Thank You For Your Support And Guidance Quotes To Boss

51 Thank You For Your Support And Guidance Quotes To Boss

Life without support Is a helpless life. No one can succeed alone without having supporting hands helping him/her. What makes vision and goals achievable is the support of men that one can get. It’s a beautiful thing to be surrounded by supportive men

One of the things that make your career blossom is to have an intelligent and supportive leader who is there to guide you and give you the required support. When such a boss inputs his/her support to you, it makes your journey very fast. And if you are such a boss, it’s important to always send notes of appreciation.

I know you’ll like to show appreciation to your boss that’s why you’ve come to this page. On this page, you’ll find thank you for your support and guidance quotes to boss to keep him/her motivated in helping you some other times.

Thank You For Your Kindness And Support Quotes

Find thank you for your support and guidance quotes to boss on this page to show your appreciation.

1. I consider myself privileged to have such a generous boss as you. You’ve been an embodiment of blessings to me since I have been working with you. I won’t forget every act of kindness you’ve shown to me over the years.

2. To have a need and have someone who can help you meet it is a blessing on its own. Thank you for always being there to give me support when it matters most. You’ve been such a blessing to me, I cannot deny it.

3. You’re indeed an amazing boss to me. Even though you’re not physically here anymore, the fruit of your generosity has been speaking for you. Everyone who comes around always sees the scent of your generosity. Thank you, dear Boss.

4. Every contribution you’ve made to my life is noted and appreciated. It has always been my desire to have the opportunity to replicate your kindness. Thank you, my wonderful Boss.

5. This is the time to show my gratitude to you. I would like you to know that I deeply appreciate every bit of your contribution to my life. The space you fill is an important one and I’m deeply grateful to you forever.

6. What an embodiment of blessings you’ve been to me since I came under your leadership. You’re such a compassionate boss I cannot take it with levity. God bless you abundantly.

7. Thank you for being compassionate about me in my time of need. I appreciate you for the wonderful role you’ve played in my life. What a great benefit to be in your industry. Thank you, Boss.

8. Our world is filled with self-centered people who don’t care about others but you are very different. Thank you for being an extension of the goodness of God to me. I deeply appreciate you.

9. You didn’t only contribute material things to my life, you also took your time to reach out to me despite your busy schedules. Dear Boss, this gesture is deeply cherished and appreciated.

10. I want to appreciate your kindness, love, compassion, and cheerful heart. You’ve demonstrated this to me in the last six years I have been working with you. You’re just the best boss anyone can have in the world.

Thank You For Your Continuous Support And Encouragement

11. Thank you for being so kind to me by always standing by me and encouraging me whenever I needed one. It’s with so much pleasure I want to say thank you for every bit of the support you’ve given me.

12. Many times, I’m undeserving of the compassion you’ve shown me. I appreciate you for looking beyond my attitude and standing by me to show me kindness and encourage me. You’re always a blessing to me.

13. The level of kindness you show touches my heart a lot. I keep remembering how you were a strength to me when I was very down. Thank you for your continued encouragement.

14. I’m so touched by the level of your selflessness. I couldn’t have imagined you dropping by during the rain to mutter words of encouragement to me. It’s a beautiful thing to have you as the boss.

15. Your words of encouragement have left me with wonderful memories of you. You’re not just kind, you’re so very inspiring. I appreciate everything you represent to me.

16. You are the one who taught me the real meaning of love. You’ve shown me love not just in words but much more in action. You’re truly an embodiment of inspiration and encouragement.

17. I’m so glad and grateful for everything you’ve done for me at a time when I was not expecting it. I want to let you that you are so amazing and I pray that amazing things will not cease in your life.

18. I want to say thank you to you from the very depth of my heart for those encouraging words you’ve always sent to me. These kind words can only be uttered by you.

19. It will take some time to repay you for all the unwavering support that you’ve given me in the last few weeks. What a blessing you are to me. I appreciate you, God bless you for being a blessing to me

20. I want to appreciate the consistency of your generosity and kindness to me. It thrills my heart to know I have somebody like you in my dear life. You shall increase in blessings and greatness.

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Appreciation Message To The Boss For Financial Support

21. Your generosity in giving is so amazing, I haven’t come across anyone who is as kind as you are. God bless you greatly for your cheerfulness towards me.

22. I was pleasantly amazed to receive your check in the mail. This is wonderful and quite unexpected. You shall also receive wonderful surprises from the place you least expect as well.

23. I want to appreciate your graciousness to me and my family. Thank you for extending the hands of goodness to us in this time of need. You’ve done so well. Everything shall equally be well with you.

24. Your financial support has helped us to achieve uncommon goals this year. We’re truly blessed to be connected to you. God bless you abundantly.

25. I want to appreciate you for thinking of me and giving me the needed support to accomplish the project before me. I attribute the success of this project to you.

26. I could travel through this difficult moment because you were there to give me succor. What a great person you are! I appreciate all that you have done for me so far.

27. Having been largely supported in the accomplishment of my goal for the year, I want to show my gratitude through this token. Accept this with love.

28. I want to let you know that the project has been accomplished and we’ve done what we thought was difficult. The financial assistance you rendered has made this a reality. Blessings upon you.

29. I appreciate your concern about the progression of development in my life. You’ve been a wonderful boss to me and in this, I rejoice greatly.

30. Words cannot convey how thankful I am for the cash gift I received from you last week. It came at the right time and I want to say God bless you greatly for this.

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Thank You Note To Boss For Appreciation

31. I learn new things from you every day. Your words of encouragement motivate me to do better. Thank you.

32. You didn’t take me as your worker but as your blood. This amazes me every day. How good would it be if the world is full of people like you? I’m happy to have you as my boss.

33. Ever since I started working with you, you haven’t stopped your kind gesture to me and the team. Thanks for all that you do for us.

34. Thank you for your support while I was ill. You are a great boss.

35. I am grateful for the financial support you rendered while I was sick. I am recovering fast because of your support. I will resume back to work as soon as possible.

36. You portray good leadership qualities. Thank you for being understanding, caring, and kind to me during my illness. I am now strong to resume back to the office.

37. I can’t wait to get back to work. I am back on my feet. Your supportive hand is appreciated.

38. Your words of encouragement have uplifted my skills. I had innovation because of your advice. I’m lucky to have a boss like you.

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Thank You Note To Boss For Gift Of Money

39. Your financial help has uplifted this company to the best level. You are indeed a great boss worthy to have. Thank you note to boss for the gift of money

40. Your attitude toward people around you touched my heart. You are such a nice person. Thank you for the financial support.

41. I’ve been working with you for years. I never regret working with you. Every day with you feels like goodies. The financial support is appreciated.

42. Thank you for giving me the money to sponsor my project. Not only that, you gave me a promotion after completing the project. I am grateful for your help.

43. Your financial support towards me has moved me forward in life. I am delighted to have you as my boss.

44. I owe you a lot. I pray that God blesses me to reward you very well. The support you have for me during my difficult time cannot be forgotten in my life. People like you are hard to find.

45. You spoke with the team to help me do my work while I wasn’t in the office. I’m surprised by your kindness to me. You did all these for me. Thank you.

46. The support you have for me isn’t endless. I can’t thank you enough. I am happy to have you. Cheers to more greatness.

47. Thank you for helping me to settle my hospital bills during my illness. I am grateful.

48. I am delighted to have you as my boss. The support you gave me during my illness is so much. I can’t mention it all. Thank you for your endless support.

49. Having a boss like you is a blessing. I am delighted to tell you I will resume back on Monday. Thank you for your support while I wasn’t at the office.

50. People like you are worthy to be kept for a lifetime. You have become a big part of me. Thank you for your support.

51. I went through lots of trauma last year. Many people run away from me but you came through for me. I am healthy today because of your support both financially and spiritually. Thank you for your supportive hand.

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