Appreciation Message To My Spiritual Father

52 Appreciation Message to My Spiritual Father and Mother

Life cannot be successfully lived without having a support system from the spirit realm. It’s commonly believed that the spiritual controls the physical. To harness spiritual blessings, you need people to be your guide and mentor and these people deserve your appreciation from time to time.

One of the things that make life easier to live is having spiritual people in your life. The role they play cannot be undermined. Your spiritual parents should be given double honor as the scripture has admonished. This helps them to serve the purpose of God in your life with joy.

Do you need beautiful messages to express honor and gratitude to your parent in the Lord? Here you have an appreciation message to my spiritual father and mother to express the depth of gratitude in your heart towards them.

Message to My Spiritual Father

It’s always my custom to send an appreciation message to my spiritual father. You can also do the same!

1. To my spiritual father who has been my backbone from the years past till now, I’m grateful. I want to let you know that I appreciate you and I will be grateful for your efforts throughout my life.

2. You help me push beyond my boundaries, lift me when I’m feeling down, and give me comfort when I’m sad. You are a great father, and I hope to always have you in my life.

3. Thank you my man of God for all your love and timeless investment in my life. I won’t forget your labor over me in a hurry. You’re such a blessing to me and I’m always grateful to have you in my life.

4. Dear Spiritual Father, you are highly appreciated for telling us the truth regardless of how bitter it tastes. May God help and support you in the ministry.

5. Thank you for the extraordinary work you do in encouraging us and guiding us to the principles of God. Your impact is highly felt and always appreciated.

6. Thank you for being a great example of how members of the church should serve each other. You’ve lived your life in such a way that we can all emulate you. Thank you for leading an exemplary life.

7. Thank you for sharing God’s word with us every week without dilution. You are such a great vessel whose life and ministry have been a great advantage to us. May you remain relevant till the end of time.

8. Thank you for listening to the voice of God when He called you for service. Your obedience to God has helped us to find our path also in destiny. The grace to keep going on is released unto you. Amen.

9. I will always be grateful to God for your life. Your life has Influenced us to go the right way and be the best we can be in this life. I appreciate you for who you are and what you represent in our lives.

10. Knowing that I have you as my spiritual father gives me personal pleasure. The Lord has used you to shape my life and show me the path to go. You’re a blessing I will always thank the Lord for.

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Honoring Your Spiritual Father Quotes

11. In the process of walking with and for God, challenges are inevitable but these challenges should not be seen as problems but as stepping stones into the bigger plan of God. You taught me this and I’m always grateful for it. I honor and appreciate the grace upon your life.

12. A decrease in passion isn’t God’s fault, therefore, do not allow anything to attack your passion. Stay fired up and do the work. God who has called you will never leave you. God’s purpose stands above everything. This is also a lesson I learned from you. You’re highly honored, Sir

13. You have always been there for me, you believe in me, and you have made the service of God your only purpose in ministry with no strings attached. Thank you for having such a large heart.

14. You’ve stood in the gap for several of us in the time past. You were eyes to the blind, feet to the lame, and ears for the deaf. You’re always appreciated. God bless you greatly.

15. You’ve been serving the will of God in your generation and truly you deserve double honor. Today I want to specially honor you and say thank you for your efforts over the household of faith.

16. Nothing makes the journey of life worth traveling like knowing that you have a very strong backbone with you. I appreciate the privilege of being fathered by you. You shall prosper more in the assignment God has given you

17. I want to honor the privilege of being connected to you. You’ve helped me so much to grow spiritually and also find my path in life. What a great father you are! The Lord bless you for all your contribution to my growth.

18. Everything about my life has experienced advancement since I came under your cover. Thank you for covering me and giving me a shield from the scorching sun of life.

19. Truly, a spiritual father is a feather. Thank you for giving me a feather to fly against the tide of this world. Your insight and counseling have traveled me this far. You’re truly an embodiment of blessings to me and many others across the world.

20. I couldn’t have come this far in my spiritual journey without your daily input. You’ve blessed me in a way I cannot account for. May the source of your inspiration never dry. God bless you heavily, Sir.

Appreciation Message to My Pastor

Celebrating a spiritual father should be found pleasurable at all times because of their labors over us. We must make it our attitude to always reach out to them and celebrate them within our capacity.

21. My dear pastor has done well and served God in my Life. Every effort deployed towards me to ensure I’m doing quite fine is never taken for granted. You’ve been a blessing to me and my family and I want to let you know that I honor and appreciate you.

22. You deserve a lot of accolades for the skills you deploy in managing the household of faith. I appreciate the way you manage the affairs of the house of God. What a great investment you have in the heavens!

23. God has made you a life manager and indeed you’ve been managing us very well. We can only appreciate you in our little way but only God can pay you for your hearty services in His household.

24. We couldn’t have been blessed with a better spiritual father than we have in you. You’re the best pastor that has walked this congratulation. Blessed are you among all God’s servants world all over.

25. I just can’t thank you enough for being such a responsible shepherd over the heritage of God. The fruit of your service shows that your heart is right. The Lord Himself shall bless your good heart.

26. God has seen the gift and capacity in you and that’s why He has given this platform to you to help the people of God grow. Thank you for taking up this wonderful task in God’s house.

27. It’s so amazing how you’re able to manage every affair in our life. There has never been a time when you were found helpless about anyone of us. You’ve always had what it takes to counsel us and lead us right.

28. I consider myself to be the happiest person on earth for having such an exceptional and anointed pastor like you. It’s a blessing knowing you.

29. I’m so excited about finding this church. This church has helped me grow and become the best God has in store for me. Thank you dear pastor for being a worthy shepherd.

30. You’ve served us well, the Lord will also attend to your needs in all areas. God be with you and stand by you from now till the end of life.

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Appreciation Message to a Spiritual Mother

31. To my spiritual mother who has invested her life into me and has helped me become the best of God for my life, I want to say I’m very grateful for all the time and resources invested into growing me up.

32. Whether people accept it or not, all I know is that you’re the best spiritual mother anyone could ever have. I’m so blessed and pleased to be under your cover. Thank you for always standing in for me.

33. I would love to thank you very deeply again and again for being kind to me and the issues around my life. I’m truly blessed to have a mother like you. Keep doing the good work you know how to do best, the Lord will reward you.

34. I’m short of words to express my inward gratitude to you for how you skillfully manage the affairs of everyone in this church. The wisdom of God in your life is profoundly great and I’m always grateful for having such a mother like you.

35. I feel personally honored to have you as my spiritual mother. It’s such a great privilege I will appreciate throughout my lifetime. God bless you abundantly for your love for me.

36. Many people look for the golden opportunity to have a person like you as their mother but such a privilege was not given to them. I appreciate this privilege and I will never take it for granted.

37. I have come across several mothers but you excel in all of them. Thank you for being outstanding in your affairs and how you do things. The Lord will keep fueling you with the needed wisdom.

38. Your motherly counseling to me is great. How in this world could I have scaled through challenges without having you telling me to keep going forward? It’s a blessing having you, ma.

39. There is nothing in this world that can dissociate me from you and support your ministry actively. I’m super grateful for your beautiful life.

40. I thank God because He has given me to you and you’ve accepted responsibility for my life. I’m so glad for having you as my mother in the Lord. The blessings of the Lord will not cease in your life.

Message to My Spiritual Mother

41. You’ve labored and it’s time to show gratitude in every form and manner. I’m blessed to be put under your watch. God bless you, mum.

42. My life has been the same since the Lord linked me with you. You’ve always been there to provide directions for me on dark days. It’s my prayer that you never lose your sight in the spirit.

43. You’ve been a major inspiration to my faith and your steadfastness has made me stand strong in the things of God. What a fountain of blessings are you to me and many others.

44. My biggest appreciation goes to you dear mother in the Lord, you’ve been a major force behind my achievement. The heavens will also support you in every ramification.

45. I appreciate you for showing me who Jesus is. You’ve shown me severally how good God is by the way you live your life. I appreciate the blessings that you are to me.

46. I appreciate your prompt obedience to God. My life is now a practical demonstration of how you have followed God. Thank you for loving the Lord genuinely, God keeps strengthening you.

47. I thank God for your ministry and the space you fill in the world. Your life has become a wonder and tree of blessings where everyone now hides for covering. Your labor shall never be in vain.

48. Whenever I remember the level of your devotion to God and His work, I would always pursue to thank God for such a beautiful emissary that you are among His people. This God you’ve served will never leave you.

49. It always erupts a depth of joy within me to know that I have a wonderful woman of God as my spiritual mother. Thinking of you alone makes me feel secure in the future.

50. My expression of gratitude to you is eternal and very endless. From the very first day, I met you till now, I have always improved and gotten better by the day. I’m proof that your ministry is very successful. God bless you abundantly, ma.

51. I will never take it for granted to have such a great mother like you in my life. I will do everything possible to treasure you again and again. You shall be blessed more and more.

52. I owe you a lot and I will never forget what you’ve done for me in a hurry. I’m indebted to you forever, ma. May the blessings of God abound more and more in your life.

Appreciation to your spiritual parents is what you don’t want to take with levity. Ensure you constantly show your gratitude to every spiritual entity that helped your life. Kindly share with family, friends, and loved ones.

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