to say this was by far the best training I have ever gotten in the last decade. The teachers were amazing at their jobs.

42. I can now say I understand this topic well cause of the fantastic teachers put in place for the training. Thank you for the class!

43. I am indeed satisfied and happy about taking this course even though I had a lot of doubts initially.

44. The experience was thrilling and exciting. I will expand my horizon and career from the experience gotten from this training.

45. This training has improved my understanding to a whole new level. I commend the teachers for a job well done.

46. During this training, I have unlearned some wrong concepts and learned new methods on how to go about them as well. Thank you, teachers.

47. The amazing way you break things down for us all and make sure everyone understands is awesome and fun.

48. I would recommend the teacher to another institute for her patience and method of teaching. This is a teaching profession at its best.

49. The teacher makes it easy to contribute in class and entertaining feedback makes his job easier too. Everyone would surely love to be part of this class.

50. Your thoughtfulness in your work is appealing and encouraging. You have made your session always appealing. Thank you so much, teacher.

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Feedback Participants After Training

51. Phenomenal instructors were available at the training who all made sure every student was at an equal pace. We really enjoyed ourselves big time.

52. The instructor’s delivery was very concise and easy to comprehend. They did an excellent job.

53. The environment was conducive and well-ventilated. The security was top-notch. I always looked forward to each new day with the facilitators.

54. I was worried I would be embarrassed with the way I comprehend things slowly but the facilitators worked on the teaching pace so well. I don’t regret coming here.

55. The material delivery by the instructor was interesting and engaging. I would use this method for my organization as well

56. This training has a highly effective structure that contributed to the overall success of my career. I’m very glad I came around.

57. My week has successfully passed by quickly because of this great training session. Thank you so much for putting this life-transforming session together for us.

58. The ability of someone to make a very boring subject very interesting is amazing. The facilitator made sure of this and we truly had amazing sessions.

59. I made a couple of friends and networked with people in my line of career path and this will make certain waves for me I’m sure. This training has afforded me this opportunity.

60. Overall, I loved the class and gained more than I expected. I came in as a novice but I’m leaving a professional. This is the best way to invest my weekend.

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Feedback On Training Program

61. Can this program be biannual? For its great impact on myself and my colleagues. We love to have more of it in no time.

62. Several paid training programs just organize training for the money but this was well done and displayed. Kudos to the organizers

63. A full three-course meal was served during the lunch break after a session during the training. I was mesmerized. Thank you, you are highly appreciated.

64. The notion of being addressed the way you dress is very true. And the facilitators dressed in very stylish and decent clothes that I had taken note of for my line of business too.

65. Never again will I dislodge or procrastinate in a training program I am invited to. This one blew me off my wits and exceeded all expectations.

66. The venue for this training program is highly sophisticated and conducive to learning. I would hold successful meetings here in the future too.

67. Each material was sent a day or two before so we could prepare ahead and this helped us all a great deal. Thank you

68. I was pained that I couldn’t make the third day of training but glad about the online setup it was like I was there in person. Excellent work

69. The teamwork here is so admirable and efficient. Everyone was at the top of their game. Kudos to the organizers

70. This training is worth every minute and money spent to attend. Thank you for a worthwhile session as this.

Feedback On Training Session

71. The whole session had a very good balance of theory and practice too. This is truly a place to be.

72. Each session had something unique in the presentation which was quite captivating. You have been of huge impact on us during this session.

73. I missed a session for an emergency at home but was glad when I was informed of how I could get a video recording of it. Thank you so much.

74. Any situation that comes knocking at my door will be approached confidently cause of these training sessions. Thank you for adding value to us.

75. This training was so valuable and fun I loved every bit of it. Thank you so much for putting this together for us.

76. The avenue for feedback after each session was quite interesting and the facilitators improved before the next one.

77. These training sessions helped me understand how to manage responses and conflicts tactfully in a work area. Very helpful indeed.

Feedback for Trainer

78. The generosity and good sense of humor of the facilitator were delivered with great expertise and it was a great effect on all that was taught in the session. Thank you for the excellent training session!

79. The tools I was provided with will help me a great deal with my staff and team in my faculty. Thank you so much.

80. This session was indeed a remarkable and memorable one I won’t forget for years to come. Great work and kids to the organizers.

81. When adverts and word got around about these sessions I was skeptical at first and doubted all that was enlisted to go on in the classes and didn’t fully and dutifully spread the word about it. But right now I regret not doing so for it was much more than expected. Every goal was met and every facilitator was time conscious and worthwhile.

82. Thank you for organizing an excellent training session with good and experienced facilitators and enough facilities to go through. The classes were engaging and much-needed value was gained by all who attended. I hope you see more reasons to organize more sessions like this as you read through.

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