Sorry for My Mistake Messages

103 Romantic Sorry for My Mistake Messages and Quotes for Him/Her

Human beings are relational entities, they are meant to have an interpersonal relationship with the people and their immediate environment. This could be a casual or romantic relationship. In the course of relating with one another, offenses are bound to be, mistakes are bound to be made, and blunders are bound to be committed.

These are inevitable and of course indestructible as long as you learn to apologize for your mistakes. I’m sorry for my mistake messages proficiently used will solve a lot of problems and make things go smoothly for you in your relationship with people.

Anyone who knows how to say sorry for his/her mistake will be able to enjoy peace with fellow human beings in his immediate environment. The power of saying sorry cannot be underestimated. How do you say sorry for hurting someone? By doing it with humility and genuineness!

Relationships break up when people insist on their rights and want their opinion to stand. The root of this is pride. It takes deliberate humility to apologize for one’s mistakes. Apologies messages should not only be used when you are wrong but when you are right also. If your relationship must blossom, you must learn how to sacrifice your right.

Are you asking, How do you say I’m sorry for everything or how do you express deep sorry? Here are messages to help express your apologies to your friends, loved ones, and lovers!

Heart Touching Apology Message for Him

No one is repulsive to sincere heartfelt apologies. It’s one thing to apologize for the wrong done, it’s another thing to mean the apology. Some people apologize truly but their dispositions show that they did not mean it. No one can resist heart-touching sorry for my mistake messages that are sincerely tendered.

1. I believe no one is perfect, likewise, I believe that no one should justify his or her errors. I know I’ve hurt you with my actions and here I am, saying ‘I’m sorry for all my mistakes”, from the depth of my heart.

2. My love, I value you so much and the last thing I could think of is to get you upset. I can’t stand the taught of losing you, and I’m sorry made you feel otherwise. Please forgive me for my mistakes and I promise to change for the better.

3. I’ve treated you badly, and it’s never your fault. I take responsibility for my mistakes, and I promise to do my best to correct my errors and make you happy again. Please forgive me, my Love. I am sorry for hurting you, Boyfriend.

4. I sincerely apologize for making you sad because of my unrestrained temper. I regret my actions and I feel unworthy to be called your Lover. Please forgive me and take me back into your arms. I’m sorry, my Darling.

5. You’ve always been a great influence on my life, sincerely, I’m trying all I can to be a better person. Forgive me, my Love. I’m sorry for hurting you this much.

6. I know you are not happy with me now. I can’t stand seeing you cry, my Love. Please give us a chance to make this work. I promise to be open and listen to you. I’m sorry, my love.

7. I don’t want to lose you. Please give us a chance to fix this. I’m ready to be better for you and make you happy again, my Love.

8. Truly, misunderstanding is inevitable in a relationship. What matters is the way we handled it. I admit that I handled our misunderstanding wrongly, and I’ve hurt you badly. Please forgive me, I never meant to hurt you.

9. I have realized that my true happiness lies in making you happy. I was selfish for not considering your feelings. Please forgive me, my Love. I’m so sorry, Dear.

10. Here I am, my Lover, humbly asking for your forgiveness. Please show your love to me one more time, remember love is patient, love is kind, and keeps no record of evil. Thank you for forgiving me in advance. You’re just the sweetest!

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I Am Sorry Message For Him

11. My Love and my King, I’m so sorry for disappointing you. Truly, you deserve the best, and there is none comparable to you. You’ve been by my side despite my imperfections. Please forgive me one more time, and I promise to be a better person.

12. I admit that I’ve been a jerk. For thinking I will always be right. Please forgive me, I’m really sorry.

13. Even if you decided not to talk to me for a while, I wouldn’t blame you for it, because I’ve actually misbehaved. But I hope you consider me out of your kindness and give me a chance to make it up to you.

14. Sincerely, I do not know the best way to say sorry in a text, but I can’t wait a moment more to say sorry for my actions. I have really hurt myself by hurting you, and I want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me.

15. You have every right to be angry at me, my Darling. I know I’ve not done well, despite the fact that you are such a loving soul. Please forgive me, I promise to be a better person for you.

16. I know saying sorry doesn’t correct the errors I’ve made. But at least it shows you that I don’t want to make that mistake again. Please forgive me, and give me a chance to show you the changed me.

17. Sweetheart, I deeply regret this action of mine, what was I even thinking? Please, my Love, let me make it up to you. I’m sorry.

18. I was such a jerk! And I deeply regret it. Please forgive me, I am truly sorry.

19. Please what can I do to make it up to you? I know I’ve greatly hurt you, the Love of my life. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I’m deeply sorry.

20. Can I ever forgive myself for hurting you like this? My Darling, please understand that I am deeply sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you. Can you still forgive me?

Apology Message To My Love For Hurting Him or Her

21. Honey, I know I have not done well. I’m sorry for being such a horrible person. You deserve better, and I promise to change for the better.

22. My main pursuit is to always see you happy. I feel greatly heartbroken knowing that I’ve done otherwise. Please forgive me, my Love. I promise that such will never repeat itself.

23. I’m so sorry things didn’t work out as we wanted. I hope you will give me the chance to make it up to you. Please, darling, let’s make this work again.

24. I’m sorry I caused someone like you such awful pain. You are such a kind heart and a loving soul. You deserve to be treated better. Please forgive me, my Darling.

25. Darling, I know I’ve failed you. And I regret it. I promise I will never cause you so much pain and disappointment again. Please, forgive me.

26. My mistakes are too much and sincerely, and they are not justifiable. You do not deserve this kind of harsh treatment. Please let go, I promise to be a better person.

27. Honey, we’ve got so many things to talk about, but allow me to register my apology before anything. I’m not up to giving any excuse for my misbehavior, just find a place in your heart to forgive me, please.

28. Knowing that I’ve caused you pain really makes my heart heavy. I so much regret my actions and I’m really scared of losing you out of carelessness. Please forgive me, my Love.

29. I so much regret hurting you, my Love, and I can’t stop thinking about you. I will always be sorry for my actions and I hope you will give me a chance to prove to you that I’m now a better person for you.

30. Sometimes, I wonder how you manage to put up with my annoying attitude. I misbehaved again, and sincerely, I’m very sorry. I promise to work on myself to be the better man/woman you deserve. I love you and I don’t mean to hurt you!

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Romantic Sorry Messages For Her

31. My Queen, I know I’ve disappointed you, and I have no excuse for my actions. The only thing I can say now is, I’m sorry. Please give me a chance to correct my error. You really deserve the best.

32. I behaved so badly, and I’m truly sorry. I failed to control my emotion, and that’s too bad. Please forgive me, and I promise never to let my emotion get the best out of me again.

33. Right now, I’m ashamed of myself. I can’t even imagine myself hurting you so hard, but sadly, I did. Please forgive me, my Wife.

34. I can’t imagine myself losing you, because that will cause a great ruin in my life. All I can do is to plead for your mercy, my Baby Girl. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

35. I hate seeing you cry, my Love. I realized that I have hurt you too much, please give us a chance to fix this. I’m sorry.

36. I am so frustrated right now. I feel so sad and ashamed of my actions. Someone as sweet as you deserve to be treated better, please forgive me.

37. Darling, I know you to be someone with a big heart. And I’m begging that you give me another chance to make it up for us. Would you please give me this last chance? I promise it will be the last chance indeed.

38. Since I met you, you have had the true definition of selflessness and unconditional love. But sadly, I have not been able to be that to you. You truly deserve a better partner, my Love. And I’m ready to be that for you now. Please forgive me.

39. Babe, all I’m asking for is your forgiveness. I know I do not deserve it, judging by my insensitive action. But I believe you can still give me the chance, judging by your compassionate nature. Please forgive me, I’m so sorry.

40. You are my Jewel, I’m so sorry for treating you badly, I feel terrible about it right now and the only thing that can make me feel better is seeing you being happy with me and forgiving me.

Best Sorry Quotes For Wife From Husband

Do you need sorry love quotes for your wife to apologize for the wrong done against her? Here are quotes to say sorry to your girlfriend/wife to bring peace and calmness between you both.

41. I feel so bad for taking you for granted, and I’m sorry about it. Please find a way in your heart to forgive me, my Baby Girl. I love you and am sorry for hurting you.

42. Honey, I am so sorry for betraying your trust, and ill do anything to win it back. Your trust is a valued treasure unto me and I can’t stand losing it. Please give me another chance, my Precious Queen.

43. You have every right to be angry with me right now. All I just want you to know is that I regret my actions and I’m very sorry about it.

44. The last thing I would want to do a to drive you away with my unpleasant attitude. You are so precious to me, and can’t trade you for anything. Please forgive me, and stay with me.

45. My Love, could you just find a place in your heart to forgive me? I am so sorry for hurting you, and I’m ready to say this forever if that is what it takes for you to forgive me.

46. I admit that I’ve hurt you badly and I’m so sorry about it. At the same time, I believe, my Love that we are meant to be together, and so I seek your forgiveness. Please, forgive me.

47. My Darling, I’m ready to do anything to make you smile again. I regret ever making you cry, please understand that it was never my intention. Please forgive me and let me make it up to you.

48. Here I am, wondering if you can ever find a space in your heart to forgive me for this huge error I’ve committed. My Love, please forgive me, because life without you is tasteless.

49. I’m sorry for my wrongdoings, for taking you for granted, and for not being sensitive about your needs. I love you too much to let go of this relationship, and I’m ready to hang around until you are ready to give me a chance to make things right.

50. Lying to you is the worst mistake of my life, now I lose your trust, I lose your love. What can I do to get these back? I hate myself for this and find it very hard to forgive myself. Please forgive me, because that is the only thing that can make me feel better.

Sorry Note To Wife

51. Honey, I’m ready to do anything to prove to you that you have not made a wrong decision for being with me. Although it looks so at the moment because I’ve disappointed you. Please give me one more chance, my Princess.

52. I’ve been a terrible person to relate with, but you have been with me and stood by me for a very long time. Please don’t give up on me now, I promise to change for good.

53. I’m sorry for allowing pride gets into our relationship. I’m sorry for not handling the situation in a loving way. I’m sorry for acting unconcerned, please forgive me, and let’s make this work again.

54. It just dawned on me how gloomy my world is without you in it. Please come back into my life and add beauty and sparkles to my life again.

55. My Love, I’m not ashamed to say you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can imagine myself letting this precious gift slip off my hands. All I want is for you to come back into my life.

56. All this while I’ve been selfish and carefree around you, I didn’t even realize this until you left me to myself. Now I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m ready to change for good. Please come back to my life. I’m sorry.

57. For all the pains and the silent tears I’ve caused you, I am deeply sorry, please forgive me. I’m ready to do anything it takes to make you see how truly sorry I am, my Darling.

58. Darling, I sincerely believe that there is no excuse for hurting someone you claim to love. I can’t believe I hurt you this much. I really wish I could get the chance to make things up and treat you right. Please forgive me, let’s make this work again.

59. My Jewel, please believe me when I say I’m sorry because I truly mean it. I have realized my mistake and I sincerely hope that you will forgive me. Please give me the chance to prove myself.

60. I am ready to do anything that will make you consider staying with me again. I lost the opportunity I had earlier and I so much regret it. Please forgive me, my Queen. I’m sorry.

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Words Of Apology To My Love

Are you looking for an apology message to your lover to express your remorse? Here are apology words for him/her for your use!

61. To make you happy has been my utmost priority, I just want you to feel safe and loved but it’s so sad I’ve been doing otherwise all this while. Please forgive me.

62. Although is understandable for us to quarrel but that is still not an excuse to hurt someone we love. I’m so sorry for hurting you, my Dear. I’m sorry.

63. I tried so hard not to hurt you, but it seems I didn’t get it right. You are the most precious thing to me, and I don’t want to lose you. Please give me that chance to show you a better version of myself. I’m so sorry.

64. Honey, the issue is not about you, you are perfect and you deserve to be treated right. Please let’s work things out for us. I love you, and I’m sorry.

65. I love you so much, and sometimes this makes me look obsessive. I’m so sorry this ends up me hurting you. I promised to be better for you.

66. I’m so sorry for hurting your feeling, my Darling. We have come a long way together, and I can’t live a moment without you, please, forgive me.

67. I’m so sorry for the fight and grudges I’ve caused in our relationship, due to my insensitive character. I promise to change for good and stick with you till the end. I love you so much.

68. My One and Only, I can’t wait to have you back in my life, and enjoy all the good moments we shared once again. I know I have treated you badly, and I’m sincerely sorry about it. Please forgive me.

69. Now is the best moment for me to open up to you, I cannot continue this way, m, a moment without you passes with my breath in it. Enough of me acting strong, please forgive me because I’m losing my mind already.

70. Please accept my sincere apologies, my intentions were never to harm or hurt you, my Darling. I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me? I’m sorry, this will not happen again.

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How To Say Sorry To Husband In a Romantic Way

The tone of communication matters most when apologizing to your husband. What is said is important but how it is said is much more important. An apology is only an apology if it is said lovingly and romantically. Make do with these romantic sorry notes for your husband and watch your love blossom again.

71. The pain of staying away from you is so unbearable, I admit that I have hurt you, and I’m sincerely sorry about it. Please let’s make things better.

72. My King, I know it will be hard for me to win back your trust and you have every right to shut me out of your life. But I will appreciate it if you give me just one more chance to correct my errors, and prove to you that I am now a changed person.

73. I should have stood by you, and proven my love to you through a hard time, but I missed the greatest opportunity I had to prove myself true and faithful. I do not pray that you experience such a hard time again, but I pray you will find a place in your heart to forgive me, even when you are yet to see a reason to.

74. I’m sorry I lied to you, my Love. I did that because I was scared of losing you. forgive me if I have wronged you in any way, my Darling.

75. There is no word to justify my irrational behavior. You deserve to be treated better, and your feeling ought to be considered. Now I have destroyed everything we built together, and my world comes crumbling before me. I do not deserve it, but please, just forgive me.

76. Picturing my life without you is a nightmare I don’t want to experience, please accept my sincere apology, and let’s make this work out for us.

77. I’m sorry for causing you discomfort when I promised comfort, sadness when I promised joy, and tears I when promised to be your sunshine and make you smile. Please forgive me, my Darling.

78. You are such a rare gem, and losing you is something I don’t want to experience. You are indispensable to me, and I want to beg you not to leave me. Please forgive me, and take me back.

79. Life without you has been tasteless, my world without you has been gloomy and I see no hope in a life void of you. Please forgive me. I promise to make things work again.

80. Love without you is stressful and tedious. You added flavor to my life and it’s so sad that I push you away with my bad behavior. I realize my mistakes and I’m ready to do anything to convince you that I am truly sorry and I am now a better person for you.

Sweet Sorry Message For Boyfriend

Are you looking for sorry quotes for your fiancé, husband, or boyfriend? Send these I’m sorry quotes and messages to him from the heart and he will irresistibly accept you.

81. Believe me if I told you that I am still the wonderful person you fell in love with, and I have not stopped loving you either. Honey, it was all mistake and it was never my intention to hurt you. Please forgive me, and let’s get back on track with love.

82. Honey, please don’t allow these little differences of ours to tear us apart. Please let’s come back together and make things work. Believe me, we are meant for each other, and we will remain the best of lovers forever.

83. I’m so sorry for being petty and allowing my pride to get in the way of our beautiful relationship. I realized that nothing is worth losing you, and I can’t wait to have you back in my life. Please forgive me.

84. I didn’t mean to take you for granted, my Love. I’m sorry if that was the impression you picked, you are so precious to me, and I’ll do anything to protect your love. Please come back to me. I love you.

85. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, the sweetest thing in my life, I’m sorry for being self-centered, please forgive me, my King.

86. I have received enough punishment for the way you ignored me. Living with the feeling that I do not matter to you any longer makes life miserable. Please give me a chance back into your world. I’m sorry.

87. All I want is your forgiveness, I want to make things right with you and come back into your arms. I believe things will get better with us because I am now a better person.

88. I can’t just wait for the moment I’ll have the chance to rekindle our relationship, that is when my life will be continued because, at the moment, my life is put on hold just because you are not there.

89. Honey, please give me one more chance, and I will make things right. In this life of mine, nobody can replace you. Please forgive me, and make life meaningful again.

90. I wish I could show you my heart for you to see how broken it is. I can’t stand hurting you, and I really want to correct this grave mistake I made. Please accept me and my sincere apologies.

Sorry Message To Loved Ones and Friends

91. You are the one I desire, and I can’t stand staying a single moment with you, please forgive me and take me back into your life. I’m sorry.

92. You are the best, and every moment we spent together has been memorable until I messed things up. Please let’s go back to those beautiful times, and I promise to be well-behaved and more respectful.

93. My Friend in whom is no guile, I know I am not perfect, but one more thing I know; that I love you to the moon. Please forgive me for hurting you. I promise that such will never repeat itself.

94. You have brought beautiful things into my life, and I have not been appreciating you for it. I’m so sorry for not paying attention to your needs. Please forgive me, living without you is dreadful.

95. Great Friend, I apologize for every inconvenience I have caused you. You have been putting up with my excesses, and I really wish I could be a better person. Please give me the chance to treat you right again.

96. Please forgive me for all the pain I’ve caused, I realized how much I don’t want to live without you, the moment you leave my life. I am ready to do anything to have you back in my life. I’m sorry.

97. Please let’s not allow my past mistakes to ruin our beautiful friendship. I’m sorry I haven’t done well but now I am a better person. Please forgive me.

98. My Friend, I know how much you love and believe in me, and how greatly you have tried to show it. But I have been very careless, and now the most precious thing I ever had is slipping off my hand. Please forgive me,

99. I wish I could go back into our past and erase all the pains and sadness I have caused you. I wish it never happened. I regret my actions and I’m ready to correct them, even in hundreds of years, I’ll keep saying ”I’m sorry”.

100. You were vulnerable, and I took you for granted, I have been unwise and I deeply regret my action, can you please find a place in your beautiful heart to forgive me? I want this relationship functional again.

101. I’m so sorry I made you cry. Believe me, this has caused me more than joy and happiness. I wish it never happened. Please, forgive me, and let’s get our friendship running again.

I’m Sorry For Hurting You Letters


Dear Preferred One,

I cannot deny the fact that I have been wrong in many ways. This is never intended and I do not want this to ever repeat itself for no reason. My relationship with you is more valuable to me than offenses. I’m deeply sorry for all the hurt I have caused you. Thank you for forgiving me in advance.

Your Lover.


Hello Dear,

I can sense right here how hurting and hot you are currently, this is nothing but a byproduct of my unkind behavior around you. I’m writing this letter to deeply express my remorse for hurting you. I have made a strong resolution never to allow this to happen again no matter what. You are so special to me and I will never take you for granted. I love you and I will always do.

Your Honey.

Finally, Offenses are inevitable, an apology is the only way to get them fixed. When you make ‘I’m sorry’ your commonest language, you will be able to keep beautiful relationships in your life and be at peace with everyone.


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