Self-Appraisal Comments By Employee Example

90 Assessment and Self-Appraisal Comments By Employee Example

What is self-appraisal? It’s the process where an employee reviews his or her performance. Reviewing your performance is something that should be done regularly. It helps you see how effective you have been. Performance reviews bring more anxiety than joy. It fills your mind with many questions, and it’s also a time to be very conscious of the things you say.

It can be difficult trying to find what to say when it comes to “self-appraisal comments by employee example.” In this guide, you will find several self-appraisal comments. With a self-appraisal, there’s an increased focus on self-evaluation and reflection on your work.

Self-appraisal aims to ensure that the employee’s performance corresponds with the required performance of the company/organization. In a good self-appraisal, you can highlight your positives and negatives. Take a look through this article to find what you are looking for.

Appraisal Comments For Self

Below are self-appraisal comments by employees example for appraisal:

1. It’s been seven years in a row. I was pessimistic when I was setting this challenge for myself, but I chose to carry on. I am glad to see I was able to achieve every challenge I set for myself.

2. Most people talk about their shortcomings more than their achievements, but I would rather talk more about my achievements as I believe it would help me do more. Congratulations to me.

3. It was risky, it seemed like it would be a waste of time and effort, but I chose to carry on. I am glad I was brave enough to take the bull by the horn, it’s now time to enjoy the result.

4. I am always early to work, and I ensure to do everything thing I am meant to do and at the expected time. I communicate all my expectations clearly to all stakeholders, and I always report back to them with full details.

5. I always share relevant information with my colleagues, and I ensure my team is working efficiently. I also maintain contact with several department heads and attend every meeting I should attend.

6. I present my ideas skillfully and effectively. I also ensure that those places under my leadership are always proactive and with the right attitude to work.

7. I have always loved teamwork, and I have made sure to make it a norm in my team. I have made it a major task to promote teamwork as it promotes efficiency and helps us meet every goal set before us.

8. In my many years of working here, I have worked without any biases. I ensure to treat everyone equally, making them see that we can only work together effectively when we respect ourselves.

9. I have made sure to let everyone know I am approachable and open to taking questions due to my position in this organization. I have also ensured to set a positive example to every worker here by meeting deadlines.

10. I can say with all boldness and humility that I have exceeded everything expected of me to a great extent, and that’s because of my right attitude to work which I ensure to encourage every other worker to emulate.

Self-Evaluation Sample Answers

11. I believe that in the past three years, I have been able to show strong leadership skills. I have effectively handled several challenging issues. I have shown confidence in expressing my creative ideas which has greatly added value to this organization.

12. I am certain my team members know how much I have input into this team. I have given myself wholly to this team, and the task set before us. I have always ensured to effectively collaborate with my team members so we can be much more efficient.

13. To be honest, I sometimes get confused about how to handle a task. It takes me so much time to come up with a solution. I have learned to be patient to efficiently handle any given task.

14. In my many years of working in this particular field, I have noticed that there’s still so much for me to learn which I have started doing. I am also working on my confidence which will be a great asset to me in this field.

15. I believe that during the past quarter, I have demonstrated strong teamwork skills. I have been able to effectively communicate with my team members, and we have been able to do so much together, but I know there’s still so much to work on.

16. I am aware I can be very lazy sometimes. I am already working on that. I also need to work on how to set my priority right as this would help me become more efficient. I desire to also learn how to listen better to my teammates.

17. I sometimes get overwhelmed by the workload. I must learn to handle great tasks, and I have begun taking classes to help with that. I also need to work on how to submit totally to my senior colleagues.
18. Throughout my time at (company name), I have come to understand that no man is an island of knowledge. I have realized that I need to learn how to pay attention to people when they are sharing their ideas.

19. Working effectively for long hours has never been a stronghold for me. Looking at the nature of my job, I am required to work long hours, and I need to be efficient. This has been a huge problem for me as I tend to wear out quickly.

20. I have grown so much. I have learned many wonderful skills that have made my CV much better. I have learned to always take a step back and follow others sometimes rather than always wanting to lead.

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Self-Performance Review Examples

21. Looking back at how I began, I am glad to know that I have come this far. This is huge for me, there’s no doubt that I have grown so much in my knowledge. I can also boldly say that I have been efficient in my work here.

22. It’s been a great time for me here, I have worked so hard and produced wonderful results. I have given my all to this organization, and I have seen the results of my input. I promise to keep giving my all.

23. I have always gone out of my way to ensure that my colleagues are doing fine. I have also done many presentations which were well received and appreciated.

24. I remember I was awarded some years ago for being a dedicated staff. I have always given my all to see that this company progresses speedily.

25. I have worked on several projects and met the timeline. I have also represented this organization in several parts of the world in talk shows which have made the organization well known.

26. For the benefit of this business, I have stepped out of my comfort zone several times. I have always encouraged my colleagues in their most difficult moments which ensured that the business didn’t suffer.

27. I can boldly say my performance in this organization is next to none. In the past nine years, I have been consistent in delivering every duty given to me with precision and efficiency.

28. I am well known for my dependability and the way I give my all on every project. My work is always done on time with a high level of accuracy and speed. My colleagues can surely testify to that.

29. I am always early to work as I have understood its importance. I always arrive at meetings early, I do not handle tasks given to me with levity.

30. I always go out of my way to help my colleagues, I always make sure every of my colleague feels comfortable and remains dedicated to work. I have also been able to brainstorm with them and hear their amazing ideas which has benefited this company.

Sample Employee Comments On Performance Review Examples

31. All thanks to you sirs and mas. Thank you for the privilege to work here, I do not take it for granted, and I promise to always give my best to this organization. I am certain this is just the beginning of better days.

32. Thank you for your excellent mentorship, it is what had brought me this far. You have taught me to always seek new ways to improve myself. I owe who I am today to you. I hope to do better in the coming years.

33. In my few years of working here, I have become creative. I never knew I had it in me. This company gave me the opportunity to explore and improve myself. I promise to keep giving my all to this company.

34. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful performance review. I have learned to never be satisfied with doing my best, and that’s why I always push for excellence in everything I do.

35. It is a great honor to be here with great minds. I have become a goal-oriented person in my few years here, and this has helped me grow so much. Working here, I have learned great skills which I am very grateful for.

36. Thank you for the nice words. I ask that you continually give us your support and encouragement. My team and I will continually put in our best efforts to see that this company soars amongst its competitors.

37. Thank you sirs and ma for the wonderful comments. I have always ensured to commit my entire to work during working hours. I follow instructions, and I also always find initiative ways to solve issues.

38. I am glad to hear about all of these wonderful performance reviews. I hope to do better in the coming months. I owe a lot to this organization. This organization has helped me in several ways.

39. I am glad to see that my services to this organization have not been in vain. I am very glad and eagerly awaiting the next phase. I am certain we can do so much more than we have done.

40. I have always ensured to present my ideas in a skillful, and professional way. I am extremely honored to see that my services are recognized at this level. I promise to continually give my all to the growth of this company.

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Self-Assessment Performance Review Examples

41. I have been a dedicated staff and a creative thinker. I have always strived to do my job perfectly. I am sure I have played my role perfectly without any defects, and if there are any, I don’t mind being corrected.

42. I am a diligent employee, always giving myself to the growth of this organization. I have noticed that teamwork works better than working alone, and I have put aside my preferences for the sake of this organization.

43. I am a creative thinker who can develop novel solutions and get people fired up for work. This is all I have been doing here in this company, and I have seen how it has boosted the sales of this company.

44. I am a good communicator, I always stay on task and render help to my colleagues in whatever way I can. I have always been organized in carrying out my duties.

45. I believe in teamwork, and I have made it of great importance here in this company. I am always out for the good of the company. I have learned to value people and cooperate with them.

46. My performance here has been good. I have made good progress, and I look forward to continuing to improve. I hope I can continue to help this organization grow large in the best way I can.

47. I am somewhat disorganized, and this has greatly affected my productivity in no small way. I value respect between co-workers, and I have been trying my best to respect every one of my colleagues.

48. It’s been a long and difficult work period. I have seems how much I can handle pressure. I also made sure to give my all to see that this business strives in all areas.

49. I am a dedicated employee who understands his role and responsibilities as well as the goals of this business. I also made sure to give my best to ensure the growth of this business.

50. I never missed a deadline in the past year and often submitted my work early. I have gone beyond my job description to ensure our team operates efficiently.

Sample List Of Accomplishments For Performance Review

51. Congratulations to me! I have been able to do so much for this organization, I have represented this company well at many events and made the company enviable. Congratulations to me on also winning so many awards.

52. I was able to increase the company’s sales by 52%. I was also able to clamp down on those who have been stealing the company’s goods and causing the company loss.

53. I have been able to determine the reason behind the constant loss this company has been facing. I am currently working with my team on a way to increase our sales.

54. I reversed the business loss of 2 million nairas on the repair of the company’s vehicles. The actions I took led to an increase in the company’s profit margin last year.

55. I was able to get data containing the total number of people in the community using a primary method. We are currently working to turn this data into information for the general public.

56. My records show that my tenure was flawless. I ensured that all workers were respected and that their requests were duly met by the company’s management.

57. I was able to give every client maximum satisfaction by ensuring their orders were delivered to them when due. I also made sure to promote our social media handles to get more customers.

58. I increased our website traffic by 15%. I was also able to create a system to keep our clients glued to our website to increase our income.

59. I increased sales by 45% which caused our profit margin to skyrocket. I was also able to ensure that all workers continue working efficiently by giving them a raise.

60. I was able to develop a cost-effective medium to ensure our goods are known all over the country. We will be able to make more income with very little expenses.

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Writing A Performance Review For Yourself Review

61. I always look for better ways to manage projects and ensure the process goes smoothly. I ensure that my team is always committed to every given task.

62. I have been able to get my team to commit completely to work. I make them feel comfortable, and they can share their wonderful ideas which has played a major role in the progress of this company.

63. I have learned not to be afraid to look outside the box for a solution. It can be a very stressful experience, but I have decided to give my all to this business and see it soar.

64. I do not let anything interfere with my work. I take my work with utmost seriousness. I ensure to remain flexible so I can always move with the flow and keep producing results.

65. I maintain a positive attitude towards work to benefit my coworkers and manager. Even in difficult situations, I always maintain a positive attitude, it helps me think better and I can come up with a solution.

66. I have always encouraged the team to work together. We can progress faster if we work together and teach our desired goals. I have ensured that love exists in the team using several methods.

67. I have learned to be willing to take advice from my colleagues. This has helped me become a better leader, I have seen that me being the leader of the team doesn’t make me the best, and this has helped the team.

68. I always consider my coworkers’ feelings and show respect to them. I ensure to let them know they are vital to the growth of this business. We all have a common goal, and we will get there quicker if we work together.

69. I can look at a problem from every direction to devise a creative solution. I have been able to provide solutions to many of the company’s difficult issues in time past.

70. I’m willing to ask for help when having a difficult time finding a solution to an issue, and I always take the opportunity to brainstorm with my team for a solution, and this has helped to keep the team unity.

How To Comment On Your Performance Review Examples

71. Thank you so much, Sir. I can share my ideas and opinions with the team as a result of the strong bond we share. It’s the love we share that has kept us together in oneness.

72. I always make sure to keep my team members duly informed about work and every progress we make. This makes them feel important and recognized.

73. I am glad to hear all these wonderful reviews. I am glad I have been able to put all of my efforts into this organization. I always ensure to ask what is expected of me at the required moment.

74. Well, I can all of this is a result of actively listening to and comprehending what others have to say. It’s necessary to pay attention to everyone’s ideas. The solution you need is with someone.

75. I ensure that I respond early to all emails in a professional way. I also ensure to help the customer feel important by paying rapt attention to everything he or she says.

76. Thank you for the corrections. I promise to begin working on everything stated. I hope to get better at the way I present ideas. Thank you so much for seeing this flaw in me, working on this makes me a step closer to becoming much more efficient.

77. Yes, that’s very right ma. I always respect other people’s time and ensure that all my meetings start and end on time. I always ensure to plan my time to avoid any mishaps.

78. Yes, I have been able to ensure maximum efficiency by avoiding unnecessary breaks. I always make sure to give my complete attention to work during working hours to ensure a productive day.

79. I have always hesitated in sharing my ideas with my leaders. I sometimes get overwhelmed when I come before those superior to me. I promise to work on my confidence.

80. I always ensure to account for every moment. This helps me remain efficient, I have taken away from myself the opportunity to be lazy work.

Performance Appraisal Employee Final Comments To Manager

81. I am really grateful to you sir for the wonderful comments. Thank you for acknowledging my work and ideas. Thank you for trusting me and giving me the lead in many projects. I promise to make you proud.

82. I am glad to hear the positive outcome of my labor in this organization all these years. I am particularly happy you saw the value in me. Thank you for giving me the privilege to work here, it’s been an amazing journey.

83. Thank you ma for the positive review. Also, thank you for the many advice and kind words. I request you to continually help me get better at doing well at my job. I am ready to take on new challenges.

84. Your kind words on my performance evaluation mean a lot to me. I am glad to see that I have earned your trust and confidence. I will miss working here, but I will forever be grateful for the lessons.

85. Thank you so much sir for the wonderful words and the opportunity to work with you. I am glad to hear that my contribution here is noteworthy. I am ready to do all I can to ensure I grow further so I can do more.

86. I greatly appreciate the confidence you have shown in my abilities. You have encouraged me to do more, you have shown me that there’s so much more I can do. I feel fortunate to have worked with you. Goodbye, Sir.

87. It’s a pleasure to have worked for an employer who recognizes value when she sees it. Thank you for recognizing the value in me and helping me find expression. Thank you for being a great manager, I can now follow in your steps.

88. Thank you for always saddling me with responsibilities. You built me to handle to worst kind of pressure. I am certain I can handle any pressure on me with all I have learned here. Thank you for trusting me.

89. It’s sad that I have to leave, but I am so grateful for everything, for the lessons learned. I have learned so much working with you, and I hope to keep this relationship. I hope to pass the same values you have instilled in me to the people I will be supervising.

90. I appreciate your honesty and your advice concerning improving my time management skills. Consistently meeting deadlines is vital to the success of any organization, and I am certain with all I have learned from you, I can successfully run my business.

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