Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

50 Funny and Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

There’s that friend of yours who you cherish so much and wouldn’t want to trade for anything in this world. It’s their birthday and you want to surprise them with a uniquely crafted text. Texts that will crack their ribs with laughter as you show that their birthday is important to you. Hilarious birthday wishes for best friend can help you express that love.

Birthdays are important moments in one’s life. It’s a time for merriment and fun as it’s a day of celebration for the celebrant. One of the best ways to make your friends’ birthday worthwhile is by putting funny messages together and send across.

There are funny ways to pass your birthday wishes across which will make the recipients feel great to have you as a friend. To make any birthday memorable, you must make it very funny and unique in presentation.

Below are some hilarious birthday wishes for your best friend to make your friend feel at the top of the world on his/her big day.

Childhood Friend Birthday Wishes Funny

Childhood is a period that becomes a memory when we become adults. We have childhood friends with whom we created great memories. Some were funny, and some were great. These are hilarious birthday wishes for best friend. The wishes can bring back the memories you both created.

1. Hurray! Today’s your day. I still remember the days with played with sand. We had no care in the world as we were just our innocent selves.

2. Pal! It’s great to see your stature never changed since childhood. Happy birthday.

3. The memories of the silly things we did back then, in our childhood, still linger in my memory. Now we are old, don’t you think we should do them again? Lol…happy birthday to you my childhood friend.

4. Happy birthday to my modest and greatest friend. Guess what? I’m all friends in this world. Trust me. Happy birthday, friend.

5. Today, my childhood friend is having a birthday and I now laugh at the memories we made when were children.

6. Do you remember how we dashed along the streets, chasing each other? Now I laugh at such naughtiness. Happy birthday to you. Age in grace.

7. Happy birthday friend. I love to think of how you admired my muscles back in our childhood. I know you still want my kind of muscles.

8. I still remember how you were so enthusiastic about birthdays and gifts back then. I am so happy that that energy hasn’t waned.

9. We grew up together but now we are old but have we really grown? We are still young at heart. Happy birthday, bestie.

10. It’s great to have a great female friend like you. Do you still remember how we played a couple’s life back then? So funny. Hurray! Happy birthday to my wife of childhood.

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Childhood Friend

11. Since the inception of our lives, we’ve been friends. The truth is we just have to be friends till the grave and even in heaven, we’ll still be friends. I am wishing you a great day today.

12. Happy birthday pal. We’ve been friends since childhood and I guess I’m just stuck with you.

13. We can’t separate because we are one now. Long time. Remember I still remember our childhood secrets. Happy birthday to you.

14. Just like I used to do in our childhood days, I will always laugh at you when you fall but I will be there to pull you up. And remember I can still beat you though I am old now.

15. We are stuck and if we are not, I will tell of how you stole mangoes from the next neighbors and I’m sure they will be so mad at you. Great wishes to you.

16. I don’t know where to put you for you’ve been with me for ages. You’re a rare breed. Happy birthday, friend.

17. It’s so funny that we still laugh at each other. I guess your laughter is still as hilarious as it was back then.

18. Growing up, we laughed, cried, and fought. I wish we could relive those memories.

19. Happy birthday to my childhood friend, my wife. We’ve been married even before we were born. Happy birthday to you darling.

20. Wait what made us friends till old age? Definitely, you’re special and we are glued.

Happy Birthday Friend Funny Wishes

21. Yay! It’s your birthday! More and more birthdays for you dear. Remember a research study that proves that those who celebrate birthdays live longer and happier lives. So more birthdays for you.

22. Hello! Happy Birthday! As you are celebrating today, take a break from all other activities today, and let’s rejoice until we are tired.

23. As I write these wishes, it would be tough to find a wish to write as I would go seek it but…let me just say happy birthday.

24. Happy Birthday to a friend whose birthday I often forget but am reminded of by Zuckerberg. You made your world unique!

25. Hey! You! Yes, you. Don’t just sit there reading all day. Come on! Let’s blow out the candles and sing a birthday song. Happy Birthday to you.

26. Last night I had a dream, I saw the sun and guess what? It was your cake! Smile! It’s your day, enjoy it all. Happy Birthday.

27. The only birthday present I will ever give you is my smile. You deserve a lot of smiles! Happy Birthday.

28. Thank you for being such a brilliant chap. Happy Birthday. Don’t you think you should give me your brain?

29. One of the funniest things that happened to me was meeting you. Thank you for making me smile and laugh always. Happy Birthday.

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Short Funny Birthday Wishes For Friend

30. Though we fight like naughty kids, you still remain my friend. On this day, I can see that you are getting better. Keep flourishing my dear friend.

31. Have a great birthday friend. You’re more than a classmate. You alone know how to press my ‘mumu’ button.

32. You’ve been an amazing girl and you’re more than a classmate. Happy Birthday to you… wait! Will you marry me?

33. Happy Birthday dear. My gifts to you are distinctions in all your courses. I strongly believe in what you are turning out to become.

34. The beautiful memories remain fresh in my mind… Remember how you went to different places together? Happy Birthday to you and to our shared memories.

35. Happy Birthday to my wonderful high school crush who means everything to me. You have been a great friend to me in every way. I wish we could celebrate your day on the sea. Smiles

36. I give you my heart on this day. Smile! But can you really take my heart at all? It’s your birthday and you deserve to have my heart.

37. In times of trouble, you hold my hand and would not let me give up. Happy Birthday, dear. More money in your bank account.

38. Happy Birthday to you, old classmate. Physics genius. I wish I had your kind of brain. Please fill my head with physics.

39. Happy Birthday to the wizard of books. You are really hard working and you should get paid. Have fun today.

40. I can’t forget the funny answer you gave to a question asked by the teacher. “Why do you go to school?” “For fun!” You shouted. Happy birthday, Dear.

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Happy Birthday Bestie Funny

41. Do you still remember the funny stuff we did back then? Oh, God! You’ve Forgotten? Happy Birthday.

42. You know you’re getting old when you prioritize candles more than the cake. It’s a great day for you. Enjoy your birthday ceremony!

43. I congratulate you for being the oldest sensible being in my life. It’s still a surprise to me that you are still sensible. You deserve an award.

44. Live as long as you may. You will not always be young, don’t forget. Keep living on! Happy birthday.

45. I want to congratulate you for being one of the old people that haven’t become grumpy yet. You get better with age and I’m glad I’m part of your life.

46. I think all this talk about age is not wise. Every time I’m one year older and so is everyone. Welcome to this beautiful age of your dear friend.

47. Why is a birthday cake the only thing you can get? You can make do with others. I have prepared a party for you in the sky, be very fast to catch up. Smiles!

48. Old age is interesting. I won’t tamper with your wrinkles. I know it took you so much to possess them. Keep valuing your wrinkles!

49. Life is a written good play. The actor determines how interesting it will be. You have been a good actor and I will love to see you act more.

50. The secret of staying young is to live truthfully, eat little, and be untrue about your age. Smiles! No matter how untrue you want to be, I already know your age.

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