Prayer For Birthday Celebrant

80 Powerful and Simple Prayer For Birthday Celebrant and Party

Birthdays are a wonderful time to celebrate the life God has given us and to encourage our friends and family with uplifting words. Praying for a birthday celebrant is a good way to show your love towards him or her. Here, you will find the best prayer for birthday celebrants.

God showed His love for us keeping us alive and He still intercedes for us before the Father. The prayers below are a wonderful way to thank God for your loved ones. By praying for them, you also encourage them and remind them of God’s love for them and how much they need Him. Prayer for birthday celebrants should be considered very important.

With these words of prayers, you will be able to extend your goodwill for them to God, and consequentially, their lives will be very great.

Opening Prayer For Birthday Celebrant

1. Thank you Lord for the gift of life, thank you for the celebrant. We are grateful for your mercy that endures forever and we ask that you be glorified here today.

2. Dear Lord, thank you for this gathering. We have gathered to celebrate (celebrant name), and we ask that this will not be the last time we celebrate him, he shall live to witness more on earth. Amen.

3. Lord, into your hands, we commit the celebrant, we ask that you keep showing him or her your grace. It’s because of your mercy that we can gather to celebrate today. We ask that your mercy never ceases over the celebrant.

4. Thank you, Jesus, for the life of the celebrant, thank you for this celebration. Thank you for blessing our beloved celebrant with life. Glory to you.

5. Lord, we ask that your Spirit presides in this place as we start this celebration. Into your hands we commit the celebrant, we ask that you always keep him and give him a reason to celebrate.

6. Thank you Lord for adding to the days of the celebrant. Thank you for the many blessings which is the reason for our celebration today. Thank you, Jesus, all glory to you.

7. We would like to commit to your hands this celebration. May Your Holy Spirit preside over this gathering, and that the whole event would be to Your glory and honor.

8. Thank you for being a shield for the celebrant. We worship and give all the glory to you, O Lord. We ask that you rain your blessings upon him/her.

9. Lord, we lift the celebrant and this gathering into your hands and we ask that you be glorified. We ask that you keep him/her away from all harm. We believe that you will always guide him/her. Thank you, Lord.

10. You are the source of blessings. Bless the celebrant with your good and perfect gifts today. Continue to shower him/her with your love and mercy, and let your peace reign forever.

Prayer For Birthday Celebrant Before Meal

11. Thank you Jesus for the meal before us. Thank you also for the celebrant. We ask that you keep him always in good health, and we also ask that you cause him to prosper. Amen.

12. Heavenly Father, thank you for the food on our table. Thank you for the gift of the celebrant. We ask that you preserve her soul. Amen.

13. Amazing God, we are grateful for the joy you have given this family. We are also grateful for (celebrant name), you have greatly blessed this family through him/her. We ask that you make him or her a blessing to the nations. Amen.

14. Jesus, thank you for the meal on our table. Thank you for the life of our son. We ask that you continually fill us with joy and your presence.

15. Father, we thank you so much that we can all be together now to celebrate this special day with the celebrant. Thank you for this time of friendship, fun, and food. Amen.

16. Come and dine with us Lord even as we celebrate the celebrant. We ask that today marks the beginning of great happenings in the celebrant’s life. Amen.

17. Bless the meal, bless our conversation, bless the celebrant, O Lord. Thank you for the grace to dine and wine today. We ask that you hear the heart desires of the celebrant. Amen.

18. Dear God, into your hands we commit the celebrant. We ask that you bless him with peace of mind, strength, and grace to do your will always. Thank you for the meal too. Amen

19. Come be with us Lord as we share this wonderful birthday meal, and may today mark the beginning of a wonderful season in the celebrant’s life. Amen.

20. God of the universe, we give you praise for the life of the celebrant. We ask that you hear his heart’s desires and answer him with abundance. Amen.

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Prayer For Birthday Celebrant Kid

21. Heavenly Father, I pray that you will bless my son this day. I ask that you keep him in good health. Bless him with wisdom and understanding. Amen.

22. Lord, I ask that you give my daughter the courage and strength she needs to follow you from this little age till the end of her life. Help her fix her gaze on you, always.

23. Help my son live the kind of life that pleases you. I ask that you keep him from illness and sadness. Show him the path of righteousness for your namesake. Amen.

24. Today, I pray for my dear son. I ask that you hide him in you. I ask that you help him know you and the power of your resurrection. May he never wander away from your presence.

25. My God, bless my son with a year full of grace. I ask that you help him behave properly. Help me teach him your ways that he may walk therein. Amen.

26. Dear Lord, on this special day, I pray for peace and health for my twins. I ask that you help them stay together always in peace and unity. No weapon formed against them will prosper. Amen.

27. You are the light of the world, the salt of the earth. Happy birthday to you, my dearest son. God bless you immensely. Enjoy your birthday!

28. A happy birthday to you, my dear son. I am so glad to be your mother. I pray that you find happiness always. May your path be filled with the fullness of joy, I love you.

29. Dear son, you are blessed and lifted. The hand of the Lord upholds you. You will always progress. You are cherished and adored!

30. Lord, you knew him even before you formed him in my womb. I am only a caretaker, you are his creator. I ask that you guide and keep him from treading the wrong path. Happy birthday, dear son.

Prayer For Birthday Party

How do you pray for a birthday party? Below is how you pray for a birthday party!

31. The Lord gives you joy as He shows you His fatherly mercies every day of your life. You shall not lack God’s mercy in your life. Happy birthday to you. Have a fun party!

32. To my amazing friend and brother, Happy birthday. Men come to your rising and kings to your light. Your light shall not go down, you shall shine brightly in your generation.  Happy birthday dear friend.

33. Happy birthday, friend. I enjoyed your birthday party. I pray that the Lord showers you with blessings always and increases your influence in your world. May you have many more reasons to celebrate.

34. The Lord gives you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Your days are blessed, and your path is cleared of all difficulty. Everything shall go well with you and for you. Have a great party!

35. Father, into your hands, we commit this birthday party, we ask that you take control and that this will not be the last celebration the celebrant will have.

36. Lord, we ask that you be with us even as we have gathered to celebrate (celebrant name). Lord, keep showing him/her your grace.

37. We ask for a wonderful time here today. We ask that your presence presides over this atmosphere. Happy birthday (celebrant name).

38. Dear Lord, we ask that you bless (celebrant name). We ask that you have your way in this party. We declare the food and drinks blessed. As we eat and drink, it nourishes us. Amen.

39. As we commence this birthday party, we would like to commit it to your able hands. We ask that everything we do here be successful. Amen.

40. Lord, we lift this gathering to you. Please keep us away from harm, and may we not experience any problems during the celebration. Guide every one of us even as we celebrate. Amen.

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Simple Prayer For Birthday Celebrant

What is the best prayer for a birthday celebrant? Below are powerful prayers for the celebrant!

41. On this special day, I thank God for his grace and mercy on you. I ask that He blesses you in abundance with good health.

42. Happy natal day to you. It is my prayer for you that you always have a reason to laugh. May the grace of the Lord be with you.

43. I thank God for all the good things He has put in your life, and I pray that He continues to bless you. Happy birthday!

44. I pray that this special day of yours and the days that follow be filled with peace and happiness from above. Happy birthday.

45. I pray for rest for you on all sides. The Lord gives you victory over every challenge. May his mighty arm of protection be with you always.

46. Happy birthday to you. This season, your mouth is filled with songs of thanksgiving for the Lord will do a new thing in your life. Amen.

47. On this special occasion, I pray for a special blessing for you. May you Lord cause your feet to tread on the grounds of prosperity.

48. I pray that God blesses you with all the happiness in the universe. May he cause his face to shine upon you. I celebrate you.

49. Happy natal day. May today mark the beginning of abundance. The blessings of Father Abraham are bestowed upon you. I wish you the best.

50. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend. You have been good to me. I pray that God be good to you too. Enjoy abundance this season.

Short Message For Birthday Celebrant

51. Happy natal day. You have been a huge blessing to me. You have shown me so much love and support, I value and celebrate you.

52. You have been a fortress for me. You have protected me like a mother protects her child. Thanks for everything. Happy birthday to you.

53. With so much change in my life, you are the constant that is always there for me. Thank you for always making me smile.

54. Happy birthday to you, dear. It is amazing how you always help me manage and make the best use of time. I love you, my time management.

55. Happy birthday to you. Thank you for sacrificing so much for me. I promise to always be there for you.

56. I have had so many beautiful experiences with you. You have been a great friend, always willing to stand with me. Happy birthday!

57. Thank you for the many words, they were always timely and helpful. I pray you always find help everywhere you go.

58. This day marks the moment you entered our lives. You are an inspiration to every one of us and all around you since day one.

59. I am grateful to you for always helping me see the bright side of things. You are the light that shines in my darkness. I love you.

60. Happy birthday, Dearest. Thank you for always supporting me. Your dreams are valid, do not give up. I love you.

Birthday Celebrant Message to God

61. I love you, Lord. Thank you for always providing for me. Thank you for showering me with your love and goodness. I am grateful for being a great God and father to me always.

62. Dear God, you are a perfect example of what love and kindness are. Thank you for another birthday, I am so grateful for showing kindness and love always.

63. You have given me the biggest gift anyone can give me today, and that is keeping me alive. I am glad to have you as my Father. This shall not be my last birthday on earth.

64. I dedicate my birthday to you Lord. I thank you for the gift of life you have given me. Thank you for always providing me with the best. My mouth shall continually sing your praise till the end of my life.

65. Thank you, Lord, for adding another year to my life. I live because you live. Your love for me is amazing, and I am glad to be your own. I pray that You grant grace to glorify Your name with my life. Amen.

66. Thank you, Lord, for another birthday! I am grateful to you for always making my day. Yes! Thank you, dear God, for your sacrifices over my life since I was born. Your sacrifices over me shall not be in vain in the name of Jesus.

67. I can’t imagine my life without your existence. I would have been nothing without you. Thank you for always giving me the best. I pray that every day of my life shall glorify your existence in the name of Jesus.

68. Dear God, I don’t have words to express the gratitude that my heart holds for you. Hope you keep on blessing me like this always. I love you.

69. What an amazing Father you are! I can’t imagine my life without you. Life has been an adventure with you, and I want to continue on this adventure with you.

70. Whenever I felt down in my life you were always there to raise me and motivate me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with this day.

Wish For Birthday Celebrant

71. I deeply desire to be with you right now and take you shopping. Sending you hugs and kisses. I wish you a happy birthday, dear.

72. How I wish I could be with you on this special day. Happy birthday to you! Sending you hugs, love, and blessings. God makes your life more beautiful in the name of Jesus.

73. I wish I could have your name written in the sky so the whole world would celebrate you. May the Almighty God always bless you.

74. May you be blessed with good health and wealth. Happy birthday dear. I wish that you get all of your heart desires.

75. You are a blessing to me, and I never want to lose you. Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with love and joy. Happy birthday sweetheart!

76. You deserve the best of everything in life. I wish I could give you all your heart desires, but I sure can give you all of my love. Happy birthday!

77. Good health, wealth, favor, and peace of mind, I wish God to bless you with all of this and more. Happy birthday to you!

78. A good person like you deserves all the good things in life. I wish you find all you desire in life. Happy birthday to a friend with an amazing heart.

79. Yippee! It’s your birthday! I wish you long life and prosperity, good health, and peace of mind. Excel, thrive, God is your strength.

80. If I got a genie to grant me three wishes, my three wishes will be made for you. You are an amazing person. Here’s me wishing you a happy birthday!

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