Surgery Went Well Message

50 Thank God The Surgery Went Well Messages and Quotes

Many people who go through surgery don’t like it because of the pain involved in it. Such time is a time of unpleasant feelings mixed with pain. On one hand, the patient will be happy to go through surgery to regain his/her health and on the other hand, the pain of the process can be very intimidating.

Did you just go through surgery successfully and you want to thank God and the people who prayed for you and gave you both moral and financial support? Then, you are the reason I crafted the surgery went well message.

It’s very important to be grateful after a successful surgery because a lot of people went through such a procedure but didn’t survive it. As a survivor of surgery, you should appreciate God and the people who gave you emotional, spiritual, and financial support.

Thank God the Surgery Went Well

1. I want to say thank you, everyone, for your prayers, gifts, and words of encouragement, you made me go through this medical procedure with little pain. You mean so much to me and I can’t tell you that the surgery went so well.

2. Without your prayer and support, it would have been very difficult for me to survive this phase of my life. You play a vital role in making this surgery come out well.

3. The surgery went well and I was glad. I did not know that it would be this seamless. I went into the theatre and came out with a smile. I appreciate everything you did to make me happy. Thank you so much, the surgery went well.

4. It is time for recovery, it’s time to stand firm, Almighty God has been good to me, and I’m excited to tell you that the surgery went well, I pray for a quick and fast recovery.

5. The surgery went well, I felt your prayers during the surgery, and I’m grateful for the gift of men that I am surrounded with. May we all live in sound mind and health. Amen.

6. I know that the damages caused were more than what the doctor could admit, thank God it has been fixed and the surgery was victorious. It’s my prayer that you will all be supported in your time of need as well.

7. I’m on my way to a healthy life, Thank God I don’t play with the sickness, the surgery was successful, and I appreciate your words and gift. God bless you all for being there for me.

8. Hey friend, I’m finally home after several days in the hospital, I’m so glad that it was over and there is nothing to worry about. I just want to say thank you for the payer and moral support I got from you all.

9. Hi mummy, I was trying to hide things from you before, but now that everything was a success, I’m glad to inform you that I went through the theatre room and came out successfully. I saw the effect of your prayers. Thank you, ma.

10. Thank you so much darling friends and family, Thank you for being there for me during my difficulties, the surgery went well and I’m good now by God’s grace.

11. Thank God for the successful surgery, It is pleasant to be back home and not in a boring hospital room. I appreciate you dear God for always being there for me; I will never ignore that.

12. Thank you God for filling me with the hope of victory after this surgical operation. You were with me from the beginning to the end and now I am in a better state.

13. My father and my God, I thank you for a seamless surgery. Thank you for all the support you have demonstrated to me before and after the operation. I needed it.

14. I know it will take a long time to fully recuperate because I know I will. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything works out for the best. I appreciate God for giving me the stability to overcome this.

15. Thank you God because this surgery was a success, I am very thankful because everything went well as envisaged. You are indeed a faithful father to us all.

16. Thank God for the victorious surgery, After the procedure, I spent a week in the hospital, You came into my room and prayed for me. It’s one of my fondest recollections and has enabled me to put everything into outlook.

17. Thank God that the surgery happened with ease, You are not more radiant and your voice is as before, You are so lucky that you can be fervent to pipe again. I have listened to some of your songs and I can’t wait to hear it again. I hope you feel better!

18. It’s such a privilege that I went through the Caesarian Section, Thanks to God for making it successful, and I am grateful that there was no error. I wish you a quick recovery.

19. Thank you, God, for the victorious surgery, I thought it would never cease, but you got us through the darkest moments, you are so caring and loving to us as a father.

20. Thank God that the surgery went successfully, I’ve been in a lot of pain and very despondent, I thought it was over but finally, the doctor solved the issue. You are indeed a savior.

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After Surgery Message

21. I wish you good luck with your surgery, May you regain strength quickly and enjoy good health for years to come. Get well soon and back to your best!

22. May you have many days filled with happiness and joy shortly, your strength is renewed and you will come out strong, Get well shortly, you are more than a conqueror!

23. You can’t know how delighted I was when I heard about your successful surgery, I want to assure you that it is done and permanent, it’s your new life now and you will enjoy every dine of it.

24. I know recovery takes time, you don’t rush yourself or be worried about how quickly it will take you. Make sure you take rest as much as you need, and you’re sure to feel better soon.

25. Words cannot express how impressed I am by your resilience. Please let me know if you need anything, feel free to ask me. May you recover quickly and get well soon.

26. Positivity is getting better over every sickness, your surgery takes the right word from you for quick and fast recovery. Knowing how strong-willed you are, this should be a piece of cake. Get well soon!

27. Now that you are through with surgery, you can begin to focus on your recovery and hopefully put this stressful ordeal behind you. Please know that we are here if you need anything.

28. I have been thinking about you a lot and want to express my love and care during this tricky time. I look forward to seeing you back in your right state and to hearing that you responded politely to treatment!

29. I guarantee you that you get my support at any moment, Now that everything went well, you have no reason for sorrow, cheer up and it will heal you. Get well soon!

30. It’s my Best wishes to you for a fast and full recovery, I hope You’re stronger than you know, and that you have a lot of people entrenching for you. Never forget that.

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Positive Quotes After Surgery

31. This season you have to concentrate on your next agenda, what you went through is for a purpose and I think something fantabulous is coming out of the surgery. You will soon get over it.

32. When it comes to healing not everyone is blessed with the courage to escape through that process, you need to put on courage and follow the procedure! You have done well!

33. If you don’t take over your health, how will you overcome it, Fight it now, put on the armour, and become substantial enough to be healthy. This surgery is occasioned for your well-being. Be strong!

34. When you silence the mind, get rid of strange voices, and make your thoughts overrule your status, the soul knows how to take care of itself perfectly. Be calm, you are a winner!

35. Today, your body may be in pain and your health is reacting to everything around you, even in the darkest moment of your life, Allow your little faith to fight and overcome.

36. Following the doctor might be hard but obeying their procedure religiously can mend the necessary broken places of your surgery. I want you to follow every instruction you we given by the doctor.

37. Healing takes process, it takes deep thought, it requires patience and sufficient backup from different folds that gather together and rub your wounds with the balm!

38. How difficult it is to arrange words together to heal your surgery, your well-being is so crucial to us and we wish you get well as soon as possible.

39. There is not a moment when we aren’t sending you healing thoughts and love. Do you feel that healing fuel, do you drive on the transforming power?

40. You have a fighter spirit and a fantastic section waiting for you to be healthy again, it’s a moment for perfection, Cheer up and be healed.

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Thank You Quotes After Surgery

41. Thank you for showing that you care, thank you for being so thoughtful, thank you for making me feel like I am, thank you for being a friend full of honesty. You are simply the best!

42. Thank you so much, I appreciate all the support you have supplied and the care you have made functional. I know there might have been more than one time when I was anxious and had a lot of tension, but your care is so helpful. Thanks!

43. Thank you so much for your patience during the surgery, You encouraged me to believe that it would be a success and it was so, I’m exceptionally grateful.

44. Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable during my stay in the hospital, I didn’t take it for granted and I’m grateful. God repays your kindness!

45. A big thanks to you for your support, care, and all the procedures, That moment in the hospital is like an eagle that has flown away, It’s nice knowing you. Thanks.

46. Dear doctor, I’m not grateful to you because of your intelligence but for your personality, Thank you for not just being a Doctor at surgery but a deliverer. Thanks!

47. From head to toe, I appreciate you, From the rising and setting of the sun, you are a rare gem, thank you for being so there, I’m glad you are available.

48. Thank you for making the wonderful chicken soup for us. It is a blessing not to think about preparing meals while my brother is recovering. We all enjoy it alongside the owner. Thank you so much.

49. Thanks to your recommendation during my days in the hospital, thanks for being a good example, I was able to decide precisely and that decision will now give me a lifetime of great ideas.

50. I appreciate that you came around me every day during my surgery, and you even brought me a recovery gift card. I read the contents of the card whenever I’m not comfortable and your words do the gimmick of helping me feel healed.

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