Sorry For Late Birthday Wishes

61 Ways to Say Sorry For Late Birthday Wishes Happy Belated Birthday

Did you just miss the birthday of someone special in your life and you want to apologize for missing out on such a wonderful day? Then you are the one ‘sorry for the last birthday wishes’ are meant for. You should not forget the birthday of anyone whom you consider so important in your life. However, if you miss it, you can always tender your sincere apologies.

Some people take their birthdays so important that if you don’t celebrate them, you have offended them. At least if you missed their birthdays, you must send an apology for the late birthday wishes to pay your remorse and at the same time express your wishes to them. This will settle the deal.

When it comes to a birthday celebration, it is better late than ever. It happens that you could be so busy with life that you now forget to wish your loved ones and friends on their birthday. Do not be shy to apologize and still celebrate them. You will find beautiful wishes here to guide you on that.

Sorry For Late Birthday Wishes To Girlfriend

1. This definitely couldn’t have been my plan for my precious lady; a late birthday wishes? But then, it happened and I’m dearly sorry. Please accept my warm wishes and have a beautiful day ahead.

2. Darling, I beg you not to allow one day to come between our beautiful relationship and the glorious future we have ahead. Please forgive and accept my wishes, though they came late.

3. Yeah, birthdays are not meant to be forgotten, but beautiful souls like you are meant to forgive, in case it happens. I hope you forgive me for this grave error. Happy birthday, my Love.

4. I think I’m losing my mind. I can’t bear the feeling of forgetting your birthday. I hope I can make it up to you? Happy Birthday, Babe.

5. True love covers all, even one’s careless forgetfulness. I know we share true love, dearest girlfriend. Please forgive me and accept my sincere wishes. Sorry for the late birthday wishes!

6. What can I do to make this up to you, my Love? Just name it, and it’s done. Trust me when I say you deserve much more. Happy Birthday to you, Darling, sorry it came late.

7. You have all the right to be angry at me for forgetting your birthday, sweet girlfriend, but I hope you will take it as a responsibility to forgive me, as I am very sorry about that. Happy Birthday, Darling.

8. I feel so bad for forgetting your birthday and am ready to do anything you want me to do to make you forgive me and be happy with me again. I’m so sorry, my Love.

9. It’s bad I forgot your birthday, but I also see it as an opportunity to give you all the treats and care until I succeed in making you smile at me again.

10. I know you must be very sad and at the same time angry at me for not receiving a birthday wish from me, now. Please understand that it was unintentional and I’m really sorry about that. Please give me the chance to make it up to you, my Queen.

11. You might have received a series of birthday wishes and greetings but understand that my wishes for you, though not written, are the purest and are engraved in the most precious corner of my heart. Belated happy birthday, my Love.

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Late Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

12. I’m really sad about missing your birthday, hope you will forgive me and receive me back in your arms. I’m so sorry, Darling, belated happy birthday.

13. I will use all the mediums available to wish you, my love, a happy birthday, I’m so sorry it’s coming late. Belated happy birthday, my Love.

14. I feel so terrible and very disappointed in myself right now for forgetting your birthday. I’m sorry for being forgetful. Please forgive me, my sweet boyfriend. Happy birthday to you.

15. I’ve done very badly. I’m so sorry for being a bad girlfriend, and you have the right to be angry at me. Nevertheless, for the sake of love, please forgive me. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

16. Belated happy birthday, my King. I’m sorry I missed your birthday. Trust me, you deserve better and I promise to be better for you. I hope you won’t be too angry with me?

17. Even if I write the most beautiful quote about love and ask for your forgiveness, it can never be as sincere as the sound coming from my heart pleading for your forgiveness. I’m so sorry, my Love. Belated happy birthday to you.

18. Can you believe this? I’ve been so busy, dreaming of a beautiful future with you that I forgot your birthday. I hope you will overlook this error and take me as I am. Happy Birthday, sweetheart

19. I know you are sad, but so I am. I know you are angry, but I wish I could show you how angry I am with myself too. Please forgive me for forgetting your birthday. Happy birthday, Sweet Boyfriend

20. I know I have hurt you. But here I am pleading for your forgiveness. Please have mercy and give me the chance to give you the King’s birthday treat that you deserve. Happy birthday, my Dear.

21. Until you forgive me, I’ll never be pleased with myself for forgetting your birthday. I’m very sorry, my precious Man. Please forgive me and accept the most beautiful birthday wishes I’m sending.

Sorry For The Late Wishes

22. Dear brother, I know I have caused you a lot of pain and sadness for forgetting your birthday, I’m so sorry about this, I hope you will give me the chance to heal those pains with these wishes. Happy birthday!

23. Oh my! I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. Please, don’t hesitate to tell me how bad this made you feel, and I promise to give you as many gifts as possible.

24. It’s funny how I forgot your birthday, even though it is even a day more important to me than my own birthday, what an irony of life! I’m so sorry, Sir. Belated happy birthday to you.

25. You’ve got the right to be angry, but you were still calm with me. Thank you for handling this issue with pure love and maturity. Nevertheless, I’m so sorry I forgot about your birthday. Happy birthday to the best brother in the world.

26. Although I forgot your birthday, I’ll never forget to show you how much I love you. I think this is more important. Happy birthday, my blood!

27. You’re such a calm and loving guy. Your sweet personality keeps the family together attracted. I know you are too sweet to keep grudges, and I’m sure you’ll forgive this grievous error of mine. Please accept my warmest wishes. Happy Birthday, Sir.

28. I don’t like you being angry with me, and I’ll make sure I go to any length to make it up to you. I’m so sorry brother. Belated happy birthday.

29. I was expecting you to be angrier with me for forgetting your birthday, but you were just so calm. With this, you won my heart the more. I hope you know I can’t love you less. Happy Birthday, Cute Guy!

30. I know you must have received a lot of birthday wishes and greetings on your birthday. But trust me, the best is yet to come. I promise to give you the best of birthday treats and pampering for the whole of the month! Because you are worth celebrating throughout the month. Happy birthday, Prince Charming of our family.

31. Me forgetting your birthday doesn’t make you less of a wonderful boyfriend, life just happened, I take the blame. It’s not your fault but mine, and I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Happy birthday, my Sweetest Boyfriend.

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Sorry For Late Wishes Happy Birthday

32. Sending loads of love and warm wishes to the best sister in the world. I should be the last person to have forgotten your birthday, but life happened. Please accept my sincere apology. Sorry for the late birthday wishes.

33. I wish you a new age full of joy and happiness. I’m so sorry for the late wishes dear friend. Happy birthday.

34. My beloved friend, in whom I am well pleased. I hope you will forgive me for this grave offense? Please understand that it is unintentional. You know I love you, right?. Happy birthday.

35. You are not just a sister, but a bestie. I’m so sorry I missed your day. Happy birthday, Bestie! Sorry, it’s late.

36. I’m recalling all the beautiful memories we shared. And I can’t get over it. You are such a wonderful friend, and I wish you the best in life. Sorry, I’m sending my wishes late. Belated happy birthday.

37. Darling, I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it there, and also for sending my wishes late. Please accept my apology, sending your gifts soon. Belated happy birthday.

38. It’s so weird I missed your birthday. And I’m so sorry for that. I know you are kind-hearted enough to forgive me. I promise to make it up to you. Happy birthday to the best sister in the world.

39. Belated happy birthday. Here’s a special gift just for you. I hope you’ll love it and forgive me for being late. Happy Birthday.

40. Although my wishes might be late, my love for you is always fresh. I’m sorry my wishes are coming late. Have a blessed year to you.

41. My bad…I missed your birthday, but trust me, I’ll always make it up to you. Here’s a beautiful gift just for you. I hope you like it and this made you smile. Belated happy birthday, dear sister.

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Sorry For Late Wishes Quotes

42. This will surely be one of the most precious birthday celebrations you have ever had. It’s my joy to celebrate with you. I wish you many happy returns! Sorry, it came very late!

43. I’m glad I’m part of your celebration. Happy birthday and I wish you a wonderful return! I regret missing your birthday!

44. You are the best and you deserve to be celebrated over and over again. I rejoice with you on your birthday! I wish I did not miss out on your big day!

45. May this birthday spring sweetness unto you. I’m happy for you, Happy birthday to you, great friend.

46. My heart is glad to see that you are being celebrated today. You shall witness more celebration in the land of the living.

47. I sincerely apologize that my message is getting to you late. I just want to let you know that you are always on my mind and you are ever cherished.

48. Still wondering how I ended up missing your birthday because you are too sweet to forget. I’m sorry it happened this way. Belated happy birthday, Darling.

49. Darling, understand that I didn’t forget your birthday, it’s just a way of trying to make the joy of the celebration linger a little longer. Belated happy birthday to you.

50. I’m so sorry I forgot about your birthday. I know I’m late with sending you birthday wishes, but at least I’m sending the apology on time.

51. Hey honey, hope you know it wasn’t actually your birthday I forgot, it was just the date! I hope you had an awesome birthday celebration. The celebration is still, rejoice more!

Sorry For Late Birthday Wishes To Best Friend

Is it a happy belated birthday or a belated happy birthday? Whichever one, just offer prayers for your friends on their birthdays!

52. May the Lord remember you for good and perfect all that concerns you as you celebrate a new age. Belated happy birthday to you. Sorry, it came so late!

53. You are sweet and awesome and I cherish you, Dearly. I pray that this new year launches you into a new realm of greatness and glory. Belated happy birthday, Dear.

54. It’s a new year of God’s blessing upon you. Smile, because God will do a new thing in your life as you celebrate your birthday. Belated happy birthday to you.

55. May the Lord bless you beyond your imagination and lift you above your enemies. I wish you a beautiful new age and a happy birthday.

56. There is no better way to celebrate your birthday than me showering my heartfelt prayers on you. You are such an amazing being and you deserve the best things in life. May the best things in life come to you as you mark a new year. Happy birthday, sorry it’s late! Thank you for being a great friend!

57. My wishes may be late, but they come with loads of blessings, It’s my prayer that your birthday ushers joy and happiness into your life. Welcome to a new phase of victory. Belated happy birthday, Dear.

58. Forgetting your birthday has been my biggest mistake of the year. I pray that the Lord blesses you and makes you remember this your birthday for good. Once again, I’m very sorry I’m late. Belated happy birthday, Dear.

59. I hope you had a beautiful birthday. I’m sincerely sorry I missed your big day. Expect last-minute miracles in your life from now on. Happy birthday.

60. The wishes may be late, but will surely come to pass. I wish you a new year full of vigor, blessings, and all-around happiness. Happy belated birthday, my Dear.

61. You are my favorite, and I can’t believe I missed your day. Please forgive me. I pray that the Lord will not forget you, and always come to your rescue in times of need. Happy belated birthday.

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