Goodbye Message to Colleagues on Last Working Day

50 Thank You and Goodbye Message to Colleagues on Last Working Day in Office

The place of work plays a vital role in the life of everyone. This is the place that provides the opportunity for each worker to earn a living and live the life of their dreams. The workers happen to develop unbroken bonds very difficult to break among themselves. Whenever there is a need for the departure of one of the workers, that moment becomes an emotional one.

No matter how cordial you are in your relationship with your fellow workers, a day will come when goodbye has to be said. Such a time is inevitable and it’s bound to happen. This is the most difficult state no one wants to utter because of the emotional bonds that exist between workers. The best way to bid your fellow worker farewell is still to send a goodbye message to colleagues on last working day at the office.

Words spoken are not often forgotten. It is very important to carefully make your choice of words because that becomes what a departing staff will never forget after leaving. To help you say the right thing to your colleague leaving the office, I have written emotional goodbye messages to bid him/her goodbye on his final day at work.

Goodbye Message to Colleagues in Office

Find a goodbye message to colleagues on last working day at the office on this page!

1. It feels so hard for me to say goodbye to you, my colleagues. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful things I’ve learned from you while working in this organization. I will miss working with you, specifically.

2. Although I will no longer be working with you. But I’m grateful that our paths crossed. I appreciate the values and memories we shared. I wish you all the best in the journey ahead.

3. It’s been a great pleasure getting to meet you and working with you. You have made my entire stay in this organization a memorable and exciting one. I will miss you, my wonderful colleagues. Hoping to see you again.

4. You made my work in this organization an exciting experience. You played a great role with me. You supported and encouraged me. Thank you for all you did to make us achieve great success while working together. Though I’m leaving now, I know we will meet at the top.

5. Though today is my last working day here, I know this is not the last day of meeting with you. I hope to see you all again bigger and better. Thank you for the amazing time we spent working together as colleagues. I love you.

6. I want to wish you the very best. Working with you has exposed me to a lot of beautiful experiences. I appreciate how you helped me through my entire period here. I’m glad I met great people like you.

7. As I say my goodbye to you, dear friend. I will like to register my sincere appreciation for the time I spent with you. You make my workspace feel like home, and you are great colleagues turned friends, and family. Thank you all for being wonderful.

8. I wish you the best and bid you farewell. Though you I am leaving now, I will always cherish the moment I spent working with you. Thank you for making my stay a productive one. I will miss you.

9. I will like to thank you for being part of my success story as I move on to the next chapter of my professional career. You are a unique and amazing person. Thank you, the memory of you will forever remain in my heart.

10. I hope our paths crossed again. It’s indeed true that people make a place. You made the workplace a beautiful and productive atmosphere for me. It feels so hard to wave goodbye, but for the next level ahead, I wish you the best in life.

Thank You And Farewell Message To Colleagues

11. Dear friends, meeting you is such a pleasure. I pray that as I am about to move into the next phase of your life, may you all remember the moment we spent together for great things. I will miss you greatly.

12. You have all been wonderful friends to me, you made me enjoy my function through your supportive nature. Thank you for being wonderful to me. Goodbye, friends.

13. You have been the most supportive set of people I’ve ever met. Working with you is so such a blessing in my life. I wish you all the best dear. Goodbye, friends.

14. Thank you for all you do, and thank you for pouring so much wisdom into me. It’s such an honor having you as friends and colleagues. Trust me, I will miss you so much. Farewell, dear friends.

15. I’m very certain that things can only get better for everyone in this organization. I appreciate the ability to form synergy and work together as a force. Beautiful you, guys! Thank you for being there!

16. I would not have been able to enjoy working in this organization without your partnership. You have made me enjoy every bit of the moment here. It has been a blessing having to work with you.

17. Nothing makes me glad like knowing that I’m headed for the next level and so are you. I have served faithfully here and I truly deserved to move ahead in life. Thank you for your input into my life.

18. You have impacted my life greatly during my stay here. I’m more than thankful to have you with me in this place. Thank you and goodbye.

19. Every effort you have made to drive the organizational vision into a definite reality is appreciated. Thank you for everything you have done for us while I was here and while I say goodbye, may we all prosper.

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Sample Farewell Message to Colleagues in Office

20. Sometimes, working in this kind of organization could be challenging, but I can boldly say that the case is different here. You all made it easy and exciting. I’m blessed to have such amazing coworkers like you. You will be greatly missed.

21. With my deepest gratitude, I am signing this farewell letter. I know working here is not a mistake but a great blessing in my life. Thank you all for being part of my story. I wish you all the best.

22. Ever since I started working here, I’ve developed in so many ways all because of your support and encouragement. Thank you all for making me enjoy your well of wisdom and experience.

23. We’ve come this far together in this organization as colleagues and friends. It’s sad to see you, but I know you must leave for a better course ahead. I wish you a beautiful life ahead.

24. Working with you changed my perspective about coworkers, you have turned into my mentor and friend. Thank you for all you do.  I wish you success in your new phase ahead.

25. As you are leaving this job for a better one, may you experience a turnaround in your life, and enjoy a more interesting life. I wish you the best in your new job. Goodbye!

26. Working with you has been a rewarding experience. I’m glad our paths crossed. I wish you greater heights and complete happiness in life.

27. I hope your new job brings you happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Have a great working experience in your new place of work. We will miss you.

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Touching Farewell Message To Colleagues

28. Know that as I leave today, you will be greatly missed. I hope you will be checking up on me once in a while. I will try not to miss you too much. I love you, my amiable colleagues.

29. Dear colleagues, I’m so glad I met such a wonderful person like you. I have gained one or two things I will need from you. Enjoy yourselves. I will miss you all forever.

30. Now that I am leaving, I know you will miss the cute faces you always love to see every morning. Not to worry, feel free to frame my picture and hang it around the office.

31. Each staff has his/her unique characteristic which has made the office an interesting and fun place to be. I am going to miss all of this. But I am not sad, because I know I am going to a higher ground of accomplishment.

32. You have all paid your due and we must all admit that you have done the best you can to bring advancement to the general house. You have done well, keep moving, dear colleagues!

33. I have stayed in this firm and I believe it is a time well spent, and my impact is significantly felt. Thank you for being such quality staff brings who inspire me to be the best I can be. I must let you know that I am privileged to serve with you.

34. What you have contributed so far to my life is worth noising abroad. You have made every client patronizing this industry enjoy coming to us. You are such unique colleagues.

36. I did not know I will be taking my leave so soon but now that I have to observe my departure, I just have to say goodbye. Thank you for all you have contributed so far.

37. This is not just a workplace but a home. Amazing people like you have made this office a wonderful place to be for all the staff and clients. I wish I could stay longer. Bye!

38. I was amazed by the creativity and development you have brought to this organization since the beginning of the year. It’s so amazing to know that you are this proficient at what you do. I will miss you all

39. Thank you so much for adding to me, I have become a frontier in the line of our industry. This would not have been possible without unique people like you. Thank you for adding to my life.

40. As I go today, I want to say I will forever miss your impact on my life. What great colleagues you are to me and the entire organization. Thank you and goodbye.

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Short Goodbye Message to Colleagues

41. Working in this organization is a great blessing in my life. I am bigger and better. Thank you so much for being great colleagues in my life. Goodbye!

42. I want to say thank you for making my time here a success. As I move on in life, I hold the beautiful memory of working with you in this company. It’s such an honor and I’m grateful.

43. It’s hard for me to say goodbye to you, you are such a wonderful worker with this company is blessed with. But I’m excited about your future because I know you will do well. Thank you all for the parts you okayed in making the experience I had here an interesting one. I wish you all the best in life.

44. I say a big thank you to everyone in this organization for celebrating this departing colleague who has made us enjoy our stay in this company. Thank you, great colleagues!

45. I wish you all the best in life. I’m glad I worked with you all, and I’m grateful for the impact you’ve made on my life. Thank you all and God bless you.

46. I am grateful for the privileged of working in this organization which has allowed me to meet an amazing person like you. I hope you know how much I appreciate this. Thank you all for making me a better person.

47. As much as I am excited about starting a new phase in my career, it hurts so much to say goodbye to you. I appreciate all your contributions to my life, and I wish you all good luck.

48. It feels like yesterday when I started working here, I can’t believe it’s time for me to say goodbye to these precious friends. I appreciate all you did for me as a person, and I do not regret choosing to work in this place. Thank you all, I wish you the best.

49. Working in this organization has been my best experience so far because I have met amazing people. Thank you for accepting me and mentoring me. I appreciate everyone, and I pray you will achieve your dreams in life.

50. Working in this organization has made me who I am today, even to be fit for a greater level in life. You have all made it possible. Thank you all for your input in my life.

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