Thank You Message For Boss Farewell

65 Sample Thank You Message For Boss Farewell Who is Leaving

No matter how long a person stays in an organization, a time will come when the person has to depart either by the reason of age or higher opportunities elsewhere. Some will leave as a result of relocation while some will leave because of retirement.

It’s cultural to appreciate your bosses when they take shifts in their careers. Your bosses who have led you well and made you comfortable in your organization should be thanked and sent farewell messages.

Thank you message for boss farewell helps him/her to know how much of an impact he has made during his stay in your industry.

Do you have a boss whom you love so much and you will like to say goodbye to him/her? On this page, you’ll find the finest and sample farewell message to the boss.

Short Farewell Message To Boss Who Is Leaving

Below are thank you message for boss farewell:

1. It has been a great time with you dear leader. You’ve done well by showing us the way and demonstrating character and excellence by example. You’ll greatly be missed.

2. Working with you was fantastic and quite enjoyable. We’re glad our paths crossed. I wish you all the best in your new adventures.

3. You’re indeed an outstanding boss who did everything expected of him excellently and impeccably. A lot has been learned from you and through you.

4. Your time with us is something we deeply cherished and will never take for granted. It’s such heartbreaking news to hear that you’ll be leaving us.

5. Every moment with you has left us with an impact and sincerely we’ll miss those moments of education and tutelage. We wish you the very best ahead.

6. Dear leader and boss, I want to wish you the best of farewell as you depart from us and move further into higher ground. Every time spent with us is highly appreciated and cherished.

7. Thank you for the steadfast support you showed us in times of crisis at our workplace. You made it possible for us to have an awesome experience. We appreciate your impact, goodbye.

8. Our gratitude to you in this organization is very endless. You’re not just a leader but also a very good friend of the majority. Best wishes, Sir.

9. Thank you for always providing directions when it’s very cloudy. Your leadership is highly cherished and deeply appreciated.

10. As you proceed further in life, I wish you a very prosperous journey ahead in great health and superfluous wealth.

Thank You Message To Boss Who Is Leaving

11. To our boss who is taking his leave from among us today, we want to first register our congratulations. Though the notice of departure was heartbreaking yet we rejoice for the time well spent.

12. There are so many things to remember you for. Your style of leadership is so exemplary. Though you’re leaving this workspace, but not our hearts. We celebrate you, best wishes.

13. Everything about you is appreciated and cherished. Your presence in our midst is filled with impact and your absence will strongly be felt.

14. To say goodbye is a bitter pill to swallow but we have to say goodbye because there’s a need for you to ascend to a higher level of impact. I wish you a great life ahead!

15. It was a deep pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you for 5 years. I can tell the difference. I appreciate your impact. Thank you, Sir.

16. You’ve been with us and you have to go ahead in your career. I wish you great fortune in your upcoming pursuit. Goodbye, Sir

17. You’ve come this far and you’ll yet go further. I strongly believe that great things lie ahead of you. I appreciate the qualitative personality that you represent to us all.

18. Bidding you goodbye is not so sweet to say. The space you filled among us is significant. Thank you for replicating yourself in us, we appreciate you greatly.

19. Your departure may cause a great setback for this organization but you have to move ahead because high mandate beckons. You’re a treasure not to be missed.

20. You’ve done well at this phase, another phase is hereby opened to you. It’s been a wonderful experience having you as the head of affairs here. As you go further, may you enjoy endless peace.

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Farewell Speech To Boss Who Is Leaving

21. What shall we say to a wonderful boss whose life has been invested into us without comprise? Your departure is not one of the things we want to imagine but now it has happened, we wish you a wonderful life ahead!

22. We received the notice of your departure and it has brought us a very rude shock. What a great time we have had with you over the years. We appreciate all you did for us

23. Several bosses have led this organization but your style of leadership has excelled all of them. You’re unique. Thank you for being outstanding. Goodbye.

24. We couldn’t have grown this much without your deliberate input into us in this organization. You made working here so sweet. We didn’t only work under you, we also learned very much.

25. Even though you’re leaving this organization physically yet you remain in our hearts forever. We’ll never forget your massive investment in us. Goodbye, Sir.

26. While you depart, your impact lingers and your marks are indelible. You’ll always be remembered and appreciated. Goodbye, enjoy the best of life.

27. You’ve moved from being a boss to being our father. Thank you for the destiny-driven counsel we get from you. We appreciate you always.

28. Saying goodbye to you from our lives is a difficult thing but we just have to say goodbye out of the necessities of your departure. Goodbye.

29. Throughout your stay, you were a wonderful manager. You’ve taught me all the operational intelligence of the field. I’m never the same because I met you.

30. Your investment in us will speak some days and you’ll live to hear of it. You’re a great treasure I appreciate and will always miss. Goodbye, great Boss.

31. You’ve inspired me in different ways I cannot possibly count. You taught me how to be fulfilled in my vocation and be at my best all the time. I feel joy inwardly beyond what I can express to have you as my dear mentor. I will forever remember you. Goodbye.

My Boss Is Leaving How to Say Goodbye

32. Dear boss and leader, today is your last day and it is not an awesome feeling for us because it will be difficult to replace you. Your impact and input are very significant.

33. Your attitude and rich character are very contagious to your subordinate. Everyone is rising to the demands these days because you were in our lives. We will miss you, Sir.

34. I’m particularly excited to have the privilege of working under you in this industry. My attachment to you has made me emotional as your notice of departure surfaced. Goodbye Sir, I will do well to keep in touch.

35. I want to appreciate your availability always to provide mentorship to me. It has helped me grow very relevant along my career path. I will always remember you.

36. You’ve mentored us and we’ve grown to stand in your shoes. Even though another director will replace you yet I don’t think there can be somebody exactly like you.

37. Your uplifting words have been a pivot of motivation to us all and it has helped us become a better version of ourselves. We appreciate your time and impact, goodbye.

38. As you depart and go further in life, we’ll ensure that your footprint is not erased, and your legacy will be preserved and cherished. Goodbye!

39. I want to say goodbye but I find it very difficult to say. It’s quite unimaginable to think of your exit from this industry. Anyway, we have to say goodbye and release you into higher ground.

40. Having done well in the discharge of your duties as our dear leader in this industry, I can assure you that greater things await you in the coming days. You’re deeply missed!

41. We will fondly remember your uniqueness, skills, and expertise that have made our organization a phenomenal one in society. We appreciate your endless impact. Goodbye!

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Farewell Message To Boss And Colleagues

41. Wonderful colleagues, you have labored and you’ve done enough for this organization. We wish you were here forever but time and chances have separated us. It’s time to say goodbye!

42. Your effort and contribution toward the advancement of our organization cannot be forgotten in the history of this industry. You’ve been a blessing throughout your stay with us. May you meet blessings ahead!

43. Your selfless service will forever be kept in our long-time memory. The history of our organization cannot be complete without mentioning your name. Goodbye, you’ll be missed greatly.

44. You’re not just an ordinary worker, you’re such passionate colleagues who easily ignite others into action. Thank you for being a great influence during your time. I miss you, dear friends and colleagues.

45. Witnessing your level of passion and input into this work makes me have confidence in the success that lies ahead of you. May you enjoy prosperity as you head for the next level.

46. Joining forces with you have made success in my life go to another level. It’s pleasure working with you for over 10 years. I wish you great success as you advance further.

47. Your consistent positive energy has always driven us toward achieving our goals and dreams as an organization. You’re greatly an inspiration to us all. It’s painful to say goodbye!

48. Many times we encounter odds and difficult situations which appear very difficult to surmount but your optimistic perspective has always helped us to see a way out against all odds. I’m certain that great success awaits you.

49. If my wishes could make you stay I would have tied you down and made you stay. But for the sake of advancement in your career, you have to go. While I say goodbye, I also wish you outstanding success ahead!

50. You’re truly one of the sweetest things in our dear organization. You’re the valid reason why many want to be at work every time. What a great personality you are! Best of luck as you advance into the higher space of your dreams.

Sample Farewell Message To Boss

51. The roles you play will be highly missed. It will take some time to get somebody trained to stand in your shoes. We wish you all the best in your adventures.

52. We want to appreciate the positive atmosphere that you carry which influences every to deliver their work with so much excellence. It’s such an honor to be part of those saying goodbye to you.

53. Seeing you leaving is quite saddening. We wish you wellness, prosperity, and fulfillment in the next level you’re ahead.

54. I want to appreciate the guidance and tutorial you give me always. It has shaped my career and made me become an excellent personality.

55. I have cultivated a good spirit of hard work seeing you do your things with the most excellent approaches. We’re blessed to have you here.

56. You were a covering over us, you provided shelter when we needed it most. We appreciate your years of leadership.

57. You’ve become a functional part of my daily life and now you want to leave. It’s difficult to say goodbye.

58. What a great honor I find it to be mentored by the most amazing boss in the world. I’m so pleased and glad to have you as a leader.
59. It’s a pleasant thing to operate under your unique leadership. I consider you my hero and saying goodbye to you is very difficult.

Funny Farewell Message To The Boss Who Is Leaving

60. I heard that you want to go but do you want to go? I can see something in your eyes that still want to stay behind. Goodbye and don’t check back!

61. This organization will not be the same without you, it will only get better. Guess what? Because of the impact you’ve left behind.

62. I know you would expect us to cry but I will say we’ll not cry and don’t cry either.

63. It’s good you’re leaving but not so pleasant to our feelings. Would you consider our feelings and stay back? Smiles! Go on!

64. Your departure is a good thing for you but it’s a stress for this organization because it will take some time to train somebody to stand in your shoes.

65. I know you have to go but I just want to let you know that it’s not fair at all. I won’t cry anyways but I will sadly say goodbye.

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